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  • Before going for 1M /hrs Casino chips doing poker ,make sure you have at least 200 K chips otherwise thing's gonna get ugly.
    If you participate during the B'day raid event and current event you should have at least 150K so that should be enough cushions for starter.

    Never do Bingo before you have at least 6-7 M.People who play Bingo ussually aiming for "Super Bingo" which gives Deposit x 700 rewards.But that's rare, and unless you play Bingo regularly you'll probably wont see any "Super Bingo" for a lifetime.
    Otherwise the Cash return vs the Time you use to Play are hardly worth it.
    It's still addicting tho... for some strange reasons @_@.

    Now For the Tips

    step 1. Go to Poker

    step 2. Make sure you have at least 200k chips.

    step 3. Choose 1000 bet. If you dont have at least 200k , pick the 100 bet andp lay until you have 200k

    step 4. choose the 2 cards system

    The Poker here has 2 Phase,

    Phase 1> the ussual "Poker" with self explanatory systems.
    Phase 2> Double Up, where we guess the next card either "High" or "Low".

    Tips for Phase 1.

    This is the most frustrating phase ussually, and where it drains most of our Chips. But overall Full house arent that rare, and 4 of a kind also comes out from times to times which makes up for the minus.Off course assuming you didnt screw up on the 2nd Phase that is.

    Below is the common card situation to minimize the loss, either way once you get use to it you can improvise.Just use them as a general tips.

    - [ Ace-D ]/ [ Ace-H ]/ King-D / 3-D / 4-C If you saw a Pair keep them and discard the others.

    - [ Joker ] / Ace-D / Queen C / 2-D / 5-H If you saw a Joker , but no pair , mixed color , no chance to straight , only keep the Joker.

    - [ 4-D ] / [ 2-D ] / [ 6-D ] / [ 10-D ] / 2-C If you saw a pair , but the other has a same Theme ( diamond/heart/etc ) discard one of the different color have roughly 25% to
    get a flush.

    - 4-D / 5-C / J-D / 9-H / A-S If you saw no pair, and mixed random sh*t like above? discard them all.

    foot note. D = Diamond , H = Heart , C = Club , S = Spade
    [ in the bracket ] = keep that card That's ussually the most common situation on Phase 1, other than those you can Improvise.
    Just keep in Mind that you need at least 2 Pair, 3 of a kind , and straight to Advance o the 2nd Phase.

    Phase 2 Tips.

    Now this is where beginner player ussually throw away their money.The Game has the same Gimmick with RL casino where sometimes the Dealer screw you over and force you to lose.You'll probably think that's just RNG working around!? sure until you get [3] or [K] for 2 or 3 consecutives turn and logically choose High for [3] and Low for [K] and the Dealer decide to screw you over.
    e.g You got [3] and Choose High!? The Dealer will force you either to Draw or Slap you in the Face with [2].

    The Trick to overcome the Sh*tty dealer is to win "small" cummulatively.

    and always choose High for [2]/[3]/[4]/[5]
    choose LOW  for [10]/[J]/[K]/[A]



    [6] is safe to gamble if you're still within the early stage.go for [High]
    [Q] is a fuc***g landmines, you'll see for yourself once you play long enough.If you got 8000-16000-or more better to Cash Out.
    [7-8-9] , you're better to cash out.If you get these numbers, it's basically the Dealer telling you "you're screwed mate".If it's still in the early stage which is 2000/4000 chips it's fine to gamble tho.


    ]once a number comes out, it'll never comes out for the 2nd time e.g discarded from the deck.

    ]remember, always cash out once you had 4000,8000,16000 if you saw those situation above for a safety measures.
    ]as I've said earlier Full House and 4 of a kind isnt that rare, so all you have to do is just Win small as to not get you Bankrupt.
    ]and there's also plenty of occasions the Numbers goes from 2>Ace>3>K>2>K>Q ( land mine better to stop there ) which can generate you a lot of chips.

    ]stop playing the 1000 bet if your chips goes down below 20k, and play 100 bet until it goes up again to 200k.

    If you're still not ready for the 1000 bet, try the 100 bet to get used to how it works.
    Just remember "a small win is a win nevertheless" just kept pilling them up and you'll be okay.Once you had your first 1 M chips , you can improvise however you like.

    Only do Bingo once you have around 7-10 M. Join the 20 player room and bid around 60.000 to 100.000 a game.
    Otherwise the net income from Bingo (5 people and 10 people room )arent really that Good.

    That should be all I think!?Hope it helps and not too confusing.

    G' luck and come to the Dark sides of GBF... mfufufu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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    • That's not how Dark OP works~

      Bahamut need to be Maxed Cap , which You need another 3 copies XD

      You need Zoey , this one is not impossible. Go get her in this 4 remaining days

      Get Enmity Gears , which Dark HP decrease = more ATK

      1 Enmity Weapon Maxed cap , so You need 4 of them

      Get 10 Weapon grid = 40 of them

      Enmity Weapon = Premium

      Get Hades X4 , Get 990 (+1 Mark weapons) , also another 3 Premium Dark summon x4

      It's like getting 6 on dice for 1000x in a row XD

      There is no way freemium can do DAT XD

      Well , it's fine tho

      It's like Me more than 10 years a go when I started Ragnarok , hahahahah~

      Prepare Your wallet Saefsan XD

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    • well I wont go that far

      for uncap I can using ingot,brick or dmascus the rest is wpn from even is fine to me

      btw I dont care about rec. eternal char so I will using brick to wpn I like or look op

      I currently farming material for row IV class and that already so much pain so say no to eternals

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  • mau tnya nih klo 3000 dmm point rapa rupiah ya ?

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  • fkg colab ma game apa? simponi bukan ?

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    • Yup , sama Girls Symphony

      Sama2 Your Games Developernya (Dev FKG juga)

      Lv 30 Conductor (GS) dan Lv 30 Danchou (FKG)

      Hadiahnya Flower Stone / Hana Stone / Curry Stone , sama mata uang GS

      Items dan char ingame~

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    • pantesan rasaan mirip" gtu system mainnya

      liat di gacha juga yg cma 0.5% itu ahaha

      ya udah tq infonya

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    • Iya sementara cuma main untuk demi hadiah kolaborasi FKG

      Kejar Lv 30 gak selama yang dikira , cuma 3 jam juga kelar

      Apalagi hari ini Daily Questnya Player (Conductor) EXP

      Tentu karena dapat hadiah Rainbow Unit x3 waktu pre-registrasi

      Jadi bisa cepat , gak tau deh kalau pakai Bronze / Silver unit bisa secepat itu

      Hahahaha , mayanlah. Gak jelek2 amat RNG nya. lol

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    • dlu nda niat" amat ma pre register jd cma dpt gold 1

      ini game nyebelin bgt gacha nya 1 star di bawa" di premium summon kyanya bkalan sistem pilih rainbow char make poin dmm kya fkg klo liat 0.5% itu

      yah cma ngincer bwt fkg lv 30 mah cpet lah apa lg colabnya sampe maret

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Aigis Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Mireille!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Aigis Wiki!

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