An Item Collection subtype of Event Missions.

An event type in which players must collect a special kind of item from the Event Missions in large amounts. Said item allows players to progress on a reward scale.

Implementation Order
No. Event Unit Name Unit Type Start Date End Date
1 Warrior of the East Akane, Saki Samurai, Ninja  08/01/2014   21/01/2014 
2 Vampire Bride  Karma (Platinum) /
Karma (Black)
 Vampire Princess /
Immortal Princess
25/02/2014 11/03/2014
3 The Strategist's Successor Len Rearguard Tactician 22/04/2014 07/05/2014
4 Sword of the Dragon Slayer Claudia Princess 28/08/2014 11/09/2014
5 The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits Imelia Bandit 30/10/2014 13/11/2014
6 The Treasure of Healing Liana Healer 05/02/2015 19/02/2015
7 Great Youkai War Nagi Ninja 16/04/2015 30/04/2015
8 The Priest Warrior and the Great Mithril Soldier Sera Priest Warrior 11/06/2015 25/06/2015
9 Geomancer and the Crimson Cult Pippin Feng Shui User 27/08/2015 10/09/2015
10 Death Dragon and the Vengeful Magic Priest Eterna Bishop 29/10/2015 12/11/2015
11 The Necromancer and the Treasure of Resurrection Metus Necromancer 04/02/2016 18/02/2016
12 The Dark Knights and the Protector of Heroic Spirits Reshia Valkyrie 28/04/2016 12/05/2016
13 Second Great Youkai War Hibari Samurai 12/08/2016 25/08/2016
14 Nurarihyon's Daughter Shino Nurarihyon 06/10/2016 20/10/2016
15 Arms Merchant and the Cursed Weapons Amy Merchant 08/12/2016 22/12/2016
16 Ancient Dragon's Awakening Hakunokami Dragon Shaman 09/03/2017 23/03/2017
17 The Stolen Grimoire Velty Demon Summoner 27/04/2017 11/05/2017
18 Wind God's Daughter Fuuko Fuuhaku 15/06/2017 29/06/2017
19 Kings' Battle Royal Anatolia Gladiator 31/08/2017 14/09/2017
20 Great Thief and the Treasure of the Pyramid Saval Thief 05/10/2017 19/10/2017
21 Alluring Youko and the Seduced Prince Daki Youko 09/11/2017 22/11/2017

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