Rarity Platinum

Melee Edit

Ada Icon
Akane Icon
Aleese Icon
Alicia Icon
Amelie Icon
Arslan Icon
Azami Icon
Barous Icon
Belphe Icon
Bernice (Christmas) Icon
Carat Icon
Carrie (Swimsuit) Icon
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte (Christmas) Icon
Charmy Icon
Chloe Icon
Chou'un Icon
Claudia Icon
Cypria Icon
Cypria (Christmas) Icon
Dahlia Icon
Daisy Icon
Daki Icon
Dolly Icon
Doula Icon
Eden Icon
Elene Icon
Elva Icon
Emilia Icon
Erenia Icon
Erica Icon
Faa Icon
Fermi Icon
Flamel Icon
Friede Icon
Fuuko Icon
Gellius Icon
Gloria Icon
Gretel Icon
Helena Icon
Hina Icon
Horus Icon
Ignis Icon
Imelia Icon
Inari Icon
Irene Icon
Isabelle Icon
Itsuki Icon
Jake Icon
Jerome Icon
Jessica Icon
Julia Icon
Junon Icon
Karma (Platinum) Icon
Kasumi Icon
Katie (New Year's) Icon
Katina Icon
Konoha Icon
Lan-Fa Icon
Lateria Icon
Lei-Mei Icon
Leora Icon
Liddy Icon
Lieselotte Icon
Lilia Icon
Lina Icon
Louise Icon
Lucia Icon
Lucille Icon
Lumian Icon
Lychnos Icon
Lyla Icon
Lythtis Icon
Maribel Icon
Marika Icon
Meiling Icon
Melvina Icon
Miranda Icon
Miruno Icon
Momiji Icon
Nadia Icon
Nephty Icon
Palfy Icon
Phonia Icon
Racua Icon
Ramii Icon
Raven Icon
Reanbell Icon
Regina Icon
Rikka Icon
Rindou Icon
Rischelte Icon
Roana Icon
Rorone Icon
Sabine Icon
Sakuya Icon
Sandra Icon
Sandy Icon
Sarasa Icon
Saris Icon
Sayo Icon
Sephire Icon
Sera Icon
Seria Icon
Seven Icon
Shade Icon
Shelt Icon
Sherry Icon
Shirley Icon
Shizuka Icon
Shuuka Icon
Siena Icon
Sonken Chuubo Icon
Sukuha Icon
Taigong Wang Icon
Thetis Icon
Tial Icon
Tyr Icon
Uzume Icon
Viera Icon
Viola Icon
Young Nobleman of the Distant Land Icon
Yurina Icon
Zenobia Icon

Ranged Edit

Adele Icon
Agnes Icon
Aida Icon
Amy Icon
Anelia Icon
Anita Icon
Aoba Icon
Bashira Icon
Beatrica Icon
Belzetta Icon
Blanche Icon
Bowwoman of the Distant Land Icon
Camilla Icon
Cenote Icon
Charles Icon
Chydis Icon
Clarice Icon
Corin Icon
Dolce Icon
Echidna Icon
Elias Icon
Eliza Icon
Ersha Icon
Eva Icon
Farangis Icon
Figuneria Icon
Hana Icon
Helmine Icon
Holly Icon
Hyuna Icon
Janna Icon
Kagura Icon
Kanon Icon
Kokoro Icon
Koyomi Icon
Lehren Icon
Len Icon
Leona Icon
Lepuru Icon
Linaria Icon
Livre Icon
Loretta Icon
Maple Icon
Marius Icon
Marle Icon
Marnie Icon
Mei-Hua Icon
Memento Icon
Meredith Icon
Mia Icon
Motley Icon
Oscar Icon
Patra Icon
Paula Icon
Paula (Swimsuit) Icon
Pippin Icon
Prim Icon
Psyche Icon
Pupuru Icon
Rachel Icon
Ralph Icon
Reve Icon
Revy Icon
Ricola Icon
Rino (Valentine's) Icon
Rita Icon
Roza Icon
Rubinas Icon
Ryuryu (Valentine's) Icon
Rösel Icon
Sabrina Icon
Saria Icon
Sereina Icon
Shiho Icon
Sill Icon
Solano Icon
Spica Icon
Supura Icon
Totono Icon
Velty Icon
Verdinath Icon
Victoria Icon
Vivian Icon
Waltz Icon
Wonder Heart Icon
Xiao-Mei Icon
Yuno Icon

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