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  • Upcoming Updates Info :

    Co-op changes

    • Solo co-op to be introduced
    • All the N/H stages are getting revamped. They're cutting down on the total number of stages and removing rarely played missions. This way people can get to Pandemonium faster.
    • New methods to find the mission you actually want to play.
    • Everyone will now have the same daily missions, so make it easier to complete dailies.
    • HALF POT DROP RATE CHANGE - now will drop more frequently in Red Chests
    • New Pandemonium Stages will be released. You will need to do these new stages in order to do the final upgrade for Class Champion Weapons.

    Description of new EX Classes


    • Focus on multiattack up
    • Multiattacking increases your dodge rate


    • Creates robots to fight for you who will be 5th party member

    Guild War

    • Group C expanded from top 9k to top 10k crews. No change to Group A or B.
    • Increased badges from Group A loss and Group B win/loss will be implemented (this is old news)

    New EMP skills!

    All the Grand Series Limited characters get the individual EMP skills.

    • Rackam
    • Sturm
    • Katalina
    • Drang
    • Eugen
    • Mahira
    • Rosetta
    • Lecia
    • Io
    • Lucio
    • Orchid
    • Black Knight




    • Single player dungeon crawler style content (?)
    • At the end of each mission you get items which will let you craft the new special Summons
    • Will require you to complete up to certain point in the story (at minimum meeting Monika)
    • Implied that this will be a daily quest sort of thing and you do a little bit evey day?

    Five Flowers of Fate (old news... ish?)

    We know that the rerun is coming, but the text here confirms that new items are being added to the Treasure Store. Seems to confirm the images of Wind Urns and Single Draw Tickers in the current event preview are not a mistake.

    Xeno Sagi (old news)

    It's coming, and the Xeno Weapon is a Spear. Goodbye Seiryuu Spear (maybe). Urgh. I'm going to have to update Wind 101 again too... I'm so lazy...

    Event and stuff

    • Anime event to be held 15 October with several seiyuus showing up including Yuki Ono, Hisako Kanemoto, Nao Tomoya, Emiri Kato, etc. Details will be posted soon here
    • New merchandise avaliable in Cystore
    • Cygames will be at the Animate Fesitval on 3-4 November in Ikebukuro
    • Yuel & Socie character CD will come with 2 exclusive Stickers. You can hear a sample of the chara song here
    • Buying Shingeki no Bahamut DVD will give you an SSR Nina character as the bonus
    • Anime DVD/BD bonus skin from Volume 6 and 7 will be voiced
    • Io character weapon getting FLB this month
    • Two new side events being added
    • New Stickers being added to the Sticker pool
    • Voiced stickers - Djeeta Phalanx is apparently going to be one of the first

    TL'd by TLMoonBear from reddit.

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    • ^

      4 Draw ticket.. and an SSR outside of Legfest.

      Hmmm, how much did I spent during my Sparking again?

      a Friggin 50 Ticket and 0 SSR, or rather I only got 4 SR with that.

      • beep* *Bleeep* *Bleep* [*sounds of cursing the world]


      Mine still at 800k-1.4M DMG, my Earth grid still need a lot of Improvement.Well it can Solo NM 90 now, so it's decent I guess.

      My first UnF where I can Solo NM 90. Yaaay for progress~

      btw you can also Use the Idol with clarity on her, it'll saves you MC skill slot.Baal summons also works if you can find them.

      - for EMP, I'm slime blasting for half of last Magnafest probably ? and Sarasa is basically in a permanent spot on the Team.

      for Comparison,

      Before Magnafest : My Rank 112, Sarasa EMP lvl 3

      After Magnafest   : My Rank 131 , Sarasa EMP lvl 39

      doing 2 hrs of Co-Op Slime for about 5 or 6 Days I think?


      Everyones are Craaaazy~,

      I'm on 6M and on the 3rd Box. That 1st Box shanenigans force me to go all the way to 15M it seems.

      Oh well might as well...



      Yeah, Karma goes around.

      I did SS the team when there's lot of leecher and it fail me the Raid, Print them out, nail them on a tree somewhere, and hitting them while chanting some curses!! heh..heh..heh~ (*creepy laughter).


      For Everyones that Aiming for Individual Ranking,

      Here's last UnF Result for Comparison or you can check them on HERE.Just type the nickname / First Letter but it wont display anyone outside 80.000 Rank.

      - 80.000 Rank [ around 28M ]

      and, just a remainder This GW seems the threshold are gonna be Higher.

      I'll pass doing this until I can do NM 90 in less than 5 minutes.


      It's not because I dont have any worthy summon to use Sunlight stones for anyway, yup definitely not because of that.

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    • 28milion ? i'm struggling with 15milion(i'm barely at 6milion) guess i will only do UnF seriously next year....
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What is that on the Sky!?

    - Is that a Plane?

    - Is it a Bird?

    - No, It's "OH MY BAHAMUT!!"

    Ultimate Bahamut, Coming Soon @ 28/7

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