Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Long range physical splash damage.
  • Splash radius is 80
Heavy Gunner
Cannon Master
  • Splash radius is 120
High Cannon Master
Post-attack delay is slightly reduced.

Unaffected by weather effects.

  • Range +10
  • Small ATK increase
  • Large DEF increase
  • Splash radius is 120
Super-Heavy Gunner
Post-attack delay is increased.
Splash is increased by 1.3x.
  • Range +30
  • Large HP/ATK increase
  • Splash radius is 156
NOTE: Unlike Template:Unitlist item, parameter name series c1, c2, etc. (except c0) refer to the order in which they should be called, not to the specific CE or Awakening stage. (E.g. A High Princess' stats would be listed under the c3 variables in Unitlist item but under the c2 variables on this template.)

In retrospect, the variables in this template should've been named something like r1Class for row one...but what's done is done.

Also, the Rows variables are now defunct.

Lastly, when adding a class table with no c1notes, set it as a non-breaking space like so: "|c1Notes = & nbsp ;" (Without the spaces), Otherwise the table won't show a cell properly under the notes section.