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Menu Bonding

The Bonding (交流) Menu, available from the main menu, allows players to interact with their units outside of battle.

Translated UI

UIguide Bonding

Affection/Trust Edit

A number of items collectable during missions can be given to units to raise their affection (F) or trust (M). This in turn provides a signifcant increase to various stats for the unit. At several percentage thresholds, the quote displayed on the unit's status screen also changes.

At two of the aforementioned thresholds (20-30%, and 100%), an event is unlocked. For males, these involve a conversation with the unit in question, on topics such as their pasts and current motivations. For females, these can be erotic in nature (while playing the R-18 version of the game), or conversational, as with the males (while playing the All-Ages version).

Units at 100% affection/trust can be appointed as the player's secretary, replacing Anna on the player's Home Screen. The selected unit will greet the player with a bonus quote. Secretaries do not receive further gameplay bonuses.

Bonding Quests Edit

Bonding Quests (Exchange Quests, 交流クエスト) are special missions available to certain Gold+ units after Awakening. New Bonding Quests are being added over time.

Only the subject unit, the Prince, and a pre-set team will be available for deployment during the missions.

Rewards Edit

  • Upon clearing the mission, a 3rd event scene for that unit is made available.
  • Upon receiving 3☆ for the mission, a Bond Spirit of corresponding rarity and 3 SC are awarded to the player.
Character Name Stage Name Sta Exp Gold Points Units Date Added
Life Enemies
Iris (Black) 男の戦いと聖女
The Saint and the Men's Battle
2 30 450 10 5 Feb 25 2016
1 15
Berna 危険な賭け 2
Despia 氷結の宴 2
Sophie 神授の御業 2
Saki 電光石火 2
Farne 不死鳥の神秘 2
Nanaly 白き神速の射手 2
Ester 天駆ける騎士団長 2
Cornelia 聖なる盾 2
Kikyou 攻守交代 2
Matsuri 紫電一閃 2
Mikoto 陰陽師のお役目 2
Towa 時空を制する魔術 2
Nataku 師弟の連係 2
Elmira 迫撃の手ほどき 2
Nagi 封妖の風魔手裏剣 2
Eterna 詠唱の極意 2
Wendy 毒沼の天才機甲士 2
Character Name Stage Name Sta Exp Gold Points Units Date Added
Life Enemies
Camilla 毒の沼と癒しの奇跡
The Poisonous Swamp and the Healing Miracle
2 30 450 10 5 Feb 25 2016
1 54
Akane 魔群を切り裂く刃 2
Victoria 魔狩人の意地 2
Belinda 魔女の森の娘 2
Cypria 頼れる小さな刃 2
Roana 復讐の剛剣 2
Hina 硬き鎧を貫く刃 2
Rikka 機甲士の戦い 2
Azami 一撃必殺の忍技 2
Rorone ロロネ山賊団の奮闘 2
Adele 眼鏡っこ魔女の快進撃 2
Marnie 魂の踊り子 2
Marle 翠緑色の治療術 2
Maribel 乙女達の聖戦 2
Anelia 姉妹姫の共演 2
Jessica 空を討つ魔導重装 2
Agnes 不死者と生者 2
Rubinas 竜巫女の理力 2
Charlotte 天地を裂く魔法剣 2
Saria 乙女の祈り 2
Elizabeth 3本の矢 2
Odette 魔術の真髄 2
Shuuka 亡国の将の鼓舞 2
Lyla 鎧砕きの大戦斧 2
Lin 武道の極技 2
Miranda 破壊の大槌 2
Nadia 猛る2本の竜角 2
Garania ミステリアスな香り 2
Charles 秘密の錬金術 2
Lieselotte 帝国兵士の誇り 2
Isabelle 帝国天馬騎士の指南 2
Zenobia 回転斬りを極めし者 2
Uzume 猛攻の軍師 2
Claudia ドラゴンキラーと暗殺の力 2
Waltz エンドレスワルツ 2
Spica 弓兵の心得 2
Leona 軍師の号令 2
Rumaria 聖なる鎮魂歌 2
Shirley 術士女官のお役目 2
Dolce 狙われた悪魔 2
Dahlia 黒槍の騎士 2
Irene 召使いの信念 2
Ada 野生の本能 2
Character Name Stage Name Sta Exp Gold Points Units Date Added
Life Enemies
Themis テミスの気まぐれ散歩
Themis' Capricious Stroll
2 30 450 10 3 Feb 25 2016
1 15
Bernice 猛攻を防ぐ大盾 2
Cloris 魔女の森の母 2
Iris (Gold) 毒の沼と癒しの小奇跡 2
Ehret 神官戦士の流儀 2
Xiao 異国の暗殺術 2
Yuyu ハーフエルフの奮戦 2
Dorothy 小さな守護妖精 2
Leaf 山賊娘の絆 2
Zola 鎧を貫く魔砲弾 2
Raichi 妖精郷の仲間 2
Stella 天馬騎士の使命 2
Ryuryu 聖夜の魔女 2
Mourette 爆裂の弾丸 2

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