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    1/31 - 2/8 Auld Lanxiety

    2/9 - 2/14 Fenrir & Cerberus Showdown

    2/11 - 2/21 My First Valentine (Valentine 2015 Rerun)

    2/14 - 2/21 Dark Advantage GW

    2/22 - 2/27 What Makes The Sky Blue? Rerun

    2/28 - 3/11 New Scenario Event (What Makes the Sky Blue 2)

    When everyones think that the Game had enough salt already~ than during this month!!

    The whole World is coming to Salt all you single out there!!~

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    • yeah for some reasons we're also ended up on Tier A,Maybe the recent Fenrir rerun and last UnF eats lots of people stock of pots esp when there's no Magnafest around to refill.

      too bad the timing's is Off and I cant participate on most of the Final Day and missing out on 50 easy badge's.

      most Tier A crew never bother getting the Lose Badge tho' ,them lazy leech...


      &; I got fu**'d big time on Day 4th,

      >just got back from a long trip [1000km loooong trip]... planning to take it easy and farm some easy token from NM 100 on ST...

      >Go to crew Page..., they were Racing...

      >Ended up doing 3 hrs worth of Grinding...


      F*** this sh**, I'm going to leech next GW and no one can stop me from doing it!!!!

      -Done with my 2nd Eternals today


      and... out of pots to farm for the next 40 box...

      farming those 500 White scale alone cost 150 pots
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    • waiting free chocho bar and some free stuff on aniv

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • BIGGEST! SALT! Thread with Daily swearing,gloom,doom,with a pinch of Despair!!!


    New Year's Holiday Campaign
    December 21st 2017 ~ January 4th 2018

    Daily Roulette for 10 draws
    Every day you will get to play a roulette which determine how many 10-rolls u can get up to 10x10 Draw.
    ・Free daily 200 crystal
    ・1.5x RP and EXP (coop on 28th-4th)
    ・Magnafest, Coopfest & Extrafest
    ・x1.2 Pendant drop + x2 Pendant cap
    ・1/2 mats consumed for raid hosting
    ・All Element and Showdown Trial will shown everyday

    ・Journey Drop effect doubled
    ・Received 2 Arcarum Ticket daily
    ・Login lottery

    Let the Countdown to Despair Start's in 18 hrs~


    PS : If you want some free +stone's, roll before they update the gacha's on 22nd 5.00 pm JST.

    20+ mark guaranteed~
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