Format Edit

Categories are collapsible. Last updated 12/01/2017.

Classes without Awakening Edit

Evil Princesses (1 unit)
Jesters (2 units)
Monster Breakers (3 units)

Nendoroid Princesses (Strictly Promo units)
Parliamentary Secretaries (Max lvl = 30)
Crown Princes (collab)

Classes without Skill Awakening Edit

Classes with only 1 Unit Edit

  • Class_Name (Rarity)

Crown Princes (platinum)
Emperors (black)
Fuuhaku (platinum)
Immortal Princesses (black)
Jiangshi (platinum)
Nekomata (black)
Raikou (platinum)
Spirits of War (black)
Tengu (platinum)

Evil Princesses (sapphire)
Fenrir Shamans (sapphire)
Nendoroid Princesses (sapphire)

Classes without Event Units Edit

  • Class_Name (Number of units in class)

Blacksmiths (1 unit)
Dark Stalkers (1 unit)
Monster Tamers (2 units)
Elementalers (4 units)
Evil Princesses (1 unit)
Fenrir Shamans (1 unit)
Heavy Artillery (3 units)
Jesters (2 units)
Jiangshi (1 unit)
Majin (3 units)
Nekomata (1 unit)
Oni (2 units)
Raikou (1 unit)
Spirits of War (1 unit)
Tengu (1 unit)
Thieves (2 units)
Youko (3 units)

Nendoroid Princesses (1 unit)

Classes without Gacha Units Edit

  • Class_Name (Number of units in class)

Fuuhaku (1 unit = platinum)
Gladiators (2 units = platinum/black)
Immortal Princesses (1 unit = black)
Spirits of War (1 unit = black)
Dragon Princesses (2 units = black/sapphire)
Evil Princesses (1 unit = sapphire)
Fenrir Shamans (1 unit = sapphire)

Parliamentary Secretaries (3 units = black)
Emperors (1 unit = black)
Nendoroid Princesses (1 unit = sapphire)

Units without AW art Edit

  • Lazy art like Viera/Tamamo/Lizette/Chydis etc. still counts as art.


Star Trial Event Units Edit

  • Silver units are omitted. Units are listed in the order they were implemented.
  • Rarity is Platinum when not mentioned.

Aria, Dorania/Anya (Soldier, Dragon Princess=black)
Echidna (Dragon Shaman)
Rowanna (Avenger)
Solano (Summoner)
Kagura, Noel (Shaman, Bishop=gold)
Horus (Magic Fencer)
Marie, Beatrice (Sailor=gold, Pirate)
Xiao, Shuuka (Archer=gold, Vanguard Tactician)
Memento (Necromancer)
Elva (Dark Fighter)
Pupuru (Druid)
Eden (Vampire Lord)
Sandra (Swordmaster)
Paula (Bishop)
Gloria (Swordmaster)
Verdinath (Dark Priest)
Ricola (Ranger)
Irene (Maid)
Faa (Monkey Sage/Hermit)
Sukuha (Princess)
Miruno (Angel)
Kokoro (Chrono Witch)
Rösel (Monster Slayer)
Meiling (Valkyrie)
Elias (Healer)
Meredith (Enchanter)
Erica (Mage Armor)
White Emperor (Emperor=black)
Aoba (Monster Slayer)
Dura (Gladiator)
Reve (Bishop)
Koyomi (Onmyouji)
Elene (Monster Breaker)
Tial (Puppeteer)
Sayo (Rogue)
Aleese (Imperial Knight)

Item Collection Event Units Edit

  • Rarity is Platinum when not mentioned.
  • Units are listed in the order they were implemented.

Akane, Saki (Samurai, Ninja=black) {Moved to TP}
Karma (Platinum), Karma (Black) (Vampire Princess, Immortal Princess=black)
Len (Rearguard Strategist)
Claudia (Princess)
Imelia (Bandit)
Liana (Healer=black)
Nagi (Ninja=black)
Sera (Priest Warrior)
Pippin (Feng Shui User)
Eterna (Bishop=black)
Metus (Necromancer=black)
Reshia (Valkyrie=black)
Hibari (Samurai=black)
Shino (Nurarihyon=black)
Amy (Merchant)
Hakunokami (Dragon Shaman=black)
Velty (Demon Summoner)
Fuuko (Fuuhaku)
Anatolia (Gladiator=black)
Sabal (Thief=black)

Units with tokenization abilities Edit

Alice (Monks)
Altair (Soldiers)
Berna (Rogues)
Hibari (Samurai)
Mireille (Heavy Armors/Royal Guards)
Reshia (Valkyries)
Sereina (Angels)
Siena (Magic Fencers/Mage Armors)

Hikage (Kaguya)
Irene (Bandits/Rogues + Pirates/Thieves)
Sarah (Prince/White Emperor/Princesses)
Shirley (Mages/Bishops/Summoners)

Dorothea (Elves/Dwarves)
Shino (Youkai)
Kyuubi (White Empire)

Units with drop increasing abilities Edit

Gold Increase  7% Leeanne (New Year's)
Gold Increase 10% Noel
Gold Increase 15% Mia
Gold Get! 20% Patra,Betty,Maurette,Harissa,Mortimer,Thelma,Thieves,AW Bandits, Merchant Tokens
Gold Get! 30% Leeanne (New Year's)
Gold Get Plus 20% Totono

Male     Affection Items 5%/6% Robert
Female Affection Items 5%/6% Cuterie

Spirits     4%/5% Seria
Armors   5%/8% Amanda

Silver Units 5%/6% Junon

Demon Crystals 6%/7% Monica

DC, TC, Orbs, Affection Items, Event Items 3%/5% Thieves

Units with infinite duration skills Edit

Waltz SAW
Nadia SAW
Viera SAW
Rino SAW
Moltena SAW
Rinne SAW
Margaret Base
Prim SAW
Siena SAW
Dorothea SAW
Lucia SAW
Angeline Base
Viola and Lux Base
Dolce SAW
Anna (Swimsuit)
Soma (New Year's) Base and SAW
Silvia SAW (Last Stage)
Leora Base
Sylseth Base
Kasumi SAW
Ramii Base
Aix Base
Fuuko Base
Miyabi Base
Farangis Base and SAW
Altair SAW
Shade Base
Steam Tank
Shikioni/Kongou Shikioni

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