• Before going for 1M /hrs Casino chips doing poker ,make sure you have at least 200 K chips otherwise thing's gonna get ugly.
    If you participate during the B'day raid event and current event you should have at least 150K so that should be enough cushions for starter.

    Never do Bingo before you have at least 6-7 M.People who play Bingo ussually aiming for "Super Bingo" which gives Deposit x 700 rewards.But that's rare, and unless you play Bingo regularly you'll probably wont see any "Super Bingo" for a lifetime.
    Otherwise the Cash return vs the Time you use to Play are hardly worth it.
    It's still addicting tho... for some strange reasons @_@.

    Now For the Tips

    step 1. Go to Poker

    step 2. Make sure you have at least 200k chips.

    step 3. Choose 1000 bet. If you dont have at least 200k , pick the 100 bet andp lay until you have 200k

    step 4. choose the 2 cards system

    The Poker here has 2 Phase,

    Phase 1> the ussual "Poker" with self explanatory systems.
    Phase 2> Double Up, where we guess the next card either "High" or "Low".

    Tips for Phase 1.

    This is the most frustrating phase ussually, and where it drains most of our Chips. But overall Full house arent that rare, and 4 of a kind also comes out from times to times which makes up for the minus.Off course assuming you didnt screw up on the 2nd Phase that is.

    Below is the common card situation to minimize the loss, either way once you get use to it you can improvise.Just use them as a general tips.

    - [ Ace-D ]/ [ Ace-H ]/ King-D / 3-D / 4-C If you saw a Pair keep them and discard the others.

    - [ Joker ] / Ace-D / Queen C / 2-D / 5-H If you saw a Joker , but no pair , mixed color , no chance to straight , only keep the Joker.

    - [ 4-D ] / [ 2-D ] / [ 6-D ] / [ 10-D ] / 2-C If you saw a pair , but the other has a same Theme ( diamond/heart/etc ) discard one of the different color have roughly 25% to
    get a flush.

    - 4-D / 5-C / J-D / 9-H / A-S If you saw no pair, and mixed random sh*t like above? discard them all.

    foot note. D = Diamond , H = Heart , C = Club , S = Spade
    [ in the bracket ] = keep that card That's ussually the most common situation on Phase 1, other than those you can Improvise.
    Just keep in Mind that you need at least 2 Pair, 3 of a kind , and straight to Advance o the 2nd Phase.

    Phase 2 Tips.

    Now this is where beginner player ussually throw away their money.The Game has the same Gimmick with RL casino where sometimes the Dealer screw you over and force you to lose.You'll probably think that's just RNG working around!? sure until you get [3] or [K] for 2 or 3 consecutives turn and logically choose High for [3] and Low for [K] and the Dealer decide to screw you over.
    e.g You got [3] and Choose High!? The Dealer will force you either to Draw or Slap you in the Face with [2].

    The Trick to overcome the Sh*tty dealer is to win "small" cummulatively.

    and always choose High for [2]/[3]/[4]/[5]
    choose LOW  for [10]/[J]/[K]/[A]



    [6] is safe to gamble if you're still within the early stage.go for [High]
    [Q] is a fuc***g landmines, you'll see for yourself once you play long enough.If you got 8000-16000-or more better to Cash Out.
    [7-8-9] , you're better to cash out.If you get these numbers, it's basically the Dealer telling you "you're screwed mate".If it's still in the early stage which is 2000/4000 chips it's fine to gamble tho.


    ]once a number comes out, it'll never comes out for the 2nd time e.g discarded from the deck.

    ]remember, always cash out once you had 4000,8000,16000 if you saw those situation above for a safety measures.
    ]as I've said earlier Full House and 4 of a kind isnt that rare, so all you have to do is just Win small as to not get you Bankrupt.
    ]and there's also plenty of occasions the Numbers goes from 2>Ace>3>K>2>K>Q ( land mine better to stop there ) which can generate you a lot of chips.

    ]stop playing the 1000 bet if your chips goes down below 20k, and play 100 bet until it goes up again to 200k.

    If you're still not ready for the 1000 bet, try the 100 bet to get used to how it works.
    Just remember "a small win is a win nevertheless" just kept pilling them up and you'll be okay.Once you had your first 1 M chips , you can improvise however you like.

    Only do Bingo once you have around 7-10 M. Join the 20 player room and bid around 60.000 to 100.000 a game.
    Otherwise the net income from Bingo (5 people and 10 people room )arent really that Good.

    That should be all I think!?Hope it helps and not too confusing.

    G' luck and come to the Dark sides of GBF... mfufufu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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    • Yikes , so scarry

      I read them all , and I have 287K Casino Chip ATM

      But reading it , seems so scary

      Maybe I'll collect throught Event until 500K


      All of this only for Anat SSR right??

      I goes Light Team , should I really do Casino?

      I mean...... all of this Raid already consume big portion of My sanity......

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    • No, there's actually plenty of usefull stuff on the Casino.

      You can check the rewards on the "Casino cage" panel.

      and later on you'll need a lot of This that you can get from breaking Casino's SSR weapon.

      They cost 2.5 M for sword and 7.7 M for Gun's.

      also those stone for Weapon skill up's. <--- Important

      and those Omega anima ,

      1/2 AP pots.<--- Important

      well there's quite plenty usefull things there I guess.

      Dont worry, just try the 10 or 100 bet first to feel the experience.

      at most you'll just lose out 1000 to 10k Chips.

      My first try I got from 120k to 180k than goes down to 90k than back to 200k before I finally grasps what to do and what not to do.It'll get easier once you had your first 1 M since it wont hurt your sanity much on losing 30-80k chips.

      at the very least, always spare some chips to buy the pot's everyday.

      as for raids, remember it's always better to be the Host.The drop rates are significantly doubles.

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    • True , Host also have 40 Renown Pendant

      Still , playing Aigis - ShiroPro - FKG and 2 account is kinda make My life worse now

      Guess I'm gonna retire some account first. Before going to Casino

      Well , I do bought the EP and Elixir thing

      But buying those weapon is just so crazy.... I really am not interested. Specially 7,7M Gun

      Maybe someday , but def not ATM

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    • Yup It'll probably not until lvl 101 that you'll starting breaking SSR weapons.

      I myself are still confuse on which element to focus on, so just wasting time away rotting on the casino.
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    • Well , Christina is 77.777.777 not 7,7M My bad~

      Just how long it will take? Even in a day I couldn't win 100K - lol

      Like... Banker showed 3 , I chose High - result is 2 at 64K Casino Chip

      Or.... Banker showed King , I chose low - Draw and then I chose to play

      Banker showed King again , WTF.... I chose low - result is Ace


      Is there any guide for Bingo??

      I play it at 1 chip , but still did not understand what I must do

      Finaly I can kill the easiest 4 Beast , Xuan Wu

      Using Light Team , took Me 20 minute just to kill it pfffttt...... T___T

      I can understand DAT feel , I want to raise 2'nd Team

      But which one????

      Starting as Light Team s like starting the game in HL difficulty

      But yeah... I guess that's a given

      Since someone on Discord said that , Light and Dark is the 2 End Game Element

      Fucking RNG... when I thought I was so Lucky to get Light SSR when I started

      It seems it is a way of RNG just to mock Me again...

      Wish I got Fire SSR instead , since it seems Fire is newbie element~

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    • Larcx I can get 3 M chip around 3 hours [depend on luck] but this make my eyes hurt

      my lv 72 now and I can kill earth and water boss alone around 10 minute my team is wind

      now I only need many fodder for skill up wpn

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    • @Saefsan

      Yeah I can do it too now , but need Lucifer 120% ATK version at the very least. It's better if there is 130%

      There is some DED tho~

      Good thing Sophia can Revive , tho it's also shit when it's Phail.....

      Still , it's not the same

      Wind ===> Water , it's the natural weakness

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    • Oh yeah~

      My fave Penguin so far , lol

      Too bad , it's base on RNG T_T
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    • I use an Opposite Element on each Type of Raid for survavibility, but still using Fire as base and Sen as the only DPS.

      she's so usefull lol. even on water type she can still reach 3.6 M DMG total during full burst.

      and Free "Dodge". Would be nice to have Santa Sen for my wind team.

      but yeah, even on the easier Wind Raid I still need 6 minutes to Solo and over 15m for water. still too weak for HL raid.

      still lvl 59 here <---- lazy as f***.

      I guess it's time to catch up on the next 1.5x XP event.

      @Saefsan is now officially join the darksides ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b.


      Bingo is pure luck and time consuming, those people plying "Bingo" are just there for a "Super Bingo".It's really not recomended, but as saefsan said... playing Poker for hours does "that" to your eyes. whilst Bingo are kind of "Calming" and relaxing, if you dont mind with the time wasted that is.


      and like I said the RNG are Rigged, be xtra carefull at some point you are "Not allowed" to win pass some stage. that's why I suggesting to pill up the small wins and cash out. Once you get a consecutive win pass 4th even 5th or 6th stage that's when you'll rack up the Coins.Especially when you get a Full house or 4 of a kind.


      what's everyone favorites class so far? I think I'll ends up with sage with my lack of heal [fire]character. almost done max Limit all the I-III class so far, just a couple more class on the III bracket since I'm still lacking CP.


      If you want to start on Fire, Get Percival if you can. 6 turn of freezing boss Overdrive meter are one of a kind skills. tho' IIRC there's another character that can do such feat?, cant remember who. and IIRC you have Socie "fire", she's a staple for HL raid or any raid actually.So you're 2/4 done with fire team. Building another weapon Grid is another problem entirely tho' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

      Get Korwa if you plan to build multiple team, she fits to any team and an OP support character.

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    • @QonQon

      I tried Bingo 10K 10 Time , even tho I only have a million

      Not even a normal Bingo win , lol

      I really still don't understand how this can get Me a million in a hour

      Well , atleast some experience I have

      Back to Poker , My goal is only 100K Chip / day

      So it's really2 slow , but it's not consume too much time

      3,6M? Do You have damage capper character?

      Cool , too bad don't have her

      I only use Albert , and it's only 500K (130% Lucifer) Total damage to any element with Impulse Slash / 900k-1 million if enemies have mob slave , like XuanWu

      But it's not Impulse Slash , it's Electron Blade

      Normaly need 10-15 minute to kill the beast , but I hate to focus on it. I always got distracted by TV in 2 meter of My CPU , lol

      As for fave class , I actually like Hawkeye and Dark Fencer

      I can have 3 atk and can shot enemies in break (crack shot) , even with puny grid I can have almost 1Mil damage (300+K X3time) of course... when break occur

      But I need to raise-Master Ogre-Hermit

      While Valkyrie (the only class on T3 haven't unlock yet , need more CP)

      So My class is always changing~

      Nah... just like You , I'm still confuse on 2'nd Element

      Asking on Discord make My head hurts

      Some of people said Fire is good , some of it said Wind is also good

      Wind have many advantage , like Anat. And it seems the easiest SSR droprate on Tiamat Omega Raid

      While if looking at SSR , I have Eustass and Melleau at Earth

      From what Discord people said , Luminiera / Chev(?) is the shittiest drop rate on the game. Not too mention the Raid is hard , fucking merge.....

      If what You said before true , Gold Box = 5% / Red Box = 10%

      It's probably 1% from Gold Box and 3% from Red Box on Lumi

      In a day , when I do many raid. I can get 3 SSR from other. While 0 on Lumi alone

      Even have 2X Colosus Cane , which is the most important for Fire Team

      Still , if everyone said is true about Light being good on End Game.I guess I can keep a little of My sanity clinging for that - LOL

      Becoz , I'm stuck now.......

      Luminiera Omega Bolt is VERY hard to get (Only 2 from Pendant / month) , while Luminiera Omega Sword only 4 available in entire life.....

      There is no other Element have 5000 Pendant and only 4 available , only Light does

      Not too mention if I get Luminiera Omega Bhuj instead , LOL T___T

      But , ever since I have 3 Luminiera Bolt , Albert Impulse slash gone up from 200K - 300K total damage to 350K - 500K

      With another 3 LB , I can have easy 500K - ??? in 1 turn XD

      And with Maxed Cap LB X6 , maybe I can have easy 1 mill? (Altho this need months , lol)

      Then again , how much I will have with Lv 10 Skill LB X6

      I hope I'm still playing this by then , lol

      Anyway , I think I'm gonna take a break after this event

      Gonna ignore next event , I want to raise other SR team to atleast Lv 50-60

      Also , for Korwa. That have to wait for another Suptix / Ticket Event

      Not gonna spend 3000 DMM Point even on guaranteed SSR

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    • Bandicam 2017-04-15 16-25-59-729
      I quite lucky on beginer draw set last week when I really want Petra for my wind team I got her from 10x draw ticket from beg draw set and decided pick up Percival

      but my fire team still need many thing on wpn side

      I need another SSR fire char to replace bald old man, he have quite good raw atk but I dont like his skill [enmity,counter & +20% CA bar] no inflict dmg

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    • Why not replace the bald with Sen?

      You need 24 Colo Cane , good thing those Cane drop often

      Unlike shitty Lumi Bolt~

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    • I dont need to farm all that cane event some fire wpn from event is fine

      I dont feel like using Sen to me Alec is better [personal opinion]

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    • Saefsan wrote:
      I dont need to farm all that cane even some fire wpn from event is fine

      I dont feel like using Sen to me Alec is better [personal opinion]

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    • Is it? According to Qon2 , she can deal 3,6 M damage tho

      Well , I guess Your SSR can do more than that

      It's just normal SSR > SR then , hahaha~

      Colo Cane Grid is necesary for Fire Team

      Luminiera Omega Bolt for Light / Luminiera Omega Sword for Light on Lv 120+

      IIRC Spear for Wind , dunno which one for Water and Earth

      If You don't want to use them , it's fine tho

      But for everyone that want to solo / snipe Omega Raid , HL they are needed

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    • glove for wind

      about Sen she need to charge [not atk each turn but she save atk each turn], I guess she can reach 3.6 M dmg but I dont know how many turn she need for reaching that dmg

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    • Eh..

      If it's like that , she needs to babysitted and hope not die~

      I'm gonna skip this week events , gotta go to hospital next week for days to acompany My mother for eye operation

      Anyway , I guess Your way of play is fine too , it's more relaxe anyway

      Somehow I kinda hate how we need certain weapon on grid

      Specialy on My case that Lumi/Chev drop is way lower than 4 Element

      True , there is no proof on this. But many Discord GBF Veterans said this , and of all 1,5 month. I gotta say it's true

      I have 10+ SSR Weapon drop on all 4 Element , compare to 1 Luminiera Bolt

      It's 10+ : 1 , shit......

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    • it look like hurt a lot eh grid for light

      feel like I want to build dark team , looking at some video dark team really op

      especially Vira with double atk dark and light

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    • Yeah like they said , Light and Dark is end game element

      Go to Casino , Lumi and Celeste is 10K Casino Chip. While other is only 5K

      The discrimination is REAL~

      If only I got many Dark Chara when I started , I'll pick Vira instead of Ferry

      I really like Vira CV >.<

      Damn , when they will ever next Neptune game on PS4 >.>

      Anyway , I'm too deep on Light now. Gotta pick Amira on next Suptix

      And then D'arc / Juliet , I'm leaning on Juliet

      While I prefer D'arc Dark version instead of Light

      After that , I can start on Dark Team , yeah probably next year , haha

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    • @Larcx

      no you cant get 1M / hours doing Bingo , I think you're confusing it with Poker?

      as I've said those people are waiting those Bingo "Jackpot", and they come like once a week if you play at least 5 hrs a day.

      Doing poker you could get at least 35M without relying too much on luck.

      yeah I know the feels, I've also lost about 2M doing the 100k BINGO once, kept getting punch by others and eneded up with 3rd Bingo etc.Never goin BINGO again unless I want to hear some relaxed soothing Bunny girl V.A to acompany me asleep lol.


      yep the drop rates are around that much. you can test them by collecting lot's of Omega Anima and host the Raid yourself.

      there's 2 different Loot : Red Box with around 10% chance SSR

      Gold Box around 5% [ it flips if it contains SSR ]

      the actual drop rate might be different tho', but in all once you're capable to at least solo 30% of the Boss  HP, Farming Weapon Grid would become easier.

      since you'll always get 2 Red chest and more chance for MVP to get a Flip Gold box.


      as for SEN , her DMG depends on The Weapon Grid* turn, Better weapon Grid = Less turn needed for DMG CAP.

      Which means there's 2 way to use her,

      as a FULL BURST DPS.

      - DMG e.g   charr 1 to 3 doing a 250K burst each, SEN doing 1.2M burst. The Full Burst DMG ussually goes with SEN DMG Cap which is 1.2 M.

      [250k + 250k + 250k + 1.2M] + [ 1.2M Full Burst] = 3.150 and it can go higher if you have a character that can raise the DMG cap.

      and a Multi Attack DPS.

      here is pretty straight forward but need a bit of luck, Sen can hit 1.2M x3 on a turn after she has "Charge" anough but she wont participate in a burst bonus.And it also depends heavily on Weapon Grid.

      the most I can get are 800k x 3 after 10 Turns for now.

      and yeah you really need to baby sit her, but here's the thing.She is so simple that all you have to do is just press normal attack 10 times as long as the boss dont do anything devastating.

      If it needed to be just "PHALANX" all the way thru lol.

      and she comes with "Free" Dodge and counter.

      the downside is..., You'll never able to steal MVP by joining others raid if you relied on her.

      and considering @Saefsan already have Percy' then Sen is hardly needed.

      if you have SR Carren she can buff Percy for another 30% fire buff.


      Omega Grid nowadays is actually overrated anyway, whats with 120% element summon aura nowaday.

      But it's the most easier to Grind, anytime as long as you have the time and AP for it.

      that's also the reason that 120% summon cannot be "suptick".The Dev's dont want the power balance to crumble.


      Water ussually use Omega Dagger.


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    • @QonQon

      I still don't get it......

      1 Million in a hour in Poker?

      What is it that I'm doing wrong??? >.>

      I play for 2 hour today , and I can only go from 1 Million to 1,2 Million at first hour (Got For Card? I kinda forgot , the one that 20000 win) and managed to 160K it

      Get out from Casino for hours doing something else

      Back again and play for a hour , goes down to 1050K

      I lost 150K instead in a hour , got J/Q/K ===> result banker have Ace

      Got 3 ===> Banker have 2 instead

      Never I can past 16000 round. Talk about curse.....
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    • lol that is indeed weird,

      which phase that makes you lose chips the most?

      Phase 1 ? or phase 2

      for Phase 1 it's really rely on luck, in aigis you can compared them to daily quest.

      but in term of avarage, full house and 4 of a kind still comes out times to times even if you had a bad deck over a long time.

      just dont screw them over on phase 2 tho lol.

      for Phase 2

      on what stage are those two occurs?

      let's say you got 2 pair.

      stage 2 of 2 pair are 4000 chips.

      e.g you got that King at stage 3, there's a high chance the RNG will screw you for a while and wont let you advance past stage 3 for a while. keep cashing at 4000 - 8000 for a while.

      just kept pilling up those small wins.

      Stick to one rules, If you ever in Doubt just Hit "High" or "Low" whichever you'd prefer.

      e.g you got 8, just hit High and be done with it lol.

      If you're losing more coins during phase 2, than the problem might be that you're too "Greedy"

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

      and kept pushing above certain stages at some point the RNG doesnt  favor you.

      but yeah... those King and than suddenly "BooM" Ace is annoying.That's also why I give a "Warning" when you get a Draw.

      better to cash out and re-do if you think the next stage are prone to fail you base on the previous deal.

      always pay attention on which stage that always fail's you even if you got a Good card like that "K" or "3","4"

      Good Luck~

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) b

      Edit : ah... I missed that "Never I can past 16000 round." lines, yep indeed this is a matter of "greed" lol.That's probably why you kept losing more coins than gain.

      Remember everytime you Gain small 2000-4000-8000 you're basically gain +- 0 or even surplus.

      The key is, to keep the net Lose vs Gain are Balance until you get the "Big Fish" i.e Full House , Flush , or Even "4 of a Kind".

      for comparison, I' ussually cash out on 4000-8000. sometimes when the Card is good and RNG goes a bit "Tame" I go hit a bit more to 16k or 32k but this is rare.most of the time I got full house and goes racking coins from there. after 1 hour's it's ussually ended at 1M+ on avarage.

      even when I got Full house and the 2nd stage are "Q" I'll just Cash Out [ or chicken out lol ] and grab the 20k when the Previous deal are always "Sh*t" pass the 3rd stage.

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    • save phase 1000-8000

      dangerous phase 16 K - 32 K

      regret phase, over 128 K [ cuz if u lose u will think why I not stop before lol ] 

      I usually end my game at 128 K and never goes beyond 300 K when I get 4 kind card

      now my target only 128 K each day for potion and omega anima

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    • Eh.... I thought You guys goes up to 160K

      When I got 20K Win and move to stage 2 , I always aim atleast 80K / 160K

      I dunno if You cash out even at 20K

      Always tried to 16K atleast and 32K mostly


      I'm greedy am I >.<

      So it's better to cash out at 4000-8000? >.>

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    • I think that will take too much time

      at least aim for 64 or 128 K

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    • lol.....

      QonQon said to aim 8K-16K and got 1 Million in a hour

      But now , You said to aim for 64K / 128K

      Which should I follow , hahaha T____T

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    • So I activate alarm to know how much I got from Casino

      Result is from 1100K to 1350K = 40 minute

      I really can't stay focus for a hour >.>

      Most of them cash out at 4000 or 8000 , got 2x Full House - Cash out on 40K and 80K

      Actually 3x Full House , but shit happened....

      Banker showed 4 , chose high - result is 3 #$!%^$%^!$%!#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 凸(¬‿¬)

      It's on the first round 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

      So yeah , I really doubt 1 Million = 1 hour


      Not that I say You're lying , infact I trust You~

      But... I really have small doubt

      Did You really look at the clock and it's really 1 hour?

      Who knows..... Your 1 hour is actually 5 hour T______T

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    • Larcx

      this my experience, sometime I lose 50 K in 1st phase, and cash out 8-16 K I think u need so many many win to reach milion chip, I always aim for 128 K now so even I lose 50 K but I still get 70 K if I cash out at 128 K

      but I guess each ppl have their own way to play

      4 anat = 10 M

      3 stell brick = 1.5 M

      daily pot & anima = around 50 K

      and now I still have 1.3 M chip

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    • Here is a simple Break down on 1 hour Poker.

      let's assume that in 1 minutes we get to make 2 Deal, that makes it 120 Deal within a hour.

      let's assume that half of them are busted and half of them are Cash out at 8000.

      that makes it 8000x 60 = 480K

      now that already half of millions from an hour gain.assuming th worst that half of those deal are busted.

      I'm not counting all the full house and 4 card's that I'll assume at least, at the very least happen

      5 Full house at 20k x3- 40k x1- 80k x1  thats > 180k

      4 of a kind at least 2 at the worst 40k   that's >  80k

      480K + 180K + 80K = 720K and this is assuming "THE WORST CASE SCENARIO".

      now Imagine if 25% of those 8000 are manage to reach 16000.

      and 10% able to reach 32k

      fyi I rarely goes above 64k from 2 pair/3 of a kind deal so I wont count that here.

      and I've said on the 1st Post Tips.

      if you're at 8000 and 16000 and got a 'K' or '3' it's still fine to gamble as long as you knew the RNG didnt screw you.

      I've also listed some "Cards" that 99% it's better to just Cash Out like 7-8-9.

      but it's also fine to gamble if it's still within 2000 stage or even 4000.

      so. yes it's absolutely possible to achieve 1M by cashing out at 8000 periodically when the RNG are bad.

      e.g if you 're at 8000 and got an "8", I'd say it's best to cash out rather than pushing for 16.000 or even goes to 64000. That's a waste of coins.

      Phase 1 is all about Luck


      Phase 2 is more about micro management.

      Dont worry tho' it took me a while till I could easily and confidently get 1M in an hours.

      Hope this will makes things clearer and easy to understand.


      New Bitmap Image (2)
      Havent Play Poker for a while since 2 weeks ago but here's my current Chips and records.

      [too many Games too many Events and too many Holiday that I spent stuck on traffic Jams orz.*cries in the corner].

      2 hours top is the most I spent for GBF currently/day.

      and yes I can still manage that 1M/hr

      PS : You wont be able to manage 2 deal within 1 minutes if you use a Phone btw.There's significance gap on the Lag between using PC and Phone/Mobile device.

      and dont think too much on the 1st Phase.I ussually skim them thru and at most took me 3-5s.

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    • Bandicam 2017-04-17 09-09-50-856
      my result
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    • ^ Yup as you can see on the High Score, despite Saefsan Won more chips ( means he plays more games than I do ) my High Score is Higher.Why? it means I cash out/ wins more than losing/busted on Poker than Saefsan.Or is that how it really works tho? I'm not sure myself lol.


      Whichever strategy or Tips just consider whichever that suit's your "Gameplay".

      I'm a "micromanage" freak because my Playtime are limited "for now".

      New Anime seasons coming up, and It's a few Final weeks on Premiere League ( if you follow football).

      and lots of event on games I play to catch up too. urgghh wish a day had more than 24 hours.

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    • Here's an example of my Micromanagement.

      I think sometimes last week? we've talked about everyone started grinding Omega raid.

      at that time I havent start / Grind Omega raid and have 0 SSR weapon/summon.

      think i've also said my resources at that time too.

      here's my grind result with minimum effort start from the 4 Beast event until now.

      The Break Down are something around this much;

      Collosus Omega

      5 host > 1 Cane , 1 Summon

      20+ ( cant remember but at least 2/4 a day) join random > 2 Cane , 2 Summon , 1 Katana , 1 Gun

      Levi Omega

      5 Join Random > 0 SSR ( join for dragon scale to Uncapp charr )

      Yggy Omega

      2 Join Random > 1 SSR Sword

      Wind Omega

      2 Host > 0 SSR

      9 Join Random > 1 Spear > 1 Gun > 1 Summon

      so that's 42+ Raid and 12 SSR drops total, I do remember the Raid ( aside from Colossos) because how rare/small the amount I join them lol.

      It's a bit higher than the Drop rates Un official that I wrote before isnt it!?

      simply because I used the same Logic I did when farming Silver Unit's on Aigis.

      think I've post them a few times on Aigis board.

      - Join raids,1 times or 2 times no SSR drops!? stop joining for a while.

      - Join raids on another time bracket, Drop SSR , join another, and Time stamp and remember the time.

      - Join raids on the same bracket at last time , drop SSR, join another.

      -etc etc

      U can check the Resources left, Rank Increase , and Total Pendant ( I'm ashamed to say but it's my total pendant since I've made this account orz ).

      I've used most of the resources for 4 Beast Raid mostly tho'. You can compare the 4 beast pendant on the Screenshot above.

      This had nothing to do with Casino, but what I want to emphasize is I wont give a suggestions, unless I had the fact to back them up.e.g I've done it a few times and can replicate the same situations a few times.

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    • Hmm , You see...

      I follow Your guide through and through

      All I can say is Your worst scenarion is still better than My worst case scenario.......

      I guess 500K/hour is possible in My case

      I am not interested on Anat , I don't have wind anyway , I even don't INTERESTED on Chris , she's rated at Tier 8.0 IIRC

      Pot and Berries is a MUST , while the other thing I want is Fury Stone

      But given how suck My Luck is....

      Oh well , atleast I don't go Your way Qon2 XD

      I can still watch Anime and playing P5 ^_^

      I guess I'm gonna play casualy from now on

      Just do Hard Lumi ETC and Host the Lumi Omega

      Do some Event if I have time , I don't even Maxed Vohu Manah Summon before and the Pistol

      About SSR's

      I got 2 Colo Cane - 1 Colo Carbine - Colo Summon SSR

      Lumi SSR Summon - 1 Lumi Bolt (I have 3 , but other 2 is from buying on the shop)

      I got all SSR Omega Summon so far , eveb Celeste is Maxed Cap

      Also some Tiamat SSR - Celeste SSR Spear

      I guess around 2-4 farmable SSR per week

      Really those always drop even I don't want to >.>

      While for Lumi Sword / Bolt , it's shit~

      Anyway , Thanks Qon2 XD

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    • No Problem

      I guess it's also depends on Playing style.

      If you check you tube, there's a video guide about Casino poker.and there's an example on how he play casino. My speed on shifting the 1st Phase are pretty much as fast as those video's.

      ( forgot which video's but it's on top of the list with keyword " Gran Blue Poker" IIRC , it's been long ago ).

      Uhh... everyone seems already so far ahead.

      2 more weeks until Unite & Fight and 1/2 AP event ussually comes with them so I can start to catch up.

      I'm also still waiting for the 15M celebration.It should be near especially since GBF anime are underway now. It should be attracting more new players.

      IIRC someone said we're on 14,6 M during the 3rd birthday.

      and if the "Rumours" are accurate, well get another 10+ Free Premium Draw for a week.

      at least that's what they did during the 14M celebration on Feb ( and I did check the Game but didnt realize that orz. I even still got the Valentine's box on the screenshot above )

      Cross Finger's

        Loading editor
    • So Yeah since I'm curious by nature, I've gone an asked a few friends that's been playing over a years.

      and your case is...

      actually "Normal".500k / hour is actually the normal ones.

      getting 1M / hrs is possible but that's just means  that I'm on consecutive good RNG within the time frame.

      Of course I've insisted that's not the case since I've got 1M/hrs in avarage of my total 6M chips gain from Poker.

      my play time break down are something like ( 2 consecutive hrs , 1 consecutive hrs , 3 consecutive hrs )

      Then they said, that I've hit a lucky patch during that hours.

      so they dare me to play another round but

      -limited to 1hrs straight no more and no less.

      -and in my 1st 10 minutes I must win less than 100k or I have to do over.

      ( win more than 100K within first 10 minutes means that at that time frame the RNG are good)


      The Results.


      That's the Worse RNG I've ever felt...

      more than 70% of the Deal starts with "7" and "8"

      I've busted 3 "4 of a kind" and lot's of Full house on the 2nd and 3rd stage.


      The worst thing is...

      those people are still laughing on the Background.and said... this is the Normal Results.

      It is actually not easy to find a good RNG timeframe, and when you do kept playing till you break your finger's.

      they ussually stop playing poker if within 10 minutes they had really bad RNG and gain less than 50-100K.

      So it seems 1M/hr as an avarage is not that rare. but Playing for "just" one hour and got 1M is Rare.Why? because it's normal for RNG to sucks for an entire hour and vice versa.

      I'm sorry it seems it does a bit misleading. 500K is actually normal if you play for an hour.

      the worst thing is they are still laughing...


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    • Nah it's okay

      Atleast it make Me feel less cursed~

      Even if it's the case , I'm still gratefull for the guide~

      It's yet RNG mock at Me again and again and again~
      Colo Sword SSR
      SSR Leviathan Omega Dagger

      Where the F*** Lumi Bolt????!!!!!

      Ahahahahahahah T__________________T

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    • yesterday I got 2 cane [fire] 2 glove [wind] 1 gun [dark] from cerberus event (need this gun for my future dark army lol) and some SSR summon  

      and now I can solo yagdrasil omega on strike time :D

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    • oh yeah some tips : if u need CP u can buy moons with pendant and trade it for CP u can get 2500 CP with 1 gold moons in shop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

        Loading editor
    • ^ Oh... I havent check that.Isnt that like super cheap?

      1 gold moon = 2500 CP.

      Can Solo Omega already,.... that's nice the most I can get are just 30% before they goes OD and sweep my team with AoE. Still far away from decent.

      ^^ at least dagger is usefull for Water team, Katana is garbage tho' unless you make a fire party and want to 4* Ray of zhuqu.Breaking those katana will yield enough materials.

      This felt so wrong in so many ways...

      I manage to defeat Nightmare Kero-chan on my 1st attempt with no Elixir.

      but failed so many times on Maniac. I could probably able to beat it with 2 elixir but considering I dont need the drop it's kinda of a waste.

      New Bitmap Image
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    • u can also trade bronz and silver moons too

      about cerberus showdown I need 6 exilir to beat lv 75 cerberus

      if u want build dark team the gun really nice wpn my team almost hit 2x each turn on lv 1 skill

      Bandicam 2017-04-19 09-39-41-820
      so far I got 3 copy drop from cerbe chan and buy 2 from shop
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    • uwaah... that's crazy, I'll probably need more than 2 or even 10 elixir after all.those mobs with debuffs are nasty.

      so I was wrong on thinking "Maniac" is easier than "Nightmare" then!?

      I've always thought Maniac lvl are lower than Nightmare...


      yeah I was aiming to build a dark team at first, but seeing farming celeste Omega ( stupid debuffs ) and my lack of dark DPS charr are a bit discouraging.

      The Gun does looks nice

      • droolz

      Unite and Fight coming up, and I'm still not sure which one GW character I'm aiming.

      probably 5th as I'm also planning Wind team, but the Harp is also nice.

      but considering my Fire team are already 30% decent ... but the Fire GW character arent really a Burst DPS.The game really makes it hard to make choices... choices...

      not to mention we need 2 Golden Bar per GW charr, and thousand farm items whorl, books , orb etc.

        Loading editor
    • Is it really hard?

      Well... I mean.. since mine is Light , just gonna make it easy and choose Tweyen

      Still , on this GW I'll get Dagger first (Previous was Harp , when I used Superstar a lot)

      And after next week GW , it'll be Bow

      I already got 1 Gold bar , was farming 10 gold nugget on last 4 Beast - lol

      And probably next 4 beast too , next time I probably can kill it faster

      Tho it not need to kill actually , just MVP it and share it for faster farm

      Just choose element that You used a lot for GW Character

      Just keep playing and farming and do not think too much , it'll be many when You know it in few next month

      While Eternals good , I don't think they are needed to much anyway?

      I'll get Amira on next suptix , then.. there is only 1 slot left

      Probably Jeane / Juliet. See.... Probably Tweyen only on subteam instead.....

      I'm having too few Fury Stone , such a mistake to used them 1-2 in the past

      Just knew today I can stack them for 100% success instead >.>

      Too lazy to do Casino , yesterday I only got 50K

      Just gonna buy Half Elixir - Berry and quit it~

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    • I really hope for 10 x free draw for premium again

      I want to build dark cuz I got bahamut on last anniversary free draw, I Iike some art dark char :D and they quite op

      agree with larcx I choose suptic than griding GW char [look really crazy to me to farm all that item]

        Loading editor
    • Yea it really is crazy,

      for now maybe I should just collect the necessary weapon first.

      I'll just decide after we had another 10x free draw again.

      the 14M celebration also has that, ( which is a bummer since I actually log on that day to check up the english interface and didnt realize it. even The valentine gifts are still on my inventory above orz.).

      Only got 2 gold nugget last 4 beast for a total of 8 with the 6 I got from quest. Considering that they didnt re-stock the Gold Bar which is limited to 4/ account currently or was it 5? and it's a recurring event I'm kinda reluctant to use them for gold nugget.

      same with Damascus Bar, 3/account. They are so stingy :/

      Ha ha ... yea never goes below 100% for Skill lvl up.Even 97% can fail, or so say many of the more experience player.

      at least it's easy to get SR weapon for fodder, especially if we farm Omega alot.Lvl ing them to 10 is a pain tho', and never use Omega Summon as aura until your Omega weapon skill level at least 40++ combine together.

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    • So that's why everyone kept saying using Gold Brick to Uncap SSR Char Weapon is a BIG mistake~

      Good thing I listen to them , despite I really want to uncap either Albert / Ferry Weapon

      Yeah shit , tell Me about it

      I used Furry stone like water at first Event (Sandalphone)

      I didn't even realize they give 100% rate until few days a go like I said......

      "at least it's easy to get SR weapon for fodder, especially if we farm Omega alot.Lvl ing them to 10 is a pain tho',"

      What is that suppose to mean??? SR Weapon for fodder?

      I don't know anything about it , please explain~

      "and never use Omega Summon as aura until your Omega weapon skill level at least 40++ combine together"

      Well , I used Odin ATM , until someday I got My Light Team ready. And gonna get Lucifer instead on suptix

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    • let take bahamut wpn as example

      usually u need 1 SSR wpn each lv so if skill lv 9 >> lv 10 u need 10 SSR wpn as foder

      BUT I have some tips [ actually from kamihime project but in GBF also work ]

      lv 1 to lv 2 u only need 1 SSR wpn [ u can also using SR wpn but u need 10 SR wpn ]

      lv 2 to lv 3 instead using 2 SSR wpn as fodder first u lv SSR foder skill lv to lv 2 with 2 SR wpn, with this u only need 1 SSR wpn to raising skill lv baha wpn

      my baha dagger now lv skill 7  [ I only need 2 SSR wpn fodder with skill lv 3 from lv 6 to 7 ]

      raising skill lv another wpn [event or omega] is more easy than baha wpn

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    • Hmm , so I need lots of SR weapon huh

      I used them for reduce instead so far~

      Guess I'll collect them all instead from now

        Loading editor
    • CHRISTMAS COMES WAY TOO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      SSR 10 Draw Free
      SSR Amira

      Got it from today 10 Free Draw Ticket!!!!!!!!

        Loading editor
    • damn it I only get 2 SSR sumon

      - fire summon with 30% crit rate and

      - earth Summon with 120% buff, da fuk I dont intend to build earth team if there goddess like aigis I want blame that goddess this summon even more op than bahamut or lucifer in without any uncap

        Loading editor
    • 120% without uncap is amazing tho~

      Still if You're not gonna use it , it is a waste - perhaps... trash

      Maybe Dev need to rebalance and attract Earth user??

      They doesn't seems to be strong , well they are strong

      But overwhelm by other Element instead

      IMO , raising 4 element is... mendokusai~ I'm gonna skip those

      Altho this is the reason I feel like I'm playing in HL difficulty from the start. lol

      Anyway , You've been trolled by RNG

      Now I only need either Jeane / Juliet to complete My Light Team XD

      It will be ??? - Amira - Ferry - Sophia - Albert

      Sophia is turn out to be good , despite her weak ATK. Everyone said she is usefull on "Impossible"

      Can't wait for next suptix

      So I can move on to Dark Team

      Gotta get Vira!!!!!!!! My Goddess XD

      Wish GBF collaborate with Idea Factory - Compile Heart

      And make outfit for her , hahahah XD

      Ah wait... Rosetta is also part of the game too , maybe an outfit for her too~

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    • I thought it's only myth~

      It does exist.....
      SSR Lumi Sword

      All the host I've done , and to think it drops when I leech other people instead >.>

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    • I rarely join luminiera omega raid cuz that the most annoying boss I prefer join celeste omega instead

        Loading editor
    • Urkk.... Share me some of those luck!!!.

      maybe there's some left on the SS mention!!?

      • sniff sniff *lick lick *peropero... ugh,tastes like ****.




      anyway.. this is really a bad time for me doing U&F... long holiday = stuck in a long traffic jam (hurray).orz

      and I'm struggling on this event.Why is all Fire Type are so hard to debuff!! Dang it.the last U&F are easier despite now I have double the power lvl.

      Can at least solo Tiamat Omega now
      .It suits my team well, and practically use the same strategy as most event boss in Kamihime.Kite the OD meter to full and Burst them Down in a single turn.

      and did you guys check the #1 individual ranking?

      2700 total battle on day 3!!

      is that even human? I mean even if 1 battle last for 1 minutes they still need at least a full 7-8 hrs Gameplay a day.*shudders

      not to mention the resources.


      They added Dark Katalina for BD anime Bonus lol... The (dark) Yuri Combo is real now.


      geh!? going for Coda already? Thx for the tips, now those useless Tiamat Axe can be of use.

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    • Luck? You mean the mocking Luck??? (╬ಠ益ಠ)

      I thought I'm the only DesperateDespair guy here.....

      But when I asked on disscord , most of them said. Their Light Weapon Grid haven't change much in like 3 month...... (They even start as another Element instead , meaning they already strong to do magna solo)

      There is even someone said something like "Starting the game with Light , they bring the pain to themself" or even something like "what a masochist"

      WTF???! Yeah rite..... RNG keep giving Me Light and Light and Light (¬_¬)

      What a PAIN!!! (◔ д◔)

      Now almost 2 month of playing , I still cannot even solo Celeste or any Omegas

      And I might still in this shitty situation until I get 6 Luminiera Bolt as base and fuly uncap them. Perhaps I might break Lv 120 instead(???) before those are done

      While on Lv 120 , main grid change to Luminiera Omega Sword

      See? What a FUCKING situation I'm in?

      As if it's not enough~
      Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 LOS for a Lifetime , WONDERFULLLLL!!!!!!!!

      Whelp..... sorry... I'm insane right now >.>

      And see..... game kept giving Me Light

      I'm starting to think this is a torture / mock / punishment

      While the one I targeted (Lumi Bolt - LOS) never shows up in those hundreds raid leech and many (100 time? or perhaps more?) Lumi Omega I've hosted

      If only I got Fire/Wind SSR instead when I started , it's so easy to Lv them up according to discord GBF veteran

      4 Beast Rise is the main source , it also have nice Weapons. And they also good for long term investment


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    • 1446199817384
      Somehow, thats..
        Loading editor
    • Wish for them, and they granted it.!!!

      another massive update this week and for better or worse, another 10+ Free Premium Draw.

      5 days, + 10 days of 1 free summon.

      Only 2 days during Premium Gala though, which is too bad sice I'm only halfway to be able "Spark"ing.

      and Zoey is an MVP stealer...,only if you used enmity grid tho.

      It's a Good time to decide a Second element,but I'd be Happy i could just pull


      ( this is what we get if Cocoa [Guchuumon] met Megumin[Konosuba] and learn explosion spells)for my Fire team.

      or Socie...

      well anyway I'm here sitting on the coach,ready with a jar of "SALT" incase you guys pull another 3x SSR in a single Draw(╬ಠ益ಠ).

      felt like I've raise a "FLAG" there ...orz.

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    • Triggered~


        Loading editor
    • I got Orchild from 10x free draw and earth old man with 3000 crystal and 1 wind SSR summon with 1200 crystal

        Loading editor
    • I also got Olivia Dark Summon - Arulumaya SSR Earth - Hector Light Summon , And also Aliza Fire SSR from 3000 Crystal and 16 Draw Ticket

      But Meh~

      Nothing make Me excited as Katalina XD

      Just need Altair , and I probably will go Water instead on next ROTB

      I guess I'll stop spending Crystal , I'm down to 32K now

      Good thing got something out of it , might go insane and waste them and still got nothing

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    • can u pick anyone from unite and fight ticket summon and character like suptic?

      130 badge here after playing 2x unite and fight last time I only got 30 badge cuz I dont know the rule at that time

        Loading editor
    • Index22

      heh... expected huh!!

      you guys wont go easy on me.

      meanwhile I got this...

      Did the Light curse just moving on to the next unlucky persons?

      there's no way that its true right? right??

      and this drunkard 'R' rarity that sums up my feeling up to 5 days ahead...


      Urkk... my stomache,..

      Bring it On!!! there's still 4 more days to go!!

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    • Nah , I think I won't get any SSR anymore from the rest 4 day

      I did said before , I want Katalina Water~ So yeah , DAT's probably all to it

      Not that I care......

      Im still struggle like shit in Light Grid anyway

      UnF huh , I'm not gonna rely on that

      I have shitty crew teammates anyway - lol

      They didn't even replenish green potion

      Didn't even goes to preliminaries , pfffttttt

      Nice Orchid anyway , go create Dark XD

      Kekekeke , come to the Darkside , hahahahahah~

      It seems Saefsan is willing to spent tons of money to create OP Dark

      There is no way Dark OP can be created without Whaling

      There is absolutely no way to create it with Luck

      It's wall by MONEY :V

      Enmity gears - 4 Hades - Premium Summons , IIRC Enmity gear usualy comes from Premium Weapon Draw

      Well whatever , Good Luck~

        Loading editor
    • I just wait for suptix I still dont understand back then

      well I already have bahamut, for summon Orchid, Sarunan[dark] from crystall I only need Vira and someone else replacing Sarunan [ he quite useless using his skill 7x for stack buff and next turn he die lol ]  

        Loading editor
    • That's not how Dark OP works~

      Bahamut need to be Maxed Cap , which You need another 3 copies XD

      You need Zoey , this one is not impossible. Go get her in this 4 remaining days

      Get Enmity Gears , which Dark HP decrease = more ATK

      1 Enmity Weapon Maxed cap , so You need 4 of them

      Get 10 Weapon grid = 40 of them

      Enmity Weapon = Premium

      Get Hades X4 , Get 990 (+1 Mark weapons) , also another 3 Premium Dark summon x4

      It's like getting 6 on dice for 1000x in a row XD

      There is no way freemium can do DAT XD

      Well , it's fine tho

      It's like Me more than 10 years a go when I started Ragnarok , hahahahah~

      Prepare Your wallet Saefsan XD

        Loading editor
    • well I wont go that far

      for uncap I can using ingot,brick or dmascus the rest is wpn from even is fine to me

      btw I dont care about rec. eternal char so I will using brick to wpn I like or look op

      I currently farming material for row IV class and that already so much pain so say no to eternals

        Loading editor
    • damn it my luck too good on gacha

      I even got copy of SSR sword from yesterday

        Loading editor
    • Guess Your Dark OP is 1/3 OP then

      Seox is the best Eternal , and it's Dark

      Yeah , MEH to the material. Thousands of Material , pffttt so much I don't even know I must laugh / cry :V

      I only need Juliet and My Light Team is completed

      And then need months from shop restock to Maxed Cap Lumi Bolt Gun

      Nowadays I only let the screen log in while playing P5 or watc Anime

      Meh Luminiera drop is MEH~

        Loading editor
    • P5 ? is that persona 5 or something else

      lets hope together we got what we want from 40x free gacha in 4 days lol

        Loading editor
    • Yes Persona 5 , have play for many playthrough just for Social Link

      The best feature in the game XD

      Well , I still hope You get another 3 Bahamut tho , so I can LEECH it!!!!!!!! XD

      Or maybe You really need to crush Your wallet :p

      Bwahahahahahahah!!!!!~~ XD

      Amen on that , I still hope atleast I get 1 Dark , whether it SR is fine

      I only have Marquiares - Forte - Tanya - Cagliostro (Event) - Amira (EXP Leecher , she is on every Team XD)

      Damn , I think I'm starting to like DAT Jiji , Jiji with a Gurren Lagann Glasses >.> Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Easily do 600K-900K damage on "Break" even with crappy weapons that still in 9,5K Dark Damage

      More than those amount , if MP stack is more than 10 , best I got is 1,1 Million

      Altho the weird thing is , his tier is only 8,5

      While the comment said he can do 2,5 Million damage by himself >.>

      Hmmm , just bought 4'th Lumi Gun

      Finaly can MVP Yggdrasil Omega on My own

      Not solo..... just score 50K and leave it to requestbackup

      But shit.... genesis something is really hurt it wipe out all My 4 chars

      More than 10K damage , WTF is DAT??? >.>

      While Axis Mundi is friendlier , so yeah... out of 3 host

      2 success , 1 phail. Shit.... have to pray for RNG she did not lash out genesis something

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    • ^That's where carbuncle comes to action, if you use wind team tho' most of them can just Dodge them as long as you knew it was coming.

      That's why any character that can Blow "Overdrive meter" in 1 / 2 turn is considered SS tier.

      I'm really Glad I got SEN, it really helps me alot with many content.especially with my crappy luck with Gacha draw.

      1. 2nd day, no SSR just got 1 useless SR weapon, 1 DANTE SR ( first a cat, 2nd a Cat lover... what's next? )...

      whilst my alt that I used to host Co-Op got....




      Oops... I meant

      Magisa A
      Her >>>

      Typon.. agni... bunch of SR character... orz.

      Xeno Ifrit coming up, dont have a decent water team...

      O' well I'll push through with QUantity ( AP pot ) rather than Quality...

      gotta get at least 1 MLB axe ,

      This is Funny lol, from redditespecially for a "Dark Team" user.

      maybe they will add another "Cheat Helper" like current event!? 40% ATK/HP stats up?

      This "cheat" is hillarious lol, I can even solo the current extreme Raid boss without trouble.

      too bad it doesnt apply to Nightmare mode.

      with the current summon aura system, that 40% are basically a 100% increase to my total ATT.

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    • I dont get any char from today gacha

      I can using sunlight stone for uncap bahamut well maybe I can do that each 3x unite and fight

        Loading editor
    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Not sure I want to laugh / happy about it

      I don't hate him , but getting this at Rank 80+

      Hahahaha :V

      I will use him of course , it's not I pick him from ticket anyway~
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    • Jq4orgtfijmvyciudk7ixrwkl7icdkxz hq

      and The other one are basically SSR SEN (earth) with Dodge and 100% Cap Boost at 10 turn which mean theoretically you can reach a 5M++ Total Full Burst Team DMG in a single turn.



        Loading editor
    • Actually I still have another 1 SSR

      But...... let's save it for sometime~

        Loading editor
    • 3'rd Day is here!!!!!!!!

      Loot at DAT face XD

      Vira is LOVE~
      3&#039;rd Draw
        Loading editor
    • I got another earth char today feel like dev saying >> go build earth team

      total 4 SSR char earth + summon earth with 120% aura atk

        Loading editor
    • Which Earth Char?

        Loading editor
    • Bandicam 2017-05-03 03-57-29-442
      the last girl bellow summon
        Loading editor
    • Noice , Casino Chip finder~

        Loading editor
    • please make new post for another comment

      this post already too long

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    • A FANDOM user
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