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Repeat of old events, specifically for Unit Farm types. Every event lasts for 1 day, and they are rotated out on a fixed schedule. New Unit Farm events are added to the rotation approximately once every month.

In order to gain access to Daily Revivals, story mission Citadel Battle (砦の戦い) must be cleared first.

  • First time 3☆ clear awards SC.
  • First time drops are guaranteed.

Daily Revivals inherit the clear % of events in the past.

  • SC for 3☆ is not awarded if it was received before.
  • If the drops were obtained in the past, first time drops are not guaranteed.

Daily Revival rotates at 15:00 UTC+0.

  • Event rotation follows the schedule listed below.
Daily Revivals Rotation
No. Event Unit Name Unit Type
1 Save the Witch! Cloris Witch
2 Witch's Daughter Belinda Witch
3 Ninja Army of Darkness Azami Ninja
4 Oni-Possessed Swordswoman Momiji Samurai
5 Holy Warrior's Challenge Maribel Heavy Armor
6 Shadow Sniper Rita Archer
7 Demonfolk's Fate Fran Vampire Hunter
8 Warmaiden's Oath Emilia Valkyrie
9 Dark Knighthood's Threat Yurina Dark Fighter
10 Dance of Shadows Waltz Dancer
11 Mystic Sorcery Odette Mage
12 Anna and The Snow Beauty Eliza Witch
13 The Road to Becoming the King of Bandits Rorone Bandit
14 Dragon Knight's Oath Lucille Dragon Rider
15 The Alchemist and the Philosopher's Stone Corin Alchemist
16 Monks' Training Grounds Lin Monk
17 Holy Hammer Warrior's Challenge Miranda Heavy Armor
18 Oni Summoning Miko Shiho Shaman
19 Gunnery Academy's Trainee Kanon Gunner
20 Imprisoned Magic Swordswoman Charlotte Magic Fencer
21 The Ghost Ship and the Admiral's Resolve Reanbell Sailor
22 The Imperial Pegasus Knight Isabelle Pegasus Rider
23 Dark Knights and the Targeted Healer Yuno Healer
24 Pride of the Beastwoman Ada Rogue
25 The White Empire and the Fake City Lieselotte Soldier
26 Fallen Angel's Seal Chloe Angel
27 Dark Knights and the Holy Night's Gift Sarasa Bow Rider
28 Mechanical Soldiers of the Ancients Rikka Puppeteer
29 Witch Doctor and the Youma Queen Revy Curse User
30 The Corsair Captain and the Demonic Seas Sabrina Pirate
31 Vampire and the Holy Avenger Rumaria Vampire Hunter
32 The Youma Queen and the Tactical Genius Helena Vanguard Tactician
33 Makai Ants and the Captured Men Jake / Oscar Soldier / Archer
34 Angels' Plot Sereina Bishop
35 Demonic Flies' Forest and the Cursed Keeper Aida Ranger
36 Lost Dragons' Island Ignis Dragon Soldier
37 The Imperial Priest Warrior's Return Lucia Priestess Warrior

  • List below contains candidate events to be implemented into Daily Revivals. Usually, 1 new event is added at the end of each rotation.
Not-implemented Unit Farm events
Event Unit Name Unit Type
Dark Organisation and Hunted Prince Seven Rogue
Orc Martial Artist's Entrance into the Prince's Army Bestla Monk

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