Version 1.3.9Edit

  • Reduced cost of all Goddess' Blessings for The Strategist's Successor event

Version 1.3.8Edit

  • Added 4 new missions to The Strategist's Successor event
  • New feature! Male characters now have a Trust value that can be increased by gifting
  • Gifts for male characters have been added (Alcohol themed)
  • Rank limit has been extended to beyond 100. New rank achieved refills Charisma and Stamina, and increases limit of both by 1 point.

Version 1.3.7Edit

  • Ended The Monk's Training Grounds event
  • Started The Strategist's Successor event
  • Some rebalancing of experience given by fusing units

Version 1.3.6Edit

  • Ended Elf Village in Crisis event
  • Started The Monk's Training Grounds event
  • Ninja Hien is now available for purchase from Crystal Trading Post
  • Changes made to Tutorial Quest "Field Exercise: Field Cost"
  • Unit Roster size increased
    • +1 to Roster size for every 10th Rank achieved; applies retroactively. (Example: A Rank 54 player will find their Roster size increased by +5)
    • Extension to the number of times Roster Expansion can be purchased from the Shop, from 15 times to 18 times now. (However, Roster Expansion is now only available for players at Rank 20 and above)

Version 1.3.5Edit

  • Added new quest to Tutorial Quests
  • Reduced cost of all Goddess' Blessings for Elf Village in Crisis event

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