• Kuremisago

    8-10-17 Balance Patch

    August 10, 2017 by Kuremisago

    This is the second part of a 2-part balance patch. For part 1, see: 8-3-17 Balance Patch.


    • SAW Range Multi up (1.8x -> 2.0x)


    • SAW (1st part) now has 2x UP gen on enemy kill


    • SAW Range Multi up (1.7x -> 1.9x)


    • AFF Bonus changed (HP+300/ATK+120 -> ATK+120/Range+16)


    • Base Skill ATK Multi up (1.5x -> 1.7x)
    • CC Skill ATK Multi up (1.7x -> 1.9x)
    • SAW ATK Multi up
      • 1st use (2.5x -> 2.8x)
      • 2nd use (2.8x -> 3.2x)
      • 3rd use (3.2x -> 3.6x)
      • 4th use (3.6x -> 4.0x)
      • 5th+ use (4.0x -> 4.4x)


    • SAW ATK Multi up (1.4x -> 1.5x), Range Multi up (1.4x -> 1.5x)


    • HP Buffed (1828 -> 2150)
    • Skill Duration up (15s -> 20s)
    • SAW ATK Multi up (1.2x -> 1.3x), 3rd Use duration up (35s -> 40s)


    • SAW attack speed buffed


    • Skill ATK Multi up (1.3x -> 1.7x)
    • SAW …

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  • Kuremisago

    8-3-17 Balance Patch

    August 3, 2017 by Kuremisago

    This is the first part of a 2-part balance patch. For part 2, see: 8-10-17 Balance Patch.

    • Sybilla: DEF+72 -> ATK Delay -18%
    • Mikoto: DEF+72 -> Range+20
    • Zenobia: HP+300/ATK+120 -> ATK+84/DEF+84
    • Matsuri: HP+360/ATK+144 -> ATK+173/DEF+72
    • Kikyou: DEF+72 -> Range+20
    • Iris (Black): ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Dina: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Nanaly: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Berna: HP+720 -> HP+864
    • Despia: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Clissa: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Minerva: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Olivier: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Sophie: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Farne: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Aisha: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Grace: ATK+101/DEF+101 -> ATK+120/DEF+120
    • Dine: DEF+201 -> DEF+242 (Accounts for ability)
    • Sue: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Estelle: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Rion: ATK+144 -> ATK+173
    • Altair: ATK+101/DEF+101 -> ATK+120/DEF+120
    • Ama…

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  • Kuremisago

    ID# Rarity Icon Name Alt Names Class JP Wiki links

    017 Black
    Iris (Black) Elyse Healer Read more >
  • Kuremisago

    Heavy Armor

    • HP, ATK, DEF buffed


    • HP/ATK Buffed


    • HP/ATK/MR Buffed


    • ATK Buffed

    Pegasus Riders

    • ATK/MR Buffed

    Dark Fighter

    • HP/DEF Buffed


    • HP Buffed

    Mage Armor

    • HP/DEF/MR Buffed

    Dragon Rider

    • HP/ATK/DEF Buffed


    • HP Buffed

    Vampire Lord

    • DEF Buffed

    Royal Guard

    • ATK Buffed


    • ATK Buffed
      • Faa excluded

    Heavy Artillery

    • HP/DEF Buffed

    Imperial Knight

    • HP Buffed


    • ATK Buffed

    Vampire Hunter

    • Range Up (+10)


    • ATK buffed


    • Tokens HP/ATK/DEF Buffed

    Grand Summoner

    • ATK Buffed


    • Cost -2


    • ATK Buffed

    Chrono Witch

    • ATK buffed


    • Cost -1


    • Cost -1
    • Range +10


    • HP/ATK Buffed

    Curse User

    • ATK Buffed

    Demon Tamer

    • Range +10

    DT Tokens

    • Range +20, DEF Buffed


    • Cost -1
    • ATK Buffed


    • Earth Elementals - ATK/DEF/HP Buffed, Attacks are now physical


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  • Kuremisago

    Sprite Gifs

    May 6, 2017 by Kuremisago

    These are made by manually aligning frames in Photoshop, so they may not be exact to what's ingame.

    If you notice a major error, please feel free to point it out and I will try to fix it to the best of my ability.

    Make sure to specify the evolution status of the character (Base, CC, AW, AW2v1, AW2v2), as well as the desired animation (Standing, attacking, SAW attacking, SAW standing, death, etc.)


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  • Redzwan90


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  • ValkyrieWiki

    If people are interested, I'll carry on and do more (I collected pretty much all necessary screenshots for me to do the entire game {well, not all the missions or news blurbs, but you get the point} on April Fools day).

    Well, anyways, here we are! Mouse over something to see what it is, and click it to see what it does.

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  • ValkyrieWiki

    1: Male-only maps aren't entirely male-only. (And that goes for every other restricted-deploy map)
    If you have some units that have a strong team passive while "only on the active team", be sure to bring them along on maps that have a deploy restriction!
    For example, on an iron-only map you might have a small group of iron-only units, and then Katie, Aria, and Uzume on the roster for their buffs to atk/def!

    2: Level your units prior to 2AW

    DISCLAIMER: The final stats of your unit are unaffected by when you 2AW your unit...
    this one is more if you're hardcore on saving some gold.
    Confused? That's ok. First off, A) the game tracks experience BEYOND max level.
    and B) 2AW carries on with the experience tracked for AW.
    Not following? By checking the 2A…

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  • ValkyrieWiki

    Out of mild curiosity, does anyone who happens around here have any experience with windows installers? Programs like Advanced Installer and the like, or maybe even the default one that comes with windows.

    I want to create an installer for groups of files (all going to the same folder, or subfolders within the chosen folder), and going through dialog being able to select (or deselect) each one at will.

    tl:dr; I want to create an installer for my Skyrim mods. Lol. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing by chance?
    Essentially being able to list 100+ mods and checking off/on which ones I want installed for a playthrough, and then it would extract the selected files to the skyrim/data folder. ^_^

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  • Nocvt

    Moved to guides section.

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  • Kuremisago

    1-26-17 Balance Patch

    January 27, 2017 by Kuremisago


    • HP/DEF buffed

    High Princess

    • Attack Speed up (-5 frames, 30->25)

    Vampire Princess

    • HP/DEF buffed
    • HP Recovery per attack (2%) added

    Vampire Queen

    • Attack Speed up (Cooldown -5 frames, 30->25)

    Immortal Princess

    • HP/DEF buffed

    Immortal Queen

    • Attack Speed up (Cooldown -5 frames, 30->25)

    Dragon Princess

    • HP/DEF buffed

    True Dragon Warrior

    • Attack Speed up (Cooldown -5 frames, 30->25)


    • 'Gold Get!' ability added to Destroyer's class perk. (20% activation chance)


    • More HP tiers added (70% and 90%)
      • 10%: x4
      • 30%: x3
      • 50%: x2
      • 70%: x1.4
      • 90%: x1.2

    Magic Fencer

    • Normal attacks now deal magic damage (previously physical)

    Dragon Rider

    • HP/DEF buffed

    Royal Guard

    • HP regen added. (15/.5s pre-AW, 20/.5s post-AW)


    • ATK buffed


    • ATK buffed


    • ATK/Range buffed (Range +10)


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  • Luminon

    Event Mission pages

    December 19, 2016 by Luminon

    In this post I will outline some general advice on how to successfully get various Event Mission pages up and running. Disclaimer - I am no veteran editor :p , but I want to at least offer some tips on how to create a simple Event Mission page, for future editors wanting to make their own contributions to the Event Missions page. For starters, every Mission page must have at least some of the following elements...

    (I will be using Arms Merchant and the Cursed Weapons for the following examples shown below)

    Below are some elements all event mission pages should have.

    Pretty self-explanatory. Together with the Title of your mission page, the Heading tells your audience the name of the mission, what type of mission it is, and the dates at which …

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  • Kuremisago


    November 8, 2016 by Kuremisago

    By request, here are some things that hopeful editors will want to know:

    1) Icons - In the descriptions of each icon, there should 2 lines as follows:

    This isn't quite as important, mind you.

    In the 3.0.0 update for DMM Aigis, high-resolution renders were introduced to the game's files. We plan on using them for this wiki. As such, avoid using those available on the Nutaku wiki, as it utilizes the lower-res versions.

    3) For the above-mentioned pictures, a program called pngout is being utilized to compress them and reduce loading times.

    Much of the uses for a template can be inferred by looking at the code for currently complete ones. In addition, there exists documentation for the majority, either as a separate page or on the template page its…

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  • Kuremisago


    October 19, 2016 by Kuremisago

    A list of differences in comparison to the Nutaku Aigis Wiki. Note that this list is not yet comprehensive, and will change over time.

    Despara -> Despia

    Rika -> Rikka

    Olivie -> Olivier

    Deine -> Dine (Pronunciation, and it matches with Dina)

    Lolonee -> Rorone (Why)

    Lynn -> Lin (Lin over Rin, because China)

    Rowanna -> Roana

    Shao -> Xiao

    Beatrice -> Beatrica

    Pallis -> Pales

    Kerry -> Carrie (Yes, there's a pronunciation difference)

    Barrad -> Ballad

    Sabinne -> Sabine

    Horace -> Hores or Horus? (The former is actually more accurate, but...)

    Saizo -> Saizou

    Cellia -> Seria

    Heal -> Recovery

    Efreet -> Ifrit (Solano)

    Holy Blade Tyrhung -> Divine Sword Tyrfing (Holy and Divine use different Kanji)

    Holy Blade Hauteclaire -> Holy Sword Hauteclere (According to wiki, this i…

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  • ValkyrieWiki

    New Unit Layout

    October 19, 2016 by ValkyrieWiki
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