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Elf Village in Crisis 妖精郷の危機 (2014 April 1 - April 15 10:00)Edit

Event140401a Event140401b
Complete the requirements to receive the "Dark Elf" unit after the event.

Witch Rescue! 魔女を救え! (2014 April 12 00:00 - April 13 23:59)Edit

A special two-day event for the weekend, where you get to save (yourself from) the mischievous witch Chloris! This is a repeat event, but the potential drops and low difficulty make it worth going for nonetheless.

The Monk's Training Grounds モンクの修行場 (2014 April 15 - April 22 10:00)Edit

Event140419a Event140419b

There is a chance to receive the "Monk" unit in every map of the event!  The higher the difficulty of the map, the higher the chances of the Monk dropping. Challenge the difficulty most suitable for you!

The Witch's Daughter 魔女の娘 (2014 April 19 00:00 - April 20 23:59) Edit


A special two-day event for the weekend, where you get to meet the mischievous witch Chloris' cute daughter! This is a repeat event, but a great opportunity for those who missed it the first time.

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