Greatthief phase2

Great Thief and the Treasure of the Pyramid (大怪盗とピラミッドの秘宝) is a collection based urgent mission running from 05/10/2017 to 19/10/2017.

Rewards Edit

This is a collection type event. The player earns rewards by collecting Cursed Jewel Fragments and will receive rewards based on the amount collected at the end of the event.

Cursed Jewel Fragments Reward Cursed Jewel Fragments Reward Cursed Jewel Fragments Reward
10 Saval 45 Gold Armor 945 Platinum Armor
30 Skill Level 2 90 Spirit of Gold 990 Spirit of Platinum
50 Initial Level 10 135 Platinum Armor 1035 Celia (Bonded)
100 Skill Level 3 180 Spirit of Gold 1080 Spirit of Platinum
150 Cost -1 (-1) 225 Crystal Shard x1 1125 Crystal Shard x2
200 Skill Level 4 270 Spirit of Platinum 1170 Spirit of Black
250 Cost -1 (-2) 315 Gold Armor 1215 Platinum Armor
300 Skill Level 5 360 Spirit of Platinum 1260 Spirit of Black
400 Initial Level 20 405 Platinum Armor 1305 Florika (Bonded)
500 Skill Level 6 450 Spirit of Black 1350 Spirit of Rainbow
600 Cost -1 (-3) 495 Crystal Shard x1 1395 Platinum Armor
700 Skill Level 7 540 Spirit of Black 1440 Spirit of Platinum
800 Initial Level 30 585 Gold Armor 1485 Platinum Armor
900 Skill Level 8 630 Spirit of Rainbow 1530 Spirit of Platinum
1000 Cost -1 (-4) 675 Platinum Armor 1575 Crystal Shard x3
1100 Initial Level 40 720 Spirit of Platinum 1620 Spirit of Black
1200 Skill Level 9 765 Nina (Bonded) 1665 Gold Armor
1300 Cost -1 (-5) 810 Spirit of Platinum 1710 Spirit of Black
1400 Skill Level 10 855 Crystal Shard x2 1755 Platinum Armor
1500 Initial Level 50 900 Spirit of Black 1800 Spirit of Rainbow

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Black Cat Running Across the Desert
20 150 900 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3)
Bouquet Icon
1 10 23 - -
Cursed Jewel that Robs Life
30 200 1200 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3)
Ryujin Soldier Icon
Ryujin Soldier Lv8 x2
2 15 35
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) -
Obstructed Pyramid
40 280 1800 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) x2
Asar Icon
Asar Lv10
4 10 41
Khuri Icon
Khuri Lv10
Mortimer Icon
Mortimer Lv10
Road to the Pyramid
50 360 2100 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) x2
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3)
7 10 45
Valerie Icon
Valerie Lv12
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Youma Queens' Coordination Tactics
80 450 2700 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) x3
[100% drop]
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv15
9 10 42
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Additional Notes:
When the Eldest Goblin Queen is present, all enemies have increased attack.
When the Second Goblin Queen is present, all allied units have reduced MR.
When the Third Goblin Queen is present, all enemies gradually regenerate HP.
Missions added midway through the event
Cursed Prince's Army
40 300 1950 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (3) x3
Harissa Icon
Harissa Lv10
5 15 43
Gladys Icon
Spirit Queen
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Pyramid Infiltration
70 400 2550 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) x2
[100% drop]
Cursed Jewel Fragment Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (1) x3
[100% drop]
8 15 45
Dan Icon
Dan Lv12
Ruby Icon
Royal Tomb Decisive Battle
90 620 3000 10 8
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) Icon
Cursed Jewel Fragment (5) x5
Dorca Icon
Dorca Lv15
12 10 52
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow -
Leaping Great Thief in the Dark Night
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 15 50
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow

Fame Edit

(1st Week Missions)

  • Clear 砂漠を駆ける黒猫 (20/1) with 3 or fewer units: 500 Fame
  • Clear 封鎖されしピラミッド (40/4) with only units of Gold-rarity or below: 500 Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear 呪われし王子軍 (40/5) with only units of Gold-rarity or below: 500 Fame
  • Clear 王墓の決戦 (90/12) with 10 or fewer units: 500 Fame

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Ranged (180)
Physical 4500 90 50 51
Initial: 16
Move: 31
Missile: 10
3 UP
20/1 variant.
13500 450 150 90/12 variant.
Paralyzes target in 1 hit.
Beastman Mummy
Beastman Mummy
Ranged (100)
Undead Beast
Physical 12000 260 210
MR 30
Initial: 22
Move: 61
Missile: instant
1 UP
HP below 50%: ATK x2

HP below 25%: ATK x3

18000 390 Cursed Gem variant. Has an aura.

HP below 50%: ATK x2
HP below 25%: ATK x3

Ranged (330)
Undead Beastman
Magic 45000 1000 120
MR 50
Initial: 60
Move: 241
3 UP
HP below 50%: ATK x3

HP below 25%: ATK x5

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Black Cat Racing Across the Sands

Asar: "Thank you very much for coming all the way to this sort of place. Actually, recently, a party showing suspicious movements were witnessed in this area..."

Anna: "They're the 'Cult of Bastet' in the report, right?"

Zaram: "Aah. The people who believe in 'Bastet', the god that is said to once protect those who live in this area."

Zaram: "For an ethnic minority, there's little information regarding them, but they're fanatically devoted to their god. I hear they're fellows that don't have any regard for their dangerous actions."

Hashim: "That cult recently entered the pyramid in this area, and are said to be searching for something. What in the world is that cult plotting...?"

Katie: "We can't say anything so long as we don't know their goals, but the insides of the pyramid are also a dangerous place where monsters dwell. There's no reason to leave them be... Mu, what's that?"

??? (Bastet Cultist): "——Please wait! Please return the stolen fragment! If you say you won't return it... Then go forth, all of you!!"

???: (Black Kitty): "... Heh, for you to even control the monsters. As expected of just a piece of the 'cursed gem'. ... Well, it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't like that."

Anna: "——Over there...!? Prince, a woman appears to be chased by monsters! Also in the distance there's what I believe to be the one controlling the monsters!"

Zaram: "One who controls monsters... With that garb, there's no doubt. It appears she's a member of the cult of Bastet."

Katie: "I don't understand the reason she's being attacked, but there's no reason for us to just ignore her. You, over there, come this way, quickly!"

??? (Black Kitty): "Mya? Could that be the Prince army...? ... Hmmm, isn't this interesting?"

??? (Black Kitty): "I was getting a lil bored with these easy pickings. Guess I'll use this opportunity to play with you a bit."


??? (Bastet Cultist): "Kuh... Friends of that thief? ... Seems we should withdraw from here."

Anna: "——It appears the one that was controlling the monsters has left. ... Umm, are you alright?"

Saval: "Nyahaha, I guess you were a help for the time being? Thanks, you have my gratitude. I'm Saval, and as you can see, I'm a beastman."

Katie: "Saval-san, you say? What are you doing in a place like this? Why in the world were they chasing you?"

Saval: "Nyahaha. For me to be saved by people who don't even know the situation, you really are a party of softhearted people like the rumours suggest... Who knows when the rug will be pulled from under your legs."

Saval: "However, my bag is quite loaded. So I need to sort it out a bit... Oh, the sword I got earlier, I guess it'll serve as a sign of my gratitude, but will you accept it?"

Anna: "Haa. If that's the case, then...! This, isn't this Asar-san's sword!?"

Asar: "No way, if it's my sword, it's right here...!? It's gone, my sword's missing!!"

Zaram: "Nu!? My sword has also vanished!?"

Saval: "Honestly, even though you're skilled, you really have weak defences. It's like your defencelessness is begging me to steal from you."

Saval: "... Well, it's not my principle to steal without a letter of notice. I'll properly return what I just stole, so please rest assured."

Katie: "... What were you trying to get across?"

Saval: "... I'm the greatest phantom thief in the world, Saval-sama. I can tell without asking about you that you're those from the Prince's army."

Saval: "I tested you up close in the prior battle. I can tell you're skilled... I have a favour to ask with full confidence in your skills. How about it, will you lend me your strength?"

Saval Introduction

"——First off, thanks for listening to my story. I'll go ahead and introduce myself once again. I'm Saval, as you can see, I'm a phantom thief."

"As the present head of an ancient phantom thief family of honourable origin who've been in the phantom thief business for generations, I hope you don't take me too lightly just because I'm small."

"The fact of the matter is that I want to request the help of the Prince and the others. I thought why not ask you to help me a little in my work."

"I can imagine the reason the Prince and the others were there. I assume you're following the movements of those who believe in Bastet, right?"

"There's no way the unrivaled Prince army would go ahead and ignore that cult when they're making such suspicious movements."

"The fellows that were chasing me earlier were from the very clan that worships Bastet. It seems they're currently gathering 'these'."

"... The 'Cursed Gem', in return for granting the bearer immense power, they'll continue to devour their soul. The great hidden treasure of the pyramid had that curse placed upon it, and these are its pieces."

"It seems it had been shattered apart over a long period of time, but even in its fragmented state, the power of that curse is still active."

"As for why the cult that worships Bastet are fervently seeking them out, I have a pretty clear picture. ... Yes, it's the revival of Bastet."

"I don't know what kind of fellow this Bastet is, but for it to be resurrected through the power of the curse, nothing good could come from it. Is this a problem that the Prince and the others can ignore?"

"I am a phantom thief, so I need to have an eye in what is a valuable tool. My aim is also a piece of that treasure.. I believe my interests align with the Prince and his allies."

"Prince, will you work with me to gather the 'pieces of the cursed gem'?"

Cursed Gem that Devours Life

Anna: "For Saval-san to be the daughter of a great phantom thief that once caused an uproar in the kingdom...... I'm surprised."

Katie: "Despite never failing to send an advance notice before stealing, he's an elusive phantom thief that always manages to steal his targeted prey while slipping through the tight security without being spotted."

Katie: "A phantasmagoric master of disguise that keeps turning up when and where he's least expected. Agile in body like a cat, he has come to be called Phantom Thief Black Cat."

Saval: "He's my father and master, so it's natural that he's amazing. Well, I don't intend to lose to him, though."

Anna: "Your stealing technique earlier was impressive. However, you shouldn't misuse it, OK?"

Saval: "Nyahaha. I'm a phantom thief, you're asking for the moon. ... Oh, looks like we have a guest."

Soldier: "——Report! A horde of monsters are approaching from up ahead!"

Katie: "All units, prepare for battle!"

Mitra: "... Mu? Watch out. I feel the power of some strong curse. This presence... Is it the power of the cursed gem?"

Saval: "It must be coming from the pyramid. The monsters holding the fragments will have greater strength than usual, but in return it will sap away their souls until they eventually collapse."

Saval: "Whatever you do, don't take them lightly, Prince."


Saval: "Found one. There's no mistake, a piece of the cursed gem."

Anna: "So the monsters came from the pyramid?"

Katie: "Monsters are pouring out... Something must be happening inside the pyramid."

Saval: "Earlier I sent an advance notice that 'I'm taking the cursed gem slumbering within the pyramid'. I wonder if the Bastet cultists are seeking out the pieces in a hurry now."

Katie: "... You sent them an advance notice?"

Anna: "... Why in the world would you do that?"

Saval: "Isn't it obvious? Merely stealing would make me a lowly thief. Stealing under difficult conditions, there lies the aesthetics of thievery. Leaving an advance notice is the way of a phantom thief!"

Anna: "I see... When you put it like that, I guess that makes sense."

Saval: "Nyahaha, your understanding saves me the trouble. Now then, up ahead is the pyramid where the cursed gem slumbers. There's no time for dilly-dallying, so let's hurry onward!"

Blocked Pyramid

Saval: "Now then, the pyramid is this way... Oopsie?"

(mummies appear)

Anna: "That's... It's like the monsters are blocking the entrance to the pyramid..."

Saval: "It appears there's also power in the cursed gem's fragments to control the mummies. So they're having them act as gatekeepers?"

Saval: "Now then, that tight security. How shall I slip through it...?"

Katie: "... Everyone, are you ready? By my signal, we'll crush the enemy all at once."

Soldier: "Hah! Preparations are already complete!! We're awaiting your signal!"

Katie: "Understood, then..."

Saval: "Wa, wa, wait a minute. After all, wouldn't breaking through that security be reckless?"

Katie: "However, if the enemy has already infiltrated the interior, then we don't have time to take it slow."

Saval: "Honestly, they say more haste, the less speed. When you grow impatient, you calm down and cut your way through the enemy to steal——"

Soldier: "——R, report! The monsters appear to have noticed us! They're heading this way!!"

Saval: "... Were we late?"

Katie: "All hands, prepare for battle! ... It looks like there's also an unfamiliar monster. Is that a beastman mummy?"

Anna: "The weapon that beastman mummy is holding looks like it could easily attack a wide area. Whatever you do, please be careful, Prince."


Soldier: "——R, report! A great number of enemy reinforcements have appeared from the pyramid's interior! The numbers are many times greater than earlier!"

Mortimer: "Hmph, one after another, there's no end to 'em!"

Katie: "Kuh... A frontal breakthrough would be difficult...!"

Saval "——Everyone, this way! Hurry!!"

Anna: "Saval-san, where in the world are you going?"

Saval: "I found a back path that leads to the pyramid's interior. The security over on that side looks to be undermanned!"

Anna: "Thank you very much, Saval-san! Please lead the way!"

Path to Pyramid

Saval: "——The entrance to the pyramid is this way! Hurry...!!"

Anna: "Even in this place, there's a multitude of monsters..."

Saval: "They weren't there before... ... I see, so they're following the presence of the pieces."

Katie: "So as long as they detect our fragments, we'll be noticed by the monsters?"

Saval: "Well, since the enemy's after the pieces..."

Anna: "Saval-san, take the fragments somewhere...!"

Saval: "I'll act as bait and attract them. Everyone, please take care of the remaining enemies."

Katie: "However, that would put you in danger, Saval-san!"

Saval: "Like I'll be caught by those kinds of monsters; it would disgrace my name as a great phantom thief... Well then, I'll leave the enemies at the entrance to you!"

Katie: "She's gone... However, it looks like most of the monsters have chased after Saval-san."

Anna: "Yes. We can't waste this opportunity Saval-san created for us. Prince, let's secure a path into the pyramid!"


Katie: "We secured the entrance for the time being. All that's left is to wait for Saval-san to return."

Anna: "Saval-san, please be safe..."

Saval: "——... Honestly, you worry too much."

Anna: "Saval-san!"

Katie: "Thank goodness... You were safe. It must've been troublesome to elude that amount of monsters."

Saval: "There's no way I would be caught by a slothful bunch like that."

Anna: "That may be true, but... But please promise me that you won't do anything reckless like that from now on. Prince was also worried. Right, Prince?"

Prince: "... (Nod)."

Saval: "I told you there's no need to worry... Hey, don't stroke my head! D, don't scratch my ears... Fumya."

Anna: "... Fumya?"

Saval: "... *C, cough*. Nothing. In any case, there's no need to worry about me."

Anna: "Is that so...? However, I was glad more than anything to have you return to us safely. With this, the path to the pyramid has been opened."

Katie: "Something's definitely going on inside. ... We must proceed with caution."

Saval: "I scattered the enemies from earlier quite far. They shouldn't be coming back anytime soon, so I think we'll be fine even if we were to take a short rest now."

Anna: "Thank you very much, Saval-san. Prince, shall we take a short break before entering the pyramid? That was good work."

Youma Queen's Joint Battle Art

Goblin Doctor: "O, over here are the aforementioned things that you desired. Prin... Queen Eldest-sama."

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Heeh... These are fragments of the cursed gem, eh? Fufu, they're quite lovely, are they not? Does it look good on me"

Goblin Queen Second: "If it's Onee-sama, not only these things, but any kind of gem would surely look good on you. You must also think so, Third!"

Goblin Queen Third: "Yes, there is no doubt! If it's my Onee-samas, of course any kind of gem would complement them!"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Fufu, you're both so honest. Goblin Doctor, you've also done well to obtain these. If there's anything you desire, then please say it, OK?"

Goblin Doctor: "R, really!? I, in that case, there's a weapon that I want to create by all means, but the budget for it is——"

Goblin Queen: "——That's what I thought, but earlier you called me princess."

Goblin Queen: "I've told you many times. Now that Okaa-sama has passed away, we're the queens. It nettles me to always be thought of as a princess. So earlier doesn't count... Ufufu."

Goblin Doctor: "N, no waaay..."

Goblin Queen Second: "As expected of Onee-sama. Goblin Doctor's deplorably depressed face is unbearable."

Goblin Queen Third: "Indeed, that's what they call carrot and stick. ... I'll also do my best to learn it!"

Anna: "——Prince, the direction the goblins that were carrying the pieces of the cursed gem were headed seems to be this way... What's that!?"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Ara araa. If it isn't the Prince. Perfect timing, with these cursed gem fragments, this is a good opportunity to show the power of our sisterly bonds... We'll begin with Third!"

Goblin Queen Third: "Yes, Onee-sama! First, I'll cast healing magic on everyone...! With this, we have nothing to fear from the gem's curse! ... Second Onee-sama!"

Goblin Queen Second: "For Third, you've done quite well. Next I'll sap away the Prince and his army's resistance to magic... There. ... Onee-sama!"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Well done, you two. Lastly, if I pull up the strength of the entire goblin army... Ufufu. Such a perfect formation. I shall call it——"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "'Triangle Formation'... Now then, please prepare yourselves, we shall show you hell."

Anna: "The goblin army looks like it's strengthened its coordination somehow. ... First, it would be a good plan to disrupt that coordination. Prince, please give your orders with care."

[While Goblin Queen Eldest is present, enemy attack up. While Goblin Queen Second is present, ally Magic Resist down. While Goblin Queen Third is present, enemy HP regenerates.]


Goblin Queen Third: "Kyaa!"

Goblin Queen Second: "What are you doing, Third!?"

Katie: "We've broken their formation... Now's our chance!"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "So it's not as perfect as I once thought. ... Can't be helped, goblin soldiers!"

Goblin: "Gyagya!"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Until we flee, you are to hold them back. ... Of course, you are to fend for yourselves. If you scamp on your duties, you'll be killed later."

Goblin: "Gyagya—! Don't want die! Don't want die! Risk life! Risk life!"

Katie: "Guh... Using your allies to hold us back. How barbaric...!"

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Ufufu, please say what you wish. ... Now then, sisters, let's return home."

Goblin Queen Second: "You insolent humans... Please remember this!"

Goblin Queen Third: "If only I didn't fail... I'll make a much more perfect formation next time..."

Goblin Queen Eldest: "Yeah, next time we'll definitely win. Please prepare yourselves, humans."

Katie: "—... So they've escaped? The 'Triangle Formation' is a fearsome joint attack."

Anna: "Yes... The goblins also seem to be learning new powers."

Katie: "We also must not lose. As soon as we return to the country, I'll devise a new special training menu to strengthen the coordination of our allies through additional training."

Anna: "Yes, Katie-san. Please look after us! ... Now then, Prince, shall we return home. That was great work."

Cursed Prince Army

Mortimer: "Hmph... I came with since I thought we might find treasure, yet what the bloody hell's with this damp cave?"

Ricardo: "But aren't the gem fragments the Prince and the others seeking cursed items that strengthen the bearer by consuming their souls?"

Ricardo: "Well, there's no way my perfect self would be cursed by some gem—"

Mortimer: "—Uohh! What's this treasure chest!? Looks like there must be some great treasure inside!"

Roy: "M, Mortimer-dono. Not so hasty. A curse could activate as soon as you open a suspicious treasure chest like that, so——"

Mortimer: "GuoOOOH! Wh, what the bloody hell!? When I looked at the treasure... Before my eyes, pure red..."

Ricardo: "Wha—you opened the treasure chest!? ... Ugh... My body, won't listen to what I say...!"

Mortimer: "Uh... GuOOOOOoOOOOOOhhh!!!"

Anna: "——hh! Everyone that went inside are running towards us with their weapons drawn! Could it be the curse of the gem pieces...?"

Katie: "For the time being, let's fight back! They might return to their better senses."


Roy: "Haahh, haahh... D, disgraceful... For me to lose my senses, in addition to bringing harm to my allies..."

Ricardo: "Uugh... It is such a shame. I thought my caution against curses was perfect."

Katie: "Haa... There's no use blaming you for what's been done, but please refrain from reckless behaviour."

Mortimer: "Right, right! Hmph, this's what I get for working with amateurs."

Anna: "... Mortimer-san, you're ignoring the fact that you're the culprit?"

Mortimer: "Wh, what're you saying? I, Mortimer-sama, the greatest bandit under the heavens would never touch some cursed treasure——"

Ricardo: "... While you say that, isn't a piece of the gem that was in the treasure chest earlier in your pocket?"

Mortimer: "Owowowoww! F, fine, I'll return it, I'll return it! I said I'll return it, so stop pointing yer sword at me!"

Anna: "... Putting aside Mortimer-san's bad habits, it's a fact that the clan that worships

Bastet needs to gather the gem pieces."

Anna: "Let's hurry and collect the cursed gem pieces so they can't use the power of the cursed pieces and resurrect Bastet!"

Pyramid Infiltration

Saval: "Everyone, hurry and come! We have to snatch the curse gem pieces before the pursuers arrive! ——Eh, oya? Someone's coming this way...?"

??? (Bastet Cultist): "Muh! You're the ones from back then...!"

Saval: "Snap! I let down my guard! Everyone, let's retreat for the time being!"

???: "I won't let you get away! All of you, after them! Dispose of the fools that interfere in our god's revival!"

Julian: "Shit, we're surrounded! Damned Bastet worshippers... Looks like there's monsters being controlled by the cursed gem's power."

???: "I'll perform the ceremony for Bastet-sama's revival! You faithful, in the meanwhile, please buy us time! Come, now is the time our beliefs are put to the test!"

Katie: "Revival ceremony...? The preparations to resurrect Bastet-kami are already completed!?"

Anna: "I won't let it happen! Prince, let's break through the enemies' encirclement and do whatever it takes to put a stop to the revival ceremony!"

(beastman mummies appear)

Bashira: "——Hiii!? An enemy came out of the sarcophagi!"

Katie: "Please watch yourselves! It appears mummies are appearing from the sarcophagi with the opened lids!"


???: "Wha... To overcome such a disadvantageous position! You, who are you...?"

???: "... No, it doesn't matter who you are; it's too late. The revival ceremony of Bastet-sama is already complete."

Saval: "No way...! So we didn't make it in time?"

???: "Fufu... She'll be awake soon enough. The sin for interfering with the second coming of god, you shall pay for it with your blood."

Decisive Battle in the Royal Crypt

Bastet: "........."

Saval: "What the heck... It's not like I didn't believe it, but they really did resurrect her with the power of the cursed gem."

Anna: "That's the resurrected Bastet... I heard she's a god, but somehow she looks cattish, like a beastman."

Zaram: "... I believe that's not a god in the true sense."

Zaram: "There was once a country of beastmen that boasted their prosperity in this land. The queen that ruled that country possessed tremendous power and they believed her to be a god, so they say that's what started the Bastet cult."

???: "Wh... What did you say!? Casting doubt on god... Unforgivable!"

???: "Bastet-sama, please give these filthy infidels the judgment of god! Eternal damnation to the foolish sinners!"

Bastet (speaks unnaturally): "... Faaa... Noisy little girl. Do not order me self-importantly."

???: "——Bastet-sama!? I... I'm terribly sorry!"

Bastet: "... However, I shall appraise your meritorious deed of awakening me from my eternal slumber... As you wish, I shall eradicate the rats before my eyes!"

Katie: "——They're coming! Prince, let's repel them at full strength!"


Bastet: "Gufu... Wh, what is this...? My strength is waning..."

???: "B, Bastet-sama!? No way... Don't tell me the resurrection ceremony was a failure?"

Saval: "We've taken most of the gem pieces. She must've been resurrected in an incomplete state."

???: "Kuh... Curse you! We shall absolutely get our revenge on you someday!"

???: "There should be other ways to resurrect Bastet-sama...! All members——retreat!"

Julian: "... Cheh, they escaped while holding Bastet. This pyramid is their yard. I don't think we can hope to pursue them."

Katie: "However, it won't be possible for them to resurrect Basetet while she's in that state. It's our victory."

Anna: "Saval-san, thank you very much for your help on this occasion."

Saval: "Nyahaha, it's fine, it's fine. Besides, the one that needs to give you their thanks is me."

Saval: "At first, I wasn't thinking of anything but using you as a means to brilliantly steal the great hidden treasure."

Saval: "But by working with the Prince and the others on this occasion, I had an incomprehensible experience where stealing for myself has led to working for the general good."

Saval: "I've been working as a phantom thief for so long, this is the first time I was in this good of a mood!"

Saval: "... Thanks, everyone. Also, if it's alright, I was wondering if you would let me work with you after this as well?"

Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Saval: "Nyahaha, as expected of the Prince, good answer~♪"

Saval: "If you have the greatest phantom thief below the heavens, Saval-sama, with you, the day you steal back peace from the monsters won't be far off either!"

Great Phantom Thief Prancing through the Dark Night

Saval: "Nyahahahah! Oni-san, over here~!"

Seven: "Damnit—! Wait up, you damned thieving cat!"

Anna: "We heard the report, so we tried rushing over... Everyone, what in the world is this ruckus about!?"

Seven: "Can't you see? I'm trying to catch that cheeky thieving cat called Saval!"

Seven: "Do something about phantom thief Saval! She sent some letter saying she's gonna steal my territory... Are you kidding me!?"

Ur: "For that reason, we monks who are confident in our speed and the ninjas that came to the kingdom on their mission are working together on a capture Saval plan!"

Katie: "Please stop this ruckus at once. We'll receive complaints from the nearby residents."

Nagi: "I refuse. Even if it's an order from the Prince, for me to ignore a villain trying to steal my lord's territory, my convictions as a ninja won't permit it."

Saval: "Nyahahah, if you say that, then hurry up and try and catch me. Well, I doubt there's anyone that can keep up with the speed of I, Saval-sama, the greatest phantom thief under the heavens."

Saki: "Kuu~~h, she's getting on my nerves! Please wait, Saval! I'll catch you and put a huge cat bell on that neck of yours!"

Anna: "... It looks like we have no choice but to stop her through force. Prince, let's suppress those that are causing a commotion and, if we have a chance, catch Saval-san."

Katie: "Our opponents are composed entirely of those who are skilled at mobility. If you're careless, they'll slip past you. Give your orders with haste."

(Saval appears)

Dan: "Guohh!? Wh, what... My body suddenly feels numb...!"

Saval: "On myyy~, since you're more stubborn than I anticipated, I thought I would numb some of you."

Saval: "Rest assured, I'm only numbing you a little. Also, it won't paralyse you unless you're foolish enough to get hit by my throwing knives multiple times."


Gina: "Haah, haah... A—ah, I wasn't able to catch her in the end... As expected of the greatest phantom thief under the heavens, she's top notch at running away."

Prince: "........."

Saval: "——Nyahaha. I got caught, huh? As expected of the Prince, you could read my movements."

Katie: "... Wha!? Prince, when did you catch Saval-san?"

Saval: "Weeell, in any case, you're amazing. Even when those who're confident in their speed formed a group, they couldn't hope to capture me, yet..."

Saval: "The moment the Prince and the others came, this result. Your leadership, I sincerely respect... Prince. Mm... Fumyaa~♪ Surisurisurisuri~...♪"

Anna: "W, wait, Saval-san! Will you not rub up against the Prince?"

Saval: "Mm~? What're you saying? The one that hugged me first is the Prince, Annya?"

Anna: "I'm Anna!"

Saval: "———Huh, is that so? Well, it's a small detail, so isn't it OK? Fufuh... Surisurisurisuri~...♪"

Anna: "... Geez. You were running around just because you wanted to let the Prince catch you so you can hug him, didn't you?"

Anna: "Prince, you too, please don't spoil Saval-san too much, OK? ... Well then, let's return to the castle soon."

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