Effective December 26th, 2017, Nutaku's version of Aigis will be shutting down.
Go here for info on switching to DMM and/or a dump of the game's assets.

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Welcome to the Sennen Sensou Aigis (千年戦争アイギス) WikiEdit

Sennen Sensou Aigis (Aigis: The Thousand-Year War, Millennium War Aigis) is a Japanese browser-based tower defense game with RPG elements, similar to strategy role-playing games like Fire Emblem. It is hosted on, the same web entertainment network that hosts the wildly popular browser game Kantai Collection (Kancolle). However, unlike Kancolle, Aigis has both an all-ages version and an R18 version which contains some adult-only (hentai) elements, which is hosted on the adult-only section of the DMM site.

This wiki is intended as a guide and meeting point for English-speaking players of the game. It will not contain any adults-only material, so the wiki itself is safe for work and users of all ages. Feel free to browse and contribute to the wiki.

This Wikia is for the original, Japanese version of the game on DMM (All Ages Version, R-18 Version). For the localized, English version of the game on Nutaku, please refer to the Nutaku version's Wiki.

NOTE: All dates and times mentioned in this wiki refer to Japan Standard Time (UTC +9) unless otherwise stated, as the game runs on JST.

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Latest Events Edit

Alluringyouko minibanner

Main Event: Alluring Youko and the Seduced Prince (傾国の妖狐と誘惑されし王子)
(9 November 2017 - 22 November 2017)

Revival Event: The Druid Miko Princess (ドルイドの巫女姫)
(20 November 2017 - 26 November 2017)

Majin Advent: Majin Agares' Advent (魔神アガレス降臨)
(20 November 2017 - 26 November 2017)

Subjugation Revival: Katie's Great Exercise (ケイティの大演習)
(9 November 2017 - 7 December 2017)

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  • new page The Druid Miko Princess
    created by Nocvt 2 minutes ago
    New page: The Druid Miko Princess (ドルイドの巫女姫) is a star rush urgent mission that ran from the 5th of March 2015 to the 11th of March 2015. Revivals Start...
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  • discussion page Talk:Trading Post
    new comment by Serpentes88 27 minutes ago
    Comment: Black Knight looks cool AF and I don't care about main team optimization - I just want him.
  • discussion page Talk:Daily Missions
    new comment by Aelcarius 52 minutes ago
    Comment: Black fairies are G, plats are either X or G. I prefer to always farm G, because there's a guaranteed Spirit Queen and a pretty good chance of...
  • discussion page Talk:Alluring Youko and the Seduced Prince
    new comment by Zekhon 53 minutes ago
    Comment: Belzetta's AW ability is a sortie bonus, only needs to be in your team to both affect the unit cost and the attack value of your Priests and Dark...
  • discussion page Talk:Dina
    new comment by Aelcarius 1 hour ago
    Comment: @Oslja Actually, Valk's comment more or less states that both sisters are equally viable in their roles. Dine is the better tank against purely...
  • discussion page Talk:Dina
    new comment by A FANDOM user 1 hour ago
    Comment: Heavy armors don't have second awakening for now. So she could become much better in future.
  • discussion page Talk:Shrine
    new comment by Sagara129 1 hour ago
    Comment: I meant the shop black ticket is for bad for the misunderstanding :D
  • discussion page Talk:Shrine
    new comment by XDarkMoon01 1 hour ago
    Comment: My account is new, so I only have 3 gold+ CC-ed units. My luck has always been meh, and I'm too lazy to reroll, so my units are not really good. I...

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