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    "Conan Kill's Thread" Editions~

    - Haibara best Girl

    GBF April updates;

    TL credit azurekaito15from reddit

    • April’s side stories will be the Scattering Magic event and the Side M collab
    • The finale of the Nalhegrande arc will be three chapters and go live on April 19th.
    • gw change;
    • more bonuses for honor are being added, from 15 million points up to 100 million points.
    • Tier A rewards are being increased by 10 valor badges, win or lose if you reach 1 billion crew honor point. They are also adding Intricacy Rings for winners and Lineage Rings for losers.
    • An extra RP and XP bonus will be awarded for soloing Nightmare bosses. The bonus award will not be affected by journey drops or promotions.
    • they’re adding a 1 valor badge set to the store, which will award 100 tokens and be buyable up to 10 times.
    • They’re also going to list the top 100 crews for each day of Unite and Fight, which will not provide any extra bonuses for the crews listed.

    A rank crews will display the top 10 players, up from 3.

    • emp support skill;
    • SSR: Charioce XVII, Therese, Valentine’s Medusa, Zooey.
    • SR: Karva, Halloween Mimlemel, Karteira, Mirin, Ezecrain, Sophia, Christmas Feena, Vania
    • 100 gold moon weapons will receive their 4th star in April, with new and expanded skills planned.
    • The rotating slime quest is getting significant buffs, with adjustments to slime defense, buffs to RP and XP, raised encounter rates for rare slimes, and half elixirs added to the Slime Swarm drop rate.
    • boost to drop rates for creeds and class distinctions. Normal and Hard will see increased drop rates for creeds, while Extreme 1 through 4 will have higher creed drops and class distinction drops.
    • hard+ battle is unlock after clearing HL version of the raid(this is the 3 hard in 1 battle)(choosing either Hard or Hard+ will lock out the other difficulty for the day)
    • The quest results screen will add a “repeat quest” button.
    • the call for backup button will have a 5 minute lockout, down from 10 minutes.
    • new options for filtering coop raid lobbies are coming, allowing filters by difficulty, player count, and repeating status.
    • The inventory, party, and upgrade screens are getting an overhaul, allowing filtering for angel materials, fury pebbles, and mirages. Other filters will be added too.
    • Rusted weapons are being removed from recommended upgrade materials.
    • The upgrade screen is getting new functionality, with new animations.
    • They’re allowing players one more take-back on accidentally reducing or foddering weapons by contacting Cygames support.

    We're also getting 101 DRAWS  EVERYDAY

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    • You bois are rly out of My league......

      Could only deal 13,9M-14,1M on turn 1. Another suck UnF for Me~ Feelsbadman....

      As for Anime , I only watch the continuation of previous season

      Like Grancrest etc. For new season I watch Re:Tokyo Ghoul - Wotaku blablabla something - Comic Girls - FMP (sadly I forgot all the story , will be pending until I DL all the previous to refresh My memory. After UnF I guess) perhaps Hentai Food Soma.

      I don't like Tokyo Ghould end , and did not read manga. I hope this one will have good end~

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    • ^

      Yea stopped reading the Tokyo Ghoul after that stupid end...

      I dont really hate "Amnesia arc", but for thokyo ghoul RE...

      rather than an Arc it's the fu**** theme itselves, just like TLR Darkness...


      -will only watching FMP if it's an alternate Universe where Telessa is the 'winner' of Sousuke bowl!

      - I'm done with my half of my objectives this UnF...

      the other one is getting 20-24? boxes for Sarasa 5* ( I was thinking of getting 39 box... but I wont have enough Silver centrum anyway... and it'll take at least 1 month to farm 14 of host materials ... so scratch that...).

      and the Irony of getting 5* Light GW charr and can't use her because;

      >do not have time to farm lvl to 100's

      >her MA rate is fu*** sh**..., no wonder she's branded as "One hit Queen" on Magna grid... she literally hit only 'once' FFS...

      Comfy GW for me despite saying Light is sh**, I can finish Ex+ within 30-35s faster than previous GW...

      and hurray for "Play Again" buttons

      Still having lag on ST so.. meh I'll just finish everything on the morning shift~

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 1519806327896

    This time 1 Year ago, I was jumping in Joy for getting my 1st SSR from free pull.

    >It's Dark Bea, GBF lucklet mascots... little did I know that It was a Flag of me being fated to be a lucklet.

    2 Days latter a newbie player showing his 3 SSR draw,and says

    >Is this a Good Draw?What's the chance of getting SSR character?

    and another one getting 3 SSR draw not long after... and says

    >Oh I got 3 SSR, Is SSR the highest rarity? ir is it just a mediocre "Trash"...




    They arent doing that on purpose right!!?

    It looks like the Insider info isnt totally wrong after all~

    it's an Anniversary Countdown until the 10th

    of which we're going to  get;

    >1 free SR/SSR [80%/20%] ticket every day?

    >Magnafest in a few hrs

    >and Everyones favourites!!!!


    1 Draw...


    >>>>2 more Day's<<<<

    Until Streaming Freebies~

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    • I'm thinking on my light, i dropped the idea of running Nekomancer in favor of running Glorybringer with Atma Sword, i have the team for it...

      4x Lumi sword, 1-3 Meta Bow, Atma Sword, Xeno Sword, Ridill as MH

      From the list i already have 4x Lumi sword, Ridill and Xeno Sword, gotta get those Meta bows :/

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    • ^

      Yeah Neko really needs spesific line up and some end game weapons to fill the grids,

      Even with Neko buff's, Juliet with 66% DA ( on paper ) still do Single Attack from time to times

      and when I decided to replace her with a staff prof character...


      well I guess she wont be leaving the lines up for a long while...

      -still kinda awkward with the nyew Neko mewta setup, but the results so far is promising...



      Yeah, I'm also burn out with this "a month full" Magnafest myself...

      kinda tired and going to rest for a long long while from grinding. I've pretty much already acomplished all my Objectives anyway;

      > Finished UBHL grid

      > 2nd Ultima Weapon

      > All Magna Summon FLB

      > fix all my Grid ( water still kinda sh** ) & integrate with the new Magna II Meta

      all it's left is 5* both Sarasa and Song which is going to need 4 UnF, still a long way ahead...

      I'm Finally Free~

      gonna go back and watch my anime back log too, and reading old WN etc...

      New thread below>

      >>>>>>>> April New DED Thread <<<<<<<<<

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  • 1516378747535
    1/31 - 2/8 Auld Lanxiety

    2/9 - 2/14 Fenrir & Cerberus Showdown

    2/11 - 2/21 My First Valentine (Valentine 2015 Rerun)

    2/14 - 2/21 Dark Advantage GW

    2/22 - 2/27 What Makes The Sky Blue? Rerun

    2/28 - 3/11 New Scenario Event (What Makes the Sky Blue 2)

    When everyones think that the Game had enough salt already~ than during this month!!

    The whole World is coming to Salt all you single out there!!~

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    • -You probably had some experience with other RPGs, GBF healers are reserved towards the most difficult raids, the ones you can probably do doesnt demand heal(it makes easier but the time you take gets longer as well), you can make do with green pots(if you have a crew), and blue pots....

      -I would recomend go for the main wheel element, but since you didn't posted anything like your characters and summon... no idea on how to advise...

      -Dark and Light are strongly not recomended unless you had good luck on gatcha and got their core characters, for light is the same reason as dark: both bossses are hard to kill for starters, they don't have SR weapons to fill while you don't get SSR ones and the SSR ones have abysmal drop rate...

      -But if you really want to.. i do recomend starting farming tomorrow after the half festa starts(cost for joining raids/hosting cut by half)

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    • Welcome to the sh** House~



      We've got a new Kouhai to bully guys~

      March DED Thread is up~

      >>>CLICK Here for Anniversary DED Thread<<<

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • BIGGEST! SALT! Thread with Daily swearing,gloom,doom,with a pinch of Despair!!!


    New Year's Holiday Campaign
    December 21st 2017 ~ January 4th 2018

    Daily Roulette for 10 draws
    Every day you will get to play a roulette which determine how many 10-rolls u can get up to 10x10 Draw.
    ・Free daily 200 crystal
    ・1.5x RP and EXP (coop on 28th-4th)
    ・Magnafest, Coopfest & Extrafest
    ・x1.2 Pendant drop + x2 Pendant cap
    ・1/2 mats consumed for raid hosting
    ・All Element and Showdown Trial will shown everyday

    ・Journey Drop effect doubled
    ・Received 2 Arcarum Ticket daily
    ・Login lottery

    Let the Countdown to Despair Start's in 18 hrs~


    PS : If you want some free +stone's, roll before they update the gacha's on 22nd 5.00 pm JST.

    20+ mark guaranteed~
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