Dextrous Soldier Hashim

Male Bronze Junior Soldier

Hashim Render

Jyukuren Hei Hashimu
Art: Sally

Dextrous Soldier Hashim is a bronze soldier.

Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Hashim Icon
Lv1 727 160 103 0 2 6 4 N/A N/A Veteran's
Lv40 968 229 143

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Veteran's Teachings
(edit info)
During unit combination, the same-class-bonus will be added to the EXP gained, regardless of the classes involved.
Hashim Icon
Yojiro Icon
Gaga Icon
Zenmel Icon
  • Bronze fodder grants an additional 30 EXP to units of the same class.

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Junior Soldier Can block up to 2 enemies
Soldier Chief
Can block up to 3 enemies
Elite Soldier
  • Faster Attack Speed than a Soldier Chief.

Gallery Edit

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