Orc MA Entrance Prince Army

Orc Martial Artist's Entrance into the Prince's Army (オーク格闘家の王子軍入門) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 20/04/17 to 27/04/17.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
A Challenger Appears
20 180 750 10 8
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv5
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 32
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Aiming for the Top
25 220 1125 10 8
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv6
Mortimer Icon
Mortimer Lv6
2 10 40
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver -
Additional notes: Cannot deploy Ranged Units
Body Training
30 280 1800 10 8
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv8
Crave Icon
Crave Lv8
3 10 34
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Mind Training
55 360 2250 10 8
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv15
Daniela Icon
Daniela Lv15
7 10 23
Valerie Icon
Valerie Lv15
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Additional notes: Continuous HP degeneration: Big
Skill Training
90 680 3600 10 8
Bestla Icon
Bestla Lv20
(100% drop)
Dan Icon
Dan Lv20
12 15 50
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2
Endless Challenge
100 250 1800 5 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 25 60
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Additional notes: Death of the NPC won't affect completion rating.
  • Official Notice regarding X-tier map 心の鍛錬 (Mind Training).
    In the original event, this map costs 40/5 (Charisma/Stamina) instead of the usual 55/7, and the amount of Exp and Gold obtained when clearing this map are reduced accordingly. However, the drop rates of this map are still adjusted to X-tier map, making this flaw beneficial to the players. With the implementation of this event into Daily Revivals, the aforementioned map's cost has been fixed to 55/7.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Bestla CC Sprite
Physical 4000 200 50
MR 10
Initial: 10
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Carrie AW Sprite
Physical 4500 450 100
MR 30
Initial: 53
3 UP
Ur AW Sprite
Physical 7000 500 250
MR 10
Initial: 10
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks. Regenerates at a rate of 20HP/0.5s.
Gina AW Sprite
Physical 6000 300 200
MR 10
Initial: 10
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Small Fire Elemental Sprite
Small Fire Elemental
Melee Magic 2000 100 100
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Upon reaching 99% HP, gains ranged attacks that can hit all units within range.
Ranged (100) 61
Initial: 20
Move: 11
Missile: 8
Fire Elemental Enemy Sprite
Fire Elemental
Melee Magic 3000 150 100
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Upon reaching 99% HP, gains ranged attacks that can hit all units within range.
Ranged (130) 61
Initial: 20
Move: 11
Missile: 8
Salamander Sprite
Ranged (150) Magic
Splash 133.33
4500 150 150
MR 20
Initial: 35
Move: 121
Missile: 6
3 UP
Momo AW Sprite
Physical 5000 1000 100
MR 10
Initial: 10
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Alice AW Sprite
Ranged (80)
Physical 17000 800 350
MR 10
Initial: 10
Move: 27
Missile: 0
3 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Can attack all units within range.
High Orc Warrior Sprite
High Orc Warrior
Physical 18000 800 500 166
Initial: 30
0 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, attack speed, and movespeed.
1600 700 116
Initial: 30
2 UP
High Orc Dagger Thrower Sprite
High Orc Dagger Thrower
Ranged (121)
Physical 10000 350 250
MR 20
Initial: 10
Move: 61
Missile: 10
2 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack speed and movespeed.
Initial: 10
Move: 3
Missile: 10
2 UP
Anatolia CC Sprite
Physical 20000 550 600
MR 20
Initial: 40
3 UP
If Bestla (NPC) is defeated, gains ATK.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Challenger Appears

Elaine: "Here, right? The place they say the monsters appeared. Come on, everyone, let's go!"

Goblin: "Gyagya—!"

Julian: "... What, goblins again!? My sword arm is going to get rusty with just these goblins every stinking day..."

Elaine: "Don't be like that! If you underestimate the goblins, you'll be in for a painful experience!"

Julian: "I know that, but... maybe it's because we fought with all of those incredible competitors during the Makai Martial Arts Competition. In comparison, these guys just feel like such a let down..."

Katie: "There'll be problems if you become unable to protect the Prince in the event of an emergency with those kind of feelings. The enemy is heading this way, please stay focused!"

(orc girl appears)

??? (Bestla): "—That's the winning team from the last Makai Martial Arts Competition. ... I see, they're all strong as expected. Especially the Prince and his arms that keep up with them, so brilliant."

???: "However, I can't see the extent of their real strength with mere goblins... First, I'll start by asking for a match in lieu of greetings!"


???: "Kuh... Capable as expected. I give up, I surrender."

Katie: "... You don't seem hostile, but I can't admire you for suddenly attacking us. First of all, how about you give us your name?"

Bestla: "I have no excuse for my actions. I am Bestla. I am a martial artist among the orc race."

Bestla: "I've been wanting to see for my own eyes the strength of the ones who won during the last Makai Martial Arts Competition. You're as brilliant as the rumours I heard spreading throughout Makai."

Soma: "Rumours in Makai......? Prince is totally famous even in Makai, huh?"

Bestla: "That's right! There's never been an instance of a human winning during the long history of the Makai Martial Arts Competition!"

Bestla: "There's no doubt in my mind that I can be changed if it's by the ones who accomplished such a feat. Thinking that, I came all the way out here!"

Anna: "Be changed...?"

Bestla: "Yes, I'm still immature as an orc. If I gain experience under all of you, surely that person would also... How about it, won't you let me enter the Prince's army!?"

Katie: "E, enter the army? Even if you say that, the army is not a Dojo..."

Mortimer: "We fought the orcs many a time. If an orc were to join the army, wouldn't we need someone to keep an eye on her?"

Soma: "Dura-san, who we met during the Makai Martial Arts Competition, was a good person. I believe there's no reason for us to refuse Orc-san!"

Anna: "... That's true. She doesn't look like a bad person. Prince, how about we listen to her story one more time?"

Bestla Introduction:

"... Prince, thank you once again for listening to what I have to say."

"Again, please allow me to apologise for rudely attacking you so suddenly. I'm terribly sorry."

"For us orcs, fighting is everything. Showing respect by challenging those who are strong to a fight is proper courtesy."

"... It's OK, you're used to it? I see, indeed, if there's an opponent as strong as the Prince, those of the orc race couldn't possibly leave them be."

"Anyways, about my request to the Prince and the others..."

"... To tell you the truth, I cannot draw out the power of 'anger' that is the source of an orc's strength as well as the other orcs."

"I don't know why. It's been like that ever since I was born... I've been like this as far back as I can recall."

"I've been mocked by my peers, which filled me with regret. ... However, that made me work harder than anyone."

"So it was worth it. I've won consecutive martial arts competitions, and became strong enough that average orcs aren't worth being my opponents. But..."

"Even then, that person... I am completely no match for the strongest warrior of the orc race, Anatolia. My pride was shattered into nothing by the difference between her overwhelming strength and my own..."

"After all, my dream to become the best among the orcs without drawing upon the power of anger is still a dream. ... That's what I thought."

"I hear humans have all sorts of emotions. If I were to train under you humans that are filled with emotions, I may be able to draw upon the power of anger!"

"... How about it? Please, I'll do anything. Will you train me!?"

"... Y, you will!? Th, thank you so much!"

"All of the orcs say it's pointless to challenge Anatolia... However, I won't give up! I want to win against that person!"

"In my goal to strike down Anatolia! Please look after me!!"

Aim for the Top

Bestla: "I would like to thank you for permitting me entry. While under the Prince's army, I shall train hard and hone my body!"

Katie: "No, we don't mind. If we can borrow Bestla-san's strength, then we're the ones who should be grateful."

Momo: "Training for the power of anger, huh...? Hmm, I've never done that before... Oh, yeah, how about she joins in our training for the time being?"

Katie: "Today's practice for melee battles. The basis of battle is melee combat with foot soldiers, a foot soldier's strength is directly tied to an army's strength."

Bestla: "Foot soldier's strength... Meaning it's a trial of strength. If it's strength, I'm somewhat confident!"

Dina: "Is that so? I'm also quite confident when it comes to strength."

Carrie: "Me too! I've always been training with this spear!"

Mortimer: "I'm also a man. There's no way I'm gonna lose to women, or children... ... Absolutely not!"

Momo: "Everyone's full of spirit! Yo—sh! Let's compete to find out who's the strongest! Prince, let's go~!"

Katie: "Prince, this will be practice for the melee soldiers. Please give your orders to melee soldiers only, OK?"


Bestla: "Training in a different environment from normal is having an effect on my body. Is this the result of competing with everyone? Somehow, I feel as if I've grown one step stronger."

Momo: "I hope this has been good training for you. ... I thought orcs were rough and boisterous, but there's also gentle orcs like Bestla."

Bestla: "... G, gentle...? I don't like this aspect of myself! I want to quickly change myself..."

Momo: "Is that so~? I think it's nice, though. Speaking of which... Today, I'm very tired, the morning practice with Ling-san yesterday was harsh."

Bestla: "Harsh morning practice...!? Will you let me also participate in that morning practice!?"

Momo: "Ehh? I don't mind, but... Are you sure? It's very rough, you know?"

Bestla: "I wish for it!"

Bestla: "Overcoming harsh training, the thing by which a true sense of becoming stronger will be gained!"

Momo: "Is that so? Understood! Well then, let's do our best for tomorrow as well!"

Body Training


Ling: "Sei! Hah! Teyaah!!"

Soldier: "As expected of Ling-san! Hard at work every morning!"

Ling: "If I don't keep it up every morning, my body will become dull! Daily training is the basic of basics!!"

Soldier: "Incredible. It's about time my lookout shift is over... Fuwaaa~~. Keeping watch till morning is tough."

Momo: "—Good morning, Ling-san! Today, I brought a new girl! She wants to do morning practice with us!!"

Soldier: "How rare. Even in the army, Ling-san's morning practice has a reputation for being training from hell, I didn't think there would be anyone who would willingly subject themselves to it..."

Bestla: "So it's intense morning training to that extent... Just hearing that makes me tremble... I can't stop trembling with excitement as a warrior!! Just what I wished for!"

Ling: "Heeh, you're a somewhat promising newbie, aren't you? Well then, first, let's run. Can you keep up with me, I wonder?"

Soldier: "Umm, will Bestla-san really be OK? When we participated as part of our training earlier, we were unable to walk the next day..."

Ling: "Geez, since when did the soldiers in our army become so timid?"

Ling: "This is the perfect chance. You'll also run with me!"

Soldier: "Eh, eeh———!? N, no waaay..."

Ling: "Well then, Prince, please do the Kumite after we run by like always. Well then, everyone, let's go—!"


Soldier: "............"

Momo: "... S, Soldier-san, wake up... please wake up... ...... But... I'm also... already... at my lim... it..."

Bestla: "A, amazing. Everyone's been undergoing harsh training to this degree... If I do this, victory during the Makai Martial Arts Competition will be within my reach!"

Ling: "Keeping up until the very end... You're pretty good. Keeping up with me to this extent, you're the first."

Ling: "The lower body supports the body's movement, it's not an exaggeration to say its strength is the most important during battle! Make sure you keep exercising it!!"

Bestla: "I feel power on another level gathering into my lower body! ... Excuse me, Ling-san. If it's alright, I thought I would ask you to let me join you for morning practice from now on."

Ling: "Sure, you're most welcome! Likewise, please look after me, OK!?"

Ling: "Well then, Bestla, shall we run once more towards that sun!?"

Bestla: "Yes!"

Mind Training

Katie: "How nice. Everyone has been training in here today as well, I see."

Gina: "Oh? How rare to see the Prince and others come here. Is something the matter?"

Katie: "About that, Bestla-san said she wanted to see Gina-san and the others' training. So I led her here."

Bestla: "Sorry for asking an unreasonable thing. I heard all of the martial artists have been undergoing harsh training, and I became immensely curious, so..."

Dan: "Aah, you? I hear you're a nice, calm fellow, which is rare for an orc."

Bestla: "N, nice, calm fellow... As an orc, that shouldn't make me happy... I want to channel my anger into power, but..."

Anna: "By the way, it's really hot here, isn't it? My strength is steadily being sapped away... Why do you even want to train in this kind of place...?"

Ur: "This kind of place also has the power to perfect! As for our Rush, it will only show by doing training that allows us to burn with battle spirit!"

Bestla: "'Battle Spirit'... you say?"

Dan: "That's right. In this area of molten rocks, our strength will gradually be sapped away."

Gina: "If you lose your focus even a little, it will cost you your life in an instant... Struggling with our nearly depleted lives will strengthen our mind!"

Bestla: "I wish for it!" (Battle spirit... I guess that's something lacking in me...!)

Ur: "Yeah! Since he came all this way, Prince will also join us for training. Be very careful not to collapse from the heat, OK!? Well then, let's go—!"


Bestla: "... Kuh, for some reason, the heat... More than this, my body will.........!"

Ur: "It's not over yet! Bestla's strength shouldn't be that kind of thing!"

Bestla: "Kuh...! I mustn't let myself be discouraged here...! Absolutely not...! UUuOOOOOOH!!"

Bestla (AW): ".........!"

Dan: "W, wow... Such battle spirit. This is...!"

Gina: "Desperate strength from being cornered... This is the embodiment of an orc's true abilities!"

Bestla (AW): "Amazing. I feel like I'm brimming with strength. If it's this... Even that Anatolia...! HaaAaaaAAAAAH!!"

Bestla (Normal): "AAAAAAH... AH... ah............"

Ur: "Arya, her battle spirit went away."

Anna: "Bestla-san must've been at her limit. ... However, her determined spirit towards the end was incredible. The intensity of her battle spirit has been passed on to me as well."

Anna: "It looks like she lost consciousness, there's no way we can leave here like this. Shall we move her to a cool place for the time being?"

Skill Training

Bestla: "... It's no use... I can't evoke the awakening from back then."

Bestla: "I must be lacking something, what in the world could it be...?"

Momo: "Cheer up, Bestla."

Bestla: "If I can just use that power, then surely even that person will... I should have a chance against even Anatolia...!"

Gina: "Hmm... Orcs are different from us humans. The power of anger cannot be taught..."

Dan: "Being unable to demonstrate your full strength unless you bring harm to your body that much each and every time must be tough..."

Ur: "More than anything, it's dangerous. One day, you might really die."

Alice: "—S, sorry for being late! I kind of lost my way, and..."

Ling: "Ah, Alice also came. With her, it looks like today's members of the joint practice among all monks are present."

Momo: "That's right, I better go ahead and introduce her! Alice-san, today we brought a new member!"

Bestla: "Call me Bestla. I heard that all of the martial artists are doing joint training here, I would like to ask you to let me also participate. Please kindly look after me."

Alice: "I'm Alice, likewise, look after after me, OK?"

Ur: "To tell you the truth, Bestla seems to be bothered by being unable to control the orc's power of anger. If it's you, Alice, don't you know any good methods?"

Dan: "When we were training earlier, she evoked the power just once... ... And not at all since then."

Alice: "Hmm, my Kattangong was originally a power that can only be evoked temporarily, but one I could consecutively demonstrate by using a special breathing technique. She could give that a try..."

Alice: "... However, this training isn't something a normal person can endure."

Bestla: "I wish for it! I beg of you... Please let me do it!"


Alice: "—Not yet! Don't get excited in your breathing yet! Whatever you do, don't let your breathing go out of control! ... Haah!"

Bestla: (Guh!?)

Momo: "St, still, shouldn't she stop!? Holding her breath, and enduring such a fierce attack is unreasonable, you know!?"

Alice: "I thought I told you from the beginning that this was harsh training!"

Bestla: (M... my consciousness... However, there's no way I'm letting my consciousness slip away here... I... must... ... must become stronger...!)

Bestla (AW): ".........! Th, this power...!? U, UOOOoooOOH!!"

Gina: "Ah, Aahh! That was from before...!"

Alice: "Not yet, please don't let your breathing run wild! Hold that power in your body like that, breathe slowly in order to send the oxygen through your entire body.........!"

Bestla: (...! Must not... let my breathing run wild...)

Bestla: "......... Fuu... How... ... did I do...?"

Dan: "This battle spirit, I feel a tingling throughout my entire body... I could mistake it for the orc's power of anger! Was she able to control it!?"

Ur: "However, it doesn't feel at all like the power of anger. Such an incredible battle spirit, yet not succumbing to anger. ... It's a warm, gentle feeling."

Momo: "An orc warrior that awakened the power of anger while keeping a gentle heart... Yes, I think this is very much like Bestla!"

Bestla: "Everyone... Thank you very much! If it's this power, then I believe I'll definitely reach even Anatolia!"

Bestla: "However, this power of mine right now is still immature. I ask of you to let me train even more under all of you... So please look after me from now on!"

Momo: "Likewise, look after me, OK!? When you do battle with Anatolia-san, call me anytime! I'll definitely come to support you!"

Endless Challenge

Anatolia: "You never learn, no matter how many times we fight, you cannot win against me. Despite that, you want to do it?"

Bestla: "Of course, Anatolia. This time, I'll definitely try and best you!"

Orc: "Bestla's challenging Anatolia again? This looks interesting. I'll go watch for a bit."

Momo: "Do your best, Bestla! If it's you, Bestla, you'll definitely win!"

Katie: "All we can do is believe in her victory, and watch over her."

Orc: "... Mu, that's the Prince? This is good fortune. Why don't we also enjoy ourselves in our own heated battle!?"

Dan: "O, oi, a band of orcs are starting to head this way!"

Anna: "Even watching over her is going to be hard work. Prince, prepare for battle!"

Anatolia: "... Somehow, it looks like everyone around us are enjoying themselves. Well then, I shall also begin. Here I come!"

(Anatolia and Bestla begin fighting)

Bestla: "Kuh... Strong as ever... The impact from just one of her attacks is.."

Anatolia: "It seems you've gotten a little better. But it's not enough, I can't get serious at all with even that much!"

Bestla: "Damnit, after all, I can't win...? But, but... Until the end, I'll fight till the end!"

Momo: "Prince, Anna-san! If this keeps up, Bestla will die!"

Dan: "... However, I don't think Bestla would be happy if we lent her a hand. Let's get ready to help her as soon as her life is in peril."

Anna: "Yes. Bestla-san... Please fight to your heart's content...! Even if you're defeated, we'll rescue you at once!!"

[Even if NPC Bestla is defeated, doesn't affect star-rating.]


Anatolia: "That felt good, but I still haven't used enough of my strength yet... You, rest for a bit over there."

Anatolia: "Finally found myself an interesting opponent, I shall go ahead and show you an example of how an orc fights."


(end) Anatolia: "Guh! ... You're pretty good. That was a good hit just now. But, well, this time I shall go finish things around here."

Bestla: "I... I'm still no match for... her...!"

Anatolia: "Don't give up too late, if you keep it up, you'll really die. You guys, get ready to carry her at once!"

Anna: "...! Y, yes! Everyone, prepare the first aid!"

Bestla: "Kuh...... After all... I cannot stand at the top of the orcs... ... I, who cannot completely use even the power of anger..."

Anatolia: "Hahn, I don't know of any such thing. Anger wasn't on my mind for a single moment. However, I suppose there are certainly orcs that naturally have it."

Bestla: "........."

Anatolia: "But I don't care at all for such rattling big talk or logic. For an orc, strength is everyone. Strength is justice."

Anatolia: "It has been a long time since I last could enjoy a good fight. You are strong, hold your chest high."

Bestla: ".........!"

Anatolia: "Challenge me again someday, I'll accept it with the highest priority. ... Well, the one who'll win will be me, though."

Bestla: "I... I will! Someday, I'll do my best until the day I surpass you comes!! Once again, please look after me!!"

Anna: "Bestla-san somehow looks like she's been blown away. I'm glad more than anything that she resolved her issue. I'm positive she'll become a reassuring strength from now on."

Anna: "Prince, you must also be tired from joining everyone's training. Please take it easy and rest. You've done good work."

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