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The Shrine is one of the institutions available from the main menu. At the Shrine, players can donate to the Goddess Aigis to summon people with extraordinary prowess to fight alongside them in their upcoming battles. Aigis needs these offerings, because her body weakened after decades of imprisoning the immortal demon king and its defiling presence. Players can donate Gold to her Shrine or even better, give her crystals with sacred essence to strengthen her powers once again.

In short, this means that if players pay her gold or Sacred Crystals they receive a unit in return.

During the summoning animation, the color of the background glow will indicate the rarity of the unit.

Base Summon Edit



This type of summoning is free once a day and costs 2000G for every subsequent attempt. In using this, players will primarily receive Iron and Bronze units, with a very low chance of getting higher rarities. It is not suggested to use Base Summoning en masse unless the player has plenty of gold to spare, as it is necessary for leveling and Awakening units.

Estimated probability of each rarity dropping from 25,000 trials:

  • Iron: 56.87% +- 0.81% with 99% confidence interval
  • Bronze: 40.69% +- 0.80% with 99% confidence interval
  • Silver: 2.38% +- 0.25% with 99% confidence interval
  • Gold: 0.05% +- 0.04% with 99% confidence interval
  • Platinum: Less than Gold
  • Black: Less than Platinum

With these probabilities, and assuming that every Iron/Bronze unit received is discharged, on average players will obtain a Silver or better unit for approximately every 67,000 gold spent.

Base Summon SP Edit

Crystal Fragment

Crystal Piece

This summoning costs 5 Crystal Fragments. Using this type of summoning, players will typically receive Iron and Bronze units, but the chance of getting higher rarities is significantly greater than in Base Summon. Silver units are fairly common and there is a reasonably high chance of obtaining Gold and Platinum units as well.

Estimated probability:

  • Iron: 33.4%
  • Bronze: 41.9%
  • Silver: 16.3%
  • Gold: 5.0%
  • Platinum: 1.2% or less
  • Black: 0.3% or less

Summon Premium Unit Edit

Sacred Crystal

Sacred Crystal

This summoning costs 5 Sacred Crystals. Silver units gained via Premium Summons start at level 30, gold units start at level 20, platinum units start at level 10, and black units start at level 1.

Estimated Probability:

  • Silver: 50%, average crystals spent for silver unit: 10
  • Gold: 37%, average crystals spent for gold unit: 13.51
  • Platinum: 10%, average crystals spent for platinum unit: 50
  • Black: 3%, average crystals spent for black unit: 166.67

Premium 1 and Premium 2 draw from the same pool of units, listed below. The only difference between Premium 1 and Premium 2 are in highlighted (chance-up) units.

Pick-up summon does not share it's pool of units with either Premium 1 or Premium 2. Contents of Pick-up summon pool are listed further below.

Following the events of Seal of the Goddess, Aigis' younger sister Adamas now resides in the Shrine. At regular intervals, the Imperial Summoning will be made available, with which the player will be able to summon imperial units, and only imperial units. Like Premium Summoning, this will cost 5 SC.

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Current Contents of Capsule (Premium) Edit

Last updated: 14/09/2017

Rarity: Black
Rarity: Platinum
Rarity: Gold
Rarity: Silver

Current Contents of Capsule (Pick-up) Edit

14/09/2017 - 21/09/2017
{Currently Unavailable}

Rarity: Black
Rarity: Platinum
Rarity: Gold
Rarity: Silver

Current Contents of Capsule (Collab Premium) Edit

13/07/2017 - 20/07/2017
{Currently Unavailable}

Arslan Senki Collaboration Gacha.
Collaboration characters (Narsus, Farangis, Arslan) cannot be used on 18+ version.

Rarity: Black
Rarity: Platinum
Rarity: Gold
Rarity: Silver

Summoning Chance UpEdit

During events, there is often a promotional increase in the summon chance of certain units. This summoning chance up does not increase the chances of getting any given rarity. That is, if there is in increase in summoning chance for a black unit, for example, then the chance that any given premium roll will give you a black unit is still 3%, but within that roll the chance of getting the summoning chance up unit is increased. As such, summoning chance up will increase the chance that you get the given unit instead of any other unit of equivalent rarity, but you still have the 50% chance of getting random silver.

Gallery Edit

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