Giant-Slaying Sword

Giant-Slaying Sword (巨人殺しの剣) is a star rush urgent mission running from 05/18/17 to 06/01/17.

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars.Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward
Earn 5 stars Elene joins
Earn 6 stars Skill Level 2
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 3
Earn 8 stars UP Cost -1 (-1)
Earn 9 stars Initial Level 20
Earn 10 stars Skill Level 4
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 5
Earn 12 stars UP Cost -1 (-2)
Earn 13 stars Skill Level 6
Earn 14 stars Initial Level 30
Earn 15 stars Skill Level 7
Earn 16 stars UP Cost -1 (-3)
Earn 17 stars Skill Level 8
Earn 18 stars Initial Level 40
Earn 19 stars Skill Level 9
Earn 20 stars UP Cost -1 (-4)
Earn 21 stars Skill Level 10
Earn 22 stars UP Cost -1 (-5)
Earn 23 stars Initial Level 50
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 60
Earn 25 stars Freude
Earn 26 stars Onyx


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
One-eyed Giant
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 25
Beer Icon
Beer - -
Crowd of Giants
30 200 1275 10 8
Asar Icon
Asar Lv8
Ryujin Soldier Icon
Ryujin Soldier Lv8 x2
2 10 31
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet - -
Additional Notes: Initial HP reduction: Small
Large Giant
40 250 1500 10 8
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv10
Eunice Icon
Eunice Lv10
3 10 23
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Urban Defensive Battle
50 300 2250 10 8
Dorca Icon
Dorca Lv12
Valerie Icon
Valerie Lv12
5 10 50
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon
A Row of Giant Statues
70 350 3000 10 8
Niel Icon
Niel Lv15
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv15
6 30 51
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Targeted Sealing Sword
40 270 1800 10 8
Sharon Icon
Sharon Lv10
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv10
4 10 43
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon
Choice Sake
Advancing Giants
50 300 2250 10 8
Giovanni Icon
Giovanni Lv12
Ricardo Icon
Ricardo Lv12
5 10 40
Nenya Icon
Nenya Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Bearer of the Sealing Sword
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 24
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Completion: Spirit of Rainbow
Youkai Daughter of Falling Lightning
70 350 3000 10 8
Hana Icon
Hana Lv15
Isabelle Icon
Isabelle Lv15
6 20 82
Kazuha Icon
Kazuha Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum

Notable EnemiesEdit


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
One-eyed Giant

Soldier: "—Here we are! The place where the cyclops were reported!"

Katie: "Good work leading us here. I believe it would be prudent to continue keeping an eye on the surrounding area."

Soldier: "Hah!"

Anna: "Speaking of which, I can't believe cyclops have shown up in this area..."

Katie: "Normally we don't receive any reports of anything beyond the smaller monsters in this area... Are the movements of the monsters intensifying that much?"

Monster: "Gyagya—h!"

Anna: "It looks like monsters have appeared. Prince, please prepare for battle."

Katie: "... These sounds, it seems the cyclops are also closing in. Prince, please be careful."

(cyclops appears)

Soldier: "Report! The cyclops have appeared!"

Katie: "Prince, watch out for their mighty attacks. I believe it would be best to chip away at the enemies' health before they reach our melee forces."

Bashira: "... That means it's our turn! We'll pelt away at them with our arrows, so please leave everything to us! Let's go—!"


Anna: "It looks like we made the monsters retreat without incident. That was good wo—."

Soldier: "—Message from one of the other teams! The cyclops have formed a band, and are marching through the northern desert!"

Bashira: "No way~. I thought we could finally catch a break~..."

Anna: "However, there's no reason for us to ignore them. Prince, let's hurry and head to the place in the report!"

Swarm of Giants

Mortimer: "Uheeh... There's a pretty good number of 'em. What the hell did they eat to grow so damn huge?"

Anna: "Mortimer-san, first things first, please prepare for battle."

Mortimer: "U, understood!"

Valery: "... Kind of odd, isn't it?"

Katie: "Valery-san, did you notice something?"

Valery: "Yeah. There aren't that many individual cyclops, so them travelling a great distance from their homes is something that doesn't happen very often."

Valery: "Despite that, they're banding together and heading somewhere. Though I only have the previous cyclops to go by, they all seem to be heading in the same direction."

Mortimer: "Oi, this ain't the time to be chatting! Those guys're getting quite close!!"

Valery: "Excuse me, now's not the time to be having a long discussion. First, we need to do something about the monsters before our very eyes."

Anna: "You're right. Prince, the health of all our soldiers will be decreased in the desert heat. So whatever you do, be careful."


Mortimer: "—Oraa!"

Anna: "Looks like we managed to subjugate all of the monsters just now."

Valery: "... It's still odd. The movement of the cyclops suggest that they were focusing on their march more than their battle with us."

Katie: "However, the cyclops are a violent and warlike race, it's hard to imagine they could keep moving along while ignoring us before their eyes. ... Is there something up ahead?"

Anna: "I'm sure that at the end of this desert there was a city state that has been around since long ago."

Anna: "Since they could respond to the monsters with their own military strength, they didn't need our help, so we haven't interacted with them very much, but..."

Soldier: "—Report! According to a team deployed in the other direction, a swarm of cyclops have been discovered!"

Soldier: "In addition, despite the cyclops knowing their position, they're proceeding as they were without changing direction. If the royal army continues as we are, we'll make contact with the enemy group!"

Anna: "Thank you for the report. So the cyclops are marching towards the place up ahead after all."

Katie: "The enemy's goals are still unknown... That said, we better tell the people of the city that the monsters are approaching them."

Anna: "Right. Prince, let's head to the city for the time being, and tell them the monsters are closing in."

Large Giant

Anna: "—These... are splendid castle walls, aren't they?"

Katie: "To build and maintain castle walls like these, it feels pretty convincing when they said they didn't need our help."

Soma: "On the way here, I saw signs of multiple enemies and the swarm of giants in the distance. It looks like they are marching towards this city..."

Anna: "Let's hurry and tell the people of the city that enemies are approaching!"

??? (Hélène): "... Who are you people?"

Katie: "Those arms... Thank goodness. You must be one of the guards on the wall, right?"

Hélène: "... Yes, I'm Hélène. For the time being, I'm captain of the wall guards. ... And you are?"

Anna: "I ought to have said this before, we're from the Kingdom. I'm Parliamentary Secretary Anna, and the one over here is the Prince."

Prince: "........." (Nod)

Hélène: "Kingdom... I heard of you, but... So, did something happen? What business do you have with this country...?"

Anna: "Excuse me, Hélène-san, we're here on an urgent matter, so will you go inform those that govern the city for us? You see—"

Soma: "—Everyone, please watch out! A swarm of cyclops are approaching! They'll soon be at a distance where you can spot them!"

Hélène: "What, those are... Incredible... So big..."

Anna: "It looks like their pace was quicker than I thought... Hélène-san, it seems the enemy is approaching not only from over there, but from multiple fronts."

Hélène: "So you say... Thanks, I'll go report this. I'll tell them to strengthen the guards on all sides."

Anna: "Please do that. We're also quite capable, so let us assist you in the defence." (giant homo appears)

??? (Gigas): "—The city's defence is active? These castle walls are as infernal as they were before we went to sleep."

Anna: "...!? That cyclops is bigger than the other cyclops... ... On top of that, did it just speak human words just now!?"

Gigas: "Hmph, don't lump me together with those dimwitted cyclops. I'm of the Gigas clan, giants who stand at the top even among the giant races."

Gigas: "Although we were sealed by the sword's power following the Millennium War... For us to have awoken means that sword's power is also weakening. We're going to use this golden opportunity to destroy this city."


Gigas: "—As expected, this will be no simple task. Giants from all over are steadily gathering, so next time, we'll attack with a much greater force and destroy you all."

Soma: "The giants are retreating!"

Katie: "That giant... was a Gigas? I never would have thought there would be ones who can speak among the giants."

Anna: "Yeah. Also by the way he spoke, it sounds like he's going to attack again soon. It seems we'll have to keep watch for the time being."

Hélène: "—... Prince, everyone, thank you."

Anna: "Hélène-san. I'm glad more than anything that you're safe."

Hélène: "... Thanks to you people. The giants that came from the other directions have already retreated."

Katie: "Umm... Is there some reason why the giants are targeting this city?"

Hélène: "... It has been past down to our people. An ancient legend about the battle with the giants..."

Anna: "If it's alright with you, will you tell us about that legend?"

Hélène: "... Understood. But before that, everyone must be tired. Let's go someplace where we can calm down and talk."

Hélène Introduction:

"... Thanks for earlier. At any rate... I'm Hélène. Once again, please look after me, Prince."

"This city's legend... Long ago... since the time of the war a thousand years ago... It has been past down."

"This area... In the past, there were many giants. Among them, there were ancient giants, equipped with great knowledge and strength, who led the giants... The Gigas."

"The walls of this city were built to halt the invasion of the giants... In the past, not only the city, these walls were vast enough to span the entire continent."

"However, a warrior from this city struck down the chief of the Gigas, and sealed the Gigas and the other giants with a sword forged from the bones of that chief."

"Since the giants were no more, great fortresses were no longer needed, so they say the only walls remaining are the ones protecting the city; the rest were taken down."

"If the giant that appeared before the Prince and the others... was a Gigas, then that must mean the sword's power is weakening."

"If that is the case... We must do something. I believe they plan to destroy the sword and release the seal on all of the giants..."

"The city's walls, while they won't just outright collapse... I'm pretty sure they're not as sturdy as they were in the past. There are also some parts that are currently being repaired."

"If they continue assaults of the prior scale, then things may get dire... Hmm? It sounds like there's some kind of commotion outside—"

Katie Introduction:

"—Sorry to interrupt your talk. Excuse me, there's something urgent that I need to report."

"To put it in simple terms, we've established an agreement that permits us to engage in battles in the vicinity around this country."

"We can cooperate with the defence of this country, so I believe there won't be any problems for the time being. This is the good report."

"... There's also another one, this is the not very good report."

"The giant from earlier, I received word that the Gigas is trying to approach the city again. Not only that, it looks like there are more than one Gigas."

"It will not be possible for the city to handle the enemy with just their troops alone, and the enemy is within sight."

"The agreement has just been settled, but Prince, what do you think?"

"... Pardon me, that was a silly question. If the walls get destroyed, the city will be in trouble. Let's hurry and head out to support them before that happens!"

City Defence Battle

Bashira: "Coming to launch their next attack so soon. Thanks to this, we can't even catch a break~..."

Gigas: "—Now, my comrades! Now is the time we of the Gigas clan get our revenge!!"

Mortimer: "Those guys are getting heated up into a frenzy."

Katie: "That many giants... Just that fact alone means they're serious. This is the critical moment."

Hélène: "... Everyone, thanks. For lending us your support despite this only being about our country."

Anna: "Please don't think anything of it. We're all in this together in times of trouble!"

Anna: "Please, this is a battle where we need to stay on our toes. Let's repel them with everything we've got!"


Gigas: "—Gu, GUWAAAAaaaAAaahh!"

Anna: "We did it! We beat them! We defeated the Gigas, Hélène-san!"

Hélène: "... As one would expect from those numbers, it would've been dangerous if it was just us. We were saved thanks to all of you... With this, the city is also—"

Gigas: "—Guuhh... Ku, kukukuh! Kuhahahahah! Gufuh! Gefuaah!!"

Katie: "...! What're you laughing for!?"

Gigas: "... Ku, kukuku... After all, we're... diversion... Meanwhile, main force is... weakest part of the wall... ........."

Hélène: "...... Weakest part... Don't tell me... The opposite end of here...!"

Anna: "... Hélène-san, excuse me, but will you please guide us? Prince, let's hurry and head over there!"

Colossus in a Row

Anna: "This area must be it. Giants were reported here."

Niel: "The area looks like the one in the report, but... As far as I can see from the sky, I see no sign of any giants."

Mortimer: "Since they're so bloody huge, you would think they would be easy to spot, huh? They must've already moved on."

Anna: "That might be true. ...! Everyone, over there!"

(Keraunos appears)

Keraunos: "—Honestly, coming all the way to a place like this. This is the holy territory of the gods, it is not a place for you humans to tread upon."

Niel: "... Keraunos-sama!"

Keraunos: "It seems the barbaric giants have been resurrected, so I descended to the physical world, but... I guess I'll go ahead and whittle down your fighting strength before I contend with the giants."

Keraunos: "Please come, solemn servants of the gods."

(stone colossus appears)

Mortimer: "Ge, gegeehh!? Giants!?"

Katie: "Those are... Did the giants and Keraunos join hands?"

Niel: "... No, those aren't giants."

Keraunos: "Fufu. These are one of the constructs of the gods, angel statues. The embodiment of destruction tasked to destroy the surface. Talking as if they were on the same level as the giants, you are remarkably foolish."

Mortimer: "Keh, whatever they are, doesn't change the fact we're gonna defeat 'em"

Keraunos: "I'll make your destruction pleasant if only you stop resisting. ... Well, trying to reason with you won't accomplish anything. Come, bring judgment to the foolish humans."

Katie: "I knew it... Looks like we have no choice but to fight!"

Niel: "Everyone, the angel statues have tremendous attack power that isn't in any way inferior to even the giants. Watch yourselves."

Niel: "Also, it will be difficult to damage them with attacks on the level of swords or arrows. I believe you should focus on attacking them with magic!"

Anna: "Niel-san, thank you very much. Prince, please give your orders with care. Whatever you do, be careful."


Mortimer: "Zee... Zee... Wh, what was that!? They were nothing at all, nothing!!"

Katie: "Somehow, we managed to make the enemy retreat..."

Anna: "What's important is that everyone is safe. ... Furthermore, what in the world was Keraunos-sama doing in this place?"

Niel: "Maybe she was preparing to summon the angel statues."

Niel: "This place... I believe it was used in the ceremony of the angel's advent in the past. It is a very old structure, but perhaps it still has some traces of its power remaining."

Katie: "Using that power, she summoned a bunch of angel statues..."

Niel: "Yeah. The giants have been hostile towards the heavens since long ago. Maybe she was trying to create a fighting force to do battle with them."

Katie: "An enemy of an enemy is an ally... Well, it's probably unlikely in our case."

Anna: "You're right... Angel statues against giants. It seems the number of new threats has increased..."

Anna: "However, there's no reason we will lose. Prince, now let's rest up and prepare for the upcoming battle!"

Targeted Sealing Sword

Hélène: "—... Hurry, this way. The passageway here is quicker than running through the city."

Katie: "I never would have thought there would be a passageway like this beneath the city."

Hélène: "... The sword in the legend is being kept here. ... Over there is the sword. The swords of this country's soldiers are all modeled after it."

Roy: "I see... Hmm, I don't feel anything particularly magical about it. Is there some kind of special power in that sword?"

Hélène: "I don't know... Just that it's the one from the legend. It hasn't been used even once."

Hélène: "... Many have studied it in the past. But, in the end, they concluded it was merely a sword. No one is studying it now, so it's been left here."

Anna: "I thought it would be our trump card against the giants... Too bad."

Angel: "—Found it. That sword must be it."

Anna: "... That's!"

Angel: "Humans, please step aside. We're presenting that sword to god."

Niel: "... It seems they're after this sword."

Katie: "If the angels want it, then that must mean there's some kind of power in this sword after all..."

Hélène: "... Even if it doesn't have any powers, this sword is a very important part of my country. I won't hand it over so easily."

Angel: "Defying the will of god, foolish humans. If you won't step aside, you leave us no choice. You shall know god's judgment the hard way."

Anna: "We can't just let them take the sword. Prince, please prepare for engagement!"


Katie: "—It appears all of the angels have retreated."

Roy: "... I thought I felt a response of some kind during the battle, but... I don't see any particular changes."

Hélène: "I told you it's been under all sorts of tests. Boiling, heating, eati... Well, not that one. However, none of them bore any results."

Anna: "I see... Well, now's not the time to mope around."

Anna: "While we're standing here, the city is on the verge of crisis. Prince, let's hurry to where the giants are at!"

Advancing Giants

Hélène: "—N, no way...!"

Katie: "For them to cause this much destruction. They must've targeted a spot that has become quite brittle."

Walled City Soldier: "... U... Gu... hh!"

Walled City Soldier: "L... look out... gi, giants... thr... threw... gi... ant... rock... ughh!"

Alyssa: "Please don't talk! I'll heal you now!!"

Gigas: "—The infernal wall that has blighted us has been destroyed. Come, let's go, cyclops!"

Hélène: "...! S, so many... I'm scared... There's no way we can take on that many... ... This city is... done for..."

Anna: "Prince, the giants are rolling in! The situation is definitely critical. I would consider falling back, but... what should we do?"

Prince: ".........!"

Hélène: "Why are you taking up your sword...!? Don't tell me you intend to fight!!"

Anna: "... You're right, Prince. Since it's the Prince, I knew you wouldn't abandon this city and run away."

Anna: "Hélène-san. I don't know if we'll manage to protect the city with our strength... However, we'll never know unless we try!"

Hélène: "Everyone... I see... Yeah, you're right. If I run away here, everyone in the city will..."

Anna: "Hélène-san...?"

Hélène: "... Sorry, everyone. I need a moment, please take care of things here. I'll be back... shortly...!"

Mortimer: "O, oi! ... She's gone. I can't believe she would run off on us!"

Anna: "... No, I'm sure she's thinking of something. Let's believe in her now, and do whatever it takes to protect this place to the bitter end. Prince, please give your orders for battle."

(rock-chucking giant appears)

[The rock-throwing Gigas that appears in this map won't head to base, and will leave the map after some time has passed. Even if undefeated, doesn't affect star rating.]


Gigas: "—It looks like we've exhausted most of their strength. Now all that's left is that infernal sealing sword, it is time we destroy this country."

Gigas: "... Come, attack, my comrades! We shall make the humans that ran and hid into their bird cages remember to fear giants!!"

Katie: "... It looks like they're about to begin their full assault..."

Mortimer: "Oi, oi, this's getting really bad."

Anna: "... Prince, what will you do?"

Prince: "........." (shakes head)

Anna: "... I see. If we abandon this place, there won't be any time for the people of the city to escape. Besides, I'm sure Hélène-san will be right back!"

Katie: "It won't do for us to make it so she'll fight alone. ... Please send word to retreat those who have been injured with those who can still fight so we can keep defending this place."

Soldier: "Hah!"

Anna: "Prince, let's believe in her, and protect this place!"

Sealing Sword's Bearer

Katie: "Kuh! The Gigas are heading into the city. The way things are...!"

(Giants shows up)

Hélène: "—... Sorry for making you wait. Also, thanks. Because of you I made it in time."

Anna: "Hélène-san!"

Hélène: "I brought back the sword that was being kept. Both the angels and giants feared this sword... With this, then surely..."

Gigas: "Th, that's the sealing sword...!!"

Gigas: "... Mu... But you seem unable to draw out its power. I'm surprised... Your hands holding the sword are trembling, human."

Hélène: "... No way... I thought I could do something if I had this sword, yet..."

Gigas: "Give up, the power of our chief is a dauntless battle spirit that does not fear anyone. The chief's power won't respond to a weak will that relies on the power of a sword!"

Hélène: ".........!"

Mortimer: "Oi! You guessed wrong, can't be helped, so let's make a temporary..."

Hélène: "... No! ... If I fall back here, the city will be in peril. Fleeing is out of the question. ... That's right, I completely forgot."

Hélène: "I'm a warrior that protects this country... I've devoted my heart to this country...! I have no need for the power of some sword...!!"

Anna: "...! The sword is shining...!"

Gigas: "... Nuu!? My strength... and health is being sapped away... Im, impossible, you're telling me the sword approved of her!? Everyone, quickly, destroy that sword!"

Katie: "Prince, it looks like the Gigas are being affected by the power of the sword!"

Hélène: "I cannot forgive them for doing this to the city... Guys like them, I'll... not a single one remaining..."

Anna: "Hélène-san, you're not alone! The power of that sword, and our strength, let's join forces and protect this land!!"

Hélène: "... Yeah, you're right. I'll leave the timing of the sword's power to the Prince. ... Prince, please give the signal!!"


Gigas: "Gu, guoo... hh! As long as they have the power of the sword, we cannot attack them carelessly... Can't be helped, fall back!!"

Katie: "... It looks like the giants have retreated. Thanks to you, we managed to get out of this predicament. Thank you very much, Hélène-san."

Hélène: "... I'm the one who should thank you. Because all of you were here, the city has been protected."

Anna: "Come now, please hold your head high. It's only natural for countries that signed an agreement to help each other!"

Hélène: "... No. I must thank you for helping us when we refused to interact with the Kingdom..."

Hélène: "... We thought that as long as we have this wall, we were in no danger. We thought it would be safer to live inside than to venture outside the walls... But that seems to have been a mistake."

Anna: "Hélène-san..."

Hélène: "... Though I'm saying this when it's convenient, I'll try to redouble efforts on my end in order to work together with the people of the Kingdom from now on."

Hélène: "I don't just want to be helped, I want to help. Next time, we'll be sure to lend you our strength."

Katie: "There's nothing that makes me feel more confident than borrowing the strength of this country."

Anna: "Right! Hélène-san, when that time comes, please look after us by all means, OK!?"

Hélène: "... Mm, look after me."

Anna: "Prince, that was a fierce battle, excellent work. Please rest and take it easy on our return home."

Youkai Daughter of Rain Lightning

Iroha: "—Sorry for taking so long! I came to assist!"

Sanosuke: "Iroha-dono, and the ones from the Kingdom as well! Allow me to thank you for your efforts!"

Gojuurou: "It's still early to give us your thanks. The horde of youkai will soon be upon us!"

Shino: "Why are the youkai attacking the capital...? No, now is not the time nor place to be pondering such things."

Anna: "Prince, please prepare for battle!"

(Yao Tian-Jun appears)

Yao Tian-Jun: "—Honestly, must you keep getting in my way?"

Anna: "That's a Kimon... And Yao Tian-Jun!"

Iroha: "I heard about him... So he still hasn't given up on taking over this country!?"

Yao Tian-Jun: "I won't give up so easily. This is the chance of a lifetime now that Shuten Douji is no more, there's no way I can back down."

Yao Tian-Jun: "Come, you lot, you may destroy that party!"

??? (Ramii): "........."

Yao Tian-Jun: "Daughter of the youkai that controls a strong lightning! You may strike them with your thunderbolt, and burn them to ashes!"

Iroha: "By her appearance... She looks to be under the control of Yao Tian-Jun. Prince, whatever you do, please be careful!"


Iroha: "...! Yao Tian-Jun, into yet another Kimon...!!"

Kojuurou: "... The Youkai pursuers are no more. Somehow, it seems Yao Tian-Jun has also escaped."

??? (Ramii): "U—gn... Ugh... Hm? Th, that's? Where am I...?"

Shino: "You came to your senses? I thought, 'could it be her', but you're Ramii, the daughter of Raijin-sama, I presume."

Iroha: (Raijin's daughter...!?)

Ramii: "Yep, that's right... Huh? Could you be Shino Nee-chan? Does that mean the people you're with... are by any chance the Prince's army!?"

Anna: "Yes, we are, so?"

Ramii: "You're the enemy that Tou-chan talked about, aren't you!? Being saved by the enemy, I'm gonna get struck by Tou-chan's lightning again~... Uugh~..."

Shino: "... I cannot overlook your attitude towards the ones who rescued you. Ramii, isn't there something you should say first?"

Ramii: "Eh? Ah, I, is that so, oh yeah! Let's see... Thank you for rescuing me! Also, sorry for calling you the enemy!"

Iroha: "........."

Ramii: "S, so you're still mad, huh... B, but I heard from Tou-chan that humans are our enemies... Wh, what should I do...?"

Shino: "... Ramii, please return home for the time being. You may come to give proper thanks at a later date."

Ramii: "O, OK, understood, you're right. ... Well then, everyone, bye-bye, see you later~!"

Shino: "She's gone...? I know about what Raijin-sama has done in this land. However, I heard that his daughter hasn't participated in battle."

Iroha: "... I can tell that she's not the kind of daughter to commit such acts."

Iroha: "... However, when I heard she's the daughter of Raijin. It's a difficult thing for me to accept so easily..."

Shino: "... Now that I'm Supreme Commander, I'll make dead certain such things don't happen again."

Iroha: "Shino-san... Yes, please kindly look after me."

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