Fallen Angel Sophie

Female Black Angel

Sophie Render

Fallen Angel Sophie

Female Black Angel

Sophie AW Render

Fallen Angel Sophie

Female Black Angel

Sophie AW2v1 Render

Fallen Angel Sophie

Female Black Angel

Sophie AW2v2 Render

Datenshi Sofī
Art: まきリン

Character Profile, Volume 1
Height: 173cm / B:98 W:64 H:92

A fallen angel who was sealed for lending her powers to the humans during the millennium war. She remains conscious of her crime even after being released by the prince, always trying to punish herself. Those strong thoughts grant a healing effect to those around her. She believes that one day she will earn heaven's forgiveness and her blackened wings will return to their former pure white.


Fallen Angel Sophie is a black angel.

Obtained from:

Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Sophie Icon
Angel Lv1 1490 610 185 30 0 / 2 15 12 HP+150
Divine Seal
Minor Angelic
Lv50 1755 696 306
Lv1 1762 699 308 30 0 / 3 18 15 HP+360
Lv80 2295 914 527
Sophie AW Icon
Dominion Lv1 2032 858 469 30 0 / 3 / 3 18 15 {{{100AffBonusB}}} Divine Seal
↓ ↑
Holy Angel
Seal Release

Lv99 2700 1088 598
Sophie AW2v1 Icon
Seraphim Lv1 2032 887 755 30 0 / 3 / 3 18 15
Lv99 2970 1124 910
Sophie AW2v2 Icon
Azrael Lv1 2708 1164 599 30 0 / 3 / 3 18 15
Lv99 3510 1566 728

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
Divine Seal
For X seconds, block
becomes 2 and can
attack 1 enemy.
For X seconds, block
becomes 3 and can
attack 2 enemies simultaneously.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Niel 3☆
Erun 4☆
Chloe 5☆
Sophie 6☆
Parhelia 7☆
X Reuse
15 24
17 23
18 22
20 21
22 20
23 19
25 18
27 17
28 16
30 15

Skill Awakening Edit

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Sophie AW Icon
Normal Divine Seal Release For 30 seconds, block becomes 3 and can attack 2 enemies simultaneously. 15 1
Awakened Holy Angel Seal Release For 30 seconds, attack, defense and magic resistance increase by 2.0x. Block becomes 3 and can attack 2 enemies simultaneously for the duration. 35 5

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Minor Angelic Solace
(edit info)
When skill is not in use, all allies' HP slowly recovers.
Niel Icon
Erun AW Icon
Sophie Icon
CC IconAW Icon
  • 10 HP/.5 sec.
  • Does not occur while paralyzed.
  • No effect on units that cannot recover HP.
  • This ability can stack.
Angelic Solace
(edit info)
When skill is not in use, all allies' HP slowly recovers.
Sophie AW Icon
AW Icon
  • 18HP/0.5s.
  • Does not occur while paralyzed.
  • No effect on units that cannot recover HP.

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Can use skills to lift their seals temporarily.
  • Until skill use, will not attack, and is ignored by melee units.
  • Can still be targeted by enemy ghost-types and ranged units.
Arch Angel
Can use skills to lift their seals temporarily.
Upon deployment, all allies' HP are fully recovered.
  • Large DEF increase.
Can use skills to lift their seals temporarily.
Skill duration is reduced by 20%, but parameters are greatly increased.
  • Large stat increase.

Affection Edit

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them. Edit

0% So you are the one who freed me from the seal...
15% I am a very sinful angel.
30% Oh, please give me the punishment I deserve.
50% My Prince, please punish me again...
60% All I wanted to do was help people...
80% If helping people is a sin, then I sin without reserve.
100% I will forever defend human beings... defend my Prince.
Adjutant My Prince... my punishment... for now, please give me instructions.

Scenes Edit

30% (Bondage) Dildo Insertion
100% (Bondage) Missionary

All-Age Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Petite Soeur @ ulmf)

Sophie #1:
Sophie requested that she be punished for some reason. Is she seeking penance for the sins she committed before? When I was walking today, I ran into her.
Sophie: "Prince! Thank you for your hard work."

Is it because she's a former angel? Her smile was a lovely one, like an angel's.
While I turned towards Sophie's golden eyes, she reported about today's battle.
Sophie: "I have fought with those monsters before. Their weak point is..."
Sophie began to explain in a slow tone of voice like a rolling bell.
It must've been during the Millennium War long ago. She, who allied with the humans, became a fallen angel, and had been sealed.
Sophie: "As long as we keep pressure at this point, we can secure our victory."
My heart leapt when she smiled back at me with a grin. When I caressed her neatly trimmed hair, Sophie's eyes opened in bewilderment.
Sophie: "Y, you mustn't, Prince! I am one who has sinned. I don't deserve to be gently touched by the Prince..."
Pulling back her body, Sophie hangs her head in shame.
Sophie: "Punishment suits me."
She says looking downwards. I couldn't help but wonder why she, who allied with humans, became a fallen angel as a sinner.

Sophie #2:
Did something happen to the angels in the past? The Goddess Aegis has kept silent.
However, surely she, who is standing before me now like this, remembers the scars from back then.

Sophie: "What I lost was just a small thing. However, I wanted to help the humans..."
Sophie looked at her weapon as she gave a wry smile. Her sad-looking eyes were moist with tears. But she only wanted to support the humans, so why?
Sophie: "But I have no regrets. I thought about it the whole time I had been sealed... What came to mind whenever I thought about it were the smiles of the humans."
Sophie: "I can't return to Heaven. However, there's things even I can do on the surface."
Gripping her weapon tightly, Sophie opened her eyes, and looked at me.
Sophie: "It is my fate to continue to atone for the sin of betraying Heaven until this body disappears. But until that time comes... I'll be by the Prince's side, protecting the Prince."
By the time I noticed her smile that was just like an angel's, I may have been caught by her.
I shall shoulder her sin and fight alongside her until the final moment has come. I have decided that in my heart.

Sophie #3:
Sophie: "Now that I think about it, wasn't everything I did for the sake of humans done for my own sake?"
For her, who chose the human world over even Heaven, those words contained a deep and profound metre.

Sophie: "At times, I think: 'Is my power truly useful to everyone?'"
"Of course it's useful!" I threw those words in an attempt to clear away Sophie's mind of doubts.
Sophie: "It makes me very happy to have you say that... I'm sorry... For some reason, I feel like... crying..."
Sophie smiles powerless on the verge of tears. My chest tightening to such loveliness, I firmly embraced Sophie.
No different from a human, with the fragility of a maiden, I felt warmth from within her body.
Sophie: "Prince-sama... I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to have met Prince-sama and everyone..."
Sophie: "My everything... I want it to be for this human world, and for Prince-sama..."
Sophie: "I love you, Prince-sama... Prince-sama, you are the only one I love..."
My chest heats up by the words of her confession.
—Someday, we'll part ways. However, I want to create a lot of futures with her until that day comes. Concealing those desires within me, I gently kissed her.

Class Change Materials Edit

Required units (edit units)
Florika Icon
Gladys Icon
Material 1
Asar Icon
Crave Icon
Gustav Icon
Phyllis Icon
Rosalie Icon
Material 2
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Material 3
Niel Icon

Awakening Materials Edit

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon
Onyx Icon
Material 1
Elaine Icon
Mischa Icon
Tigre Icon
Carrie Icon
Elaine (Swimsuit) Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 2
Niel Icon
Erun Icon
CC Icon
Material 3
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Christopher Icon
Fedora Icon
Iris Icon
Robert Icon
Alissa (Christmas) Icon
Iris (New Year's) Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Arch Angel orb

Gallery Edit