Class name Dancer
New name Top Dancer
Range +/− +30
Cost +/− +1
Required units
Silver Gold Platinum Black
Material 1
Elaine Icon
Mischa Icon
Tigre Icon
Material 2
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Christopher Icon
Material 3
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Christopher Icon
Cyrille IconGladys Icon
Nina IconGladys Icon
Celia IconGladys Icon
Florika IconGladys Icon
Gladys Icon
NOTE: If you wish to edit the materials used for awakening, that'd probably be in the CCMaterial sub pages. For example, CCMaterial/Archers/Iron or CCMaterial/Archers/Silver, CCMaterial/Bandits/Iron or CCMaterial/Bandits/Silver, etc. Type 'em in the search bar and see what pops up.

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