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Fame (名声) is a resource accumulated by fulfilling certain conditions, which can be used in an exclusive gacha.

As fame is accumulated, the rewards available from said gacha are improved, certain limited units will be made available, and additional rewards will be granted. However, the gacha can only be used once a month.

Each cycle of gacha and points begins with the first maintenance of the month, and ends with the first maintenance of the next month (the end date for the current cycle is indicated on the top left of the UI, see translated picture below).

The player should decide on what reward tier they would want before making use of the gacha. Higher fame points accumulated do not correlate to a higher chance of obtaining higher-rarity units.

  • The gacha pool includes all units currently implemented at the start of a cycle, excluding fodder units (Happy being an exception), event units, and limited units (i.e. Imperials).
  • Summoned units begin at lv1.
  • The Chibis and Happy are not guaranteed, they are merely added to the available pool as points are accumulated.
  • Using the gacha does not consume any fame.
  • The additional rewards can still be obtained after using the gacha.
Translated UI

UIguide Fame

Gacha Tiers
Accumulated Points Contents
Fame Bronze 1-4999 Silver+ guaranteed
Fame Silver 5000-9999 Silver+ guaranteed
Chibi Rino added
Fame Gold 10000-19999 Gold+ guaranteed
Fame Platinum 20000-34999 Chibi Sophie added
Fame Black 35000 Happy added
Additional Rewards
Points Reward Points Reward
Gold Armor Icon
Gold Armor 15000
Freude Icon
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor 17500
Superior Gold Armor Icon
Superior Gold Armor
Alegria Icon
Alegria 20000
Farah Icon
Christia Icon
Christia 22500
Christia Icon
Nina (Bonded) Icon
Nina (Bonded) 25000
Florika (Bonded) Icon
Florika (Bonded)
Freude Icon
Freude 27500
Superior Gold Armor Icon
Superior Gold Armor
Victoire Icon
Victoire 30000
Gladys (Bonded) Icon
Gladys (Bonded)
Celia (Bonded) Icon
Celia (Bonded) 32500
Christia Icon
Superior Gold Armor Icon
Superior Gold Armor 35000
Black Armor Icon
Black Armor
Christia Icon
Past Rewards Log
Period Rewards
October 2017
Chibi Katie Icon
Chibi Nanaly Icon
November 2017
Chibi Carrie Icon
Chibi Despia Icon
December 2017
Chibi Soma Icon
Chibi Sarah Icon
January 2018
Chibi Shizuka Icon
Chibi Kayou Icon
February 2018
Chibi Alicia Icon
Chibi Olivier Icon
March 2018
Chibi Momo Icon
Chibi Frederica Icon
April 2018
Chibi Bernice Icon
Chibi Cornelia Icon
May 2018
Chibi Mel Icon
Chibi Clissa Icon
June 2018
Chibi Chizuru Icon
Chibi Berna Icon
July 2018
Chibi Rino Icon
Chibi Sophie Icon

Conditions Edit

  • Note that any clear (1-3 stars), including Story Missions, Challenge Quests, Event Missions, Subjugations, etc. will count towards the clear count.
  • In conditions that require a specific setup, the condition depends on the team sortied with, not units deployed. For example, in the 'clear with only gold units' Weekly, the team cannot include units like Aisha and Grace, even if they are not deployed and only used for their passive buffs.

Daily Edit

UIguide Fame Weekly

Resets at 4AM (JST).

  • Login: 300
  • Mission or Quest Cleared 1 time: 100
  • Mission or Quest Cleared 2 times: 100
  • Mission or Quest Cleared 3 times:100
  • Give a unit a gift 1 time: 100
  • Use unit combination 1 time: 100
  • Clear all other daily fame missions: 300

Total available points: 1100

Monthly Edit

UIguide Fame Monthly

Resets with the first maintenance of each month.

  • Mission or Quest Cleared 10 times: 500
  • Mission or Quest Cleared 20 times: 1000
  • Mission or Quest Cleared 30 times: 1500
  • Bring a unit's affection/trust to maximum 1 time: 1000

Total available points: 4000

Weekly Edit

Resets with each maintenance (13th September 2018 - 20th September 2018).

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 白雪の中の少女 (30/2) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 世界樹に舞う胞子 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Total available points: 1600