Prince Render



Prince AW Render

Art: Regular: 碧目けいそ
Awakened: カスカベアキラ

The Prince

Background Lore
He is the last known descendant of the Hero who sealed the Demon Lord after the first Millennium War and the son of the current King (deceased?). He is destined to become like the Hero of old and gather an army of special individuals with the help of the goddess Aigis and drive back the monster hordes, defeat the Demon Lord once again and bring peace back to the world. Together with his trusted advisor and ex-magistrate Anna he beats back the monsters one mission at a time.

As a Unit, the Prince is a physical unit similar to a soldier (albeit with only 1 block). His maximum level is 99; it starts at 1 and is tied to a player's Rank (Rank 99=Prince Lv 99). His Unit Point cost is 10 and he is mandatory in the party. His skill is passive and changes with the Title chosen by the player. The Title selected can also affect the Prince's other stats, such as his HP, unit cost, block count, Atk, or Def. Once above specific player ranks, the Prince's stats receive permanent buffs (even after his max level of 99).

  • Every account starts with the Prince.
  • The Prince cannot be unlocked or dismissed.

Upon clearing a certain story mission, a title is unlocked that "Awakens" the Prince.

Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Prince Icon
Prince Lv1 707 206 155 0 1 - 10 N/A Raise
Lv99(200) 1800 440 340
Prince AW Icon
Lv1 - - - 20 3 - 26 {{{100AffBonusB}}} Raise
↓ ↑
Sacred Treasure
of Aigis

Raise Fighting
Lv99(200) 2600 540 700

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
All deployed units gain X% Defense and Attack;
always in effect
Prince Lvl X
1-9 2
10-19 3
20-29 4
30-39 5
40-49 6
50-59 7
60-69 8
70-79 9
80-89 10
90-99 11
100+ 12
Title Skill Boost
of the Hero
Hero +5%
Savior +7%
Great Hero +9%

Skill only active while Prince is deployed. Status effects don't affect skill.
Only one Title can be in use at a time.


Name & Effect (edit info)
Sacred Treasure
of Aigis
For 30 seconds, attack and defense
are tripled. 50% chance to nullify damage.
Upon expiry, unit is paralyzed.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Prince 6☆
Lv Reuse
1 99
  • Nullifies both physical and magical attacks. Does not affect DoT and counterattacks.
  • Nullification buffs have a hidden category associated with them. Buffs of the same type will not stack; the largest effect will override all others. For more information, see Buffs and Debuffs.
  • Prince cannot block enemies for the duration of the paralysis, though he can still be targeted by enemy ranged attacks.

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Raise Fighting Spirit
(edit info)
While deployed, all allies gain 20% attack and defense.
Prince AW Icon
AW Icon

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Improves stats of all allies
See Raise Morale for more on the Prince's traits.
Prince (Sacred Equipment)
While deployed, all allies will not have their strength decline in Makai.

Titles Edit

Titles are stat modifiers to the Prince that can be selected from the menu. They are unlocked through ranking up.

Some titles affect the Prince's stats directly (and only his stats), while a few increase the potency of his skill (thus increasing the entire team's stats while he is deployed).

Title Effect on Prince Prerequisite
Prince of the Lost Kingdom HP +10% None
Nobleman of Tragedy Defense +5% None
Indomitable Soul HP +20% Rank 2
Descendant of the Hero Skill Effect Small Increase Rank 4
Sword Master Attack +10% Rank 6
Impregnable Defense Defense +10% Rank 8
Desperate Preparation Attack +15% Rank 10
Abandonment Expert Defense +15% Rank 16
Tough Guy HP +30% Rank 22
Hero Skill Effect Medium Increase Rank 28
Best Defense is Offense Attack +20% Rank 34
Absolutely Invincible Defense +20% Rank 44
Immortal Man HP +40% Rank 54
Savior Skill Effect Large Increase Rank 64
Sword Master Attack +30% Rank 127
Unshakable Defense +30% Rank 149
Phoenix HP +50% Rank 168
Great Hero Skill Effect Extra Large Increase Rank 192
Sacred Treasure's Successor HP+800, ATK+100, DEF+360
MR+20, Block +2, Cost +16
Clear the Story Mission Makai's Baptism

Awakening Materials Edit

The Prince cannot be awoken through ordinary means. The title Sacred Treasure's Successor (神器の継承者) can be selected to "Awaken" him. Similarly, selecting another title changes him back to his regular self.

Gallery Edit

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