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  • Important changes

    • Loot has been added for the following amounts of total honors earned: 9,000,000, 10,000,000, 11,000,000, 12,000,000, 13,000,000, 14,000,000, 15,000,000.
    • Bronze battle badges will no longer be awarded.
      • The contents and drop rates for some quests have been adjusted accordingly.
    • Loot earnable from silver battle badges has been adjusted.

    starts today, and it seems they will also Implement a few new changes. welp another Cow to add to Summon collections~.



    Reminder : If you dont join a Crew/ Make yourself, max Valor Pendant you can get are "30",

    Doesnt really matter for me since . It's not like I'll get any 100/120% Premium Summon anyway

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    • Yeah , it really doesn't matter to Me too~

      I do not own Lucifer yet......

      I just quited My Crew yesterday , so I'm Crewless. I got zero valor  with a Crew

      Only got like 15 with Individual Rank , and today I got 15 again. So I got 60 Valor

      Pfffttt...... journey to Sunlight stone is far~

      I rather create "alone Crew" instead , since I can set Strike time whenever I want

      Last time I only got 3 million honor , far cry from 8 Million to get cow~

      But I do managed to got a Max Uncap Summon and still have 3 spare of the cow , got it from leech raid :V

      I dunno..... It seems invest 3000 Yen on Light SuperStar summon (100% Guarantee but random) seems better than losing some sleep when staying on a Seed Crew :V

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    • I love current UnF ,3 of 4 my char can deal C.A dmg cap with maxed bahamut  (130% aura)

      I hate 2nd and 3rd revenant wpn draw [already got one] over than 800 ticket 2nd revenant wpn refuse to appear

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    • @Saefsan

      When and how do You know , Your Chars break C.A dmg cap?

      Sometime Marquiares deal 1,6Mil , sometime when critical he got 2,5 Mil C.A dmg. Well , it's only on Xtreme (35 AP) tho~

      Weird part is , the pic is done with Bahamut 100%. But when I borrow Bahamut 130% , it does 2Mil Damage instead - lol

      Anyway.... I don't know whether it's the cap / not. Is there any notification when You break dmg cap?

      Yeah agree , this UnF is actually can be fun. If only I got atleast total of 50 Weapon Lv skill....

      Stuck with 21 Lv combined >.> The feel when Your grid isn't even half done

      MEH T_T
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    • Haven't started it because points won't count towards the crew, on the other hand

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    • ^

      and then 17 more to go~



      leech for the tokens, that's all that matters in UnF anyway.


      Normal Ougi and Normal Attck capped around 1.2 Mills.

      Critical still effected by DMG cap, and it only works against enemy with "Weak" element.

      If your character breach that value it means,

      1. the character has  DMG cap Increase in his C.A multiplier (e.g Yuisis has 50% CA increase on 2nd form )

      2. you'r party using C.A cap increase buff ftom skill/summon

      the DMG cap has been change a while ago and becomes a "soft" cap means?

      - if you hit a 12.000.000 DMG it becomes 1.200.000 minimum + ( 1%x 12 M ).so it's still possible to reach 12M C.A if you can hit 1.2 KM DMG lol.

      Meh... another meh element..., I ended up have to make a rainbow colored party (*kira *kira!?)

      Macrossf 12-05b

      and it took me 39 f**** turn to kill the Extreme solo.
      39 turn

      they didnt gave "Beginner Cheat" steroid for UnF


      Didnt have a Dark Burst DPS, and I had to rely on Sen 10 turn burst. orz

      need 8M DMG in 1 turn to Burst Extreme + OD meter which is Impossible for me now.

      O' well I'll just grab 2 UnF weapon as ussual and 1 or 2 M honor.

      already Got 1 from 1st Hundred batch, 1 more to go~

      and we'll need 40 of them for 5* a GW character!! Yiikes


      The UnF Rotation are cruel,

      Wind = my grid are still infants

      Fire = make my Fire Grid totally useless since "cant debuff"

      Light = Toooooooo many Dark Looooooords to farm Honor.Even joining Extreme are like joining Omega. 1-3 turn Dead!!!. only got 5K-10K honor max.

      Next are

      DARK = Suffering Continues~

      If anyone wants to get another extra 175 Valor Badges? try to reach #20k Individual Honor.

      you only needs 1.5 KM honor to do that. Easy isnt it?


      or at least 100 - 200 M to reach #80.000 rank and got 25 Valor badge.

      at least the New Class are easy to get.And funny lol

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    • Eh... I only got 15 Valor Badges (Not on Crew - Individual)


      Now I still struggle on first Box , 220 left - and it still didn't give Me Two Crown Bow


      I only need 3 , since I got 1 from Queen Bee Raid

      But , if I got 4. That 1 can be use to Lv up Baha Sword instead~

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    • Got 30 Valor Badges here... 

      Currently with 5.2milion chips on Casino, after playing for a while i just notice poker have what i call cheat engine hahaha...

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    • @Tamachii

      "There's no Way My Poker Game can be This Random".

      it's definitely rigged!!


      Dealer : You got "Straight Flush", you think you're lucky?

      try this!!

      FYI I got "busted", 凸(`△´+)

      which one would you guys pick?





      are you sure you wont keep them?

      you'll need 40 of them if you planned to 5* a GW character sometimes in the future.

      and the other 15 Valor badges can only be earned from "Total Crew Valor".I think it's not too late to make one.

      welp... got 2 GW weapon from 2 100* batches lol.Mission accomplished~

      now to start upgrading them to Fire element!!~

      and after that just need a few Honor, get betting card and hope for a Good crystal gain.

      still waiting for Co-oP solo mode!!

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    • @QonQon 

      When i get an 8 i usually go low, but when cheat engine is at full throttle, it will fuck you regardless of what you pick(you can notice it working when you get situations like this one, and you'll lose by one number margin, AKA getting a 9 or 7 and sometimes it makes the same same of kind just to spit in your face "i'm trolling you lololololo"), situations as getting a draw 3 times in a row on an Ace or Two happens just to screw you...

      And you'll even have a room to complain ? the best i got was four of a kind, and i'm sitting on 5.7milion chips =x

      UnF, heh.. i don't know what i was thinking of and just realized the gun is a fire element character meh... though i doubt i will manage to get it since, i still haven't got the SSR Rev weapon lel...i'm almost emptying the box...

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    • @QonQon

      Yes , for now GW Character is the last of My problem~

      Albert - Amira - Ferry - Sophia - DLF(Earth) for Casino Chip Reason

      Next Surprise Ticket I will pick Juliet. That means , DLF(Earth) will have to go

      Juliet - Amira - Ferry - Sophia - Albert

      Now , if I go to pick Tweyen. Who should I kick?

      Juliet - Amira - Ferry is a frontline character , they are untouchable

      If I got Tweyen , she probably replace Albert as sub-char

      Having go through all those "Hell" just to get a sub-char??? pffftt.......

      And.... I might pick Jeanne (Light) someday too on next next Surprise Ticket (who knows)

      And please..... I'm not an AI , I still need sleep :V

      I'll probably Platinum P5 somewhere in this week. And I will have more free time. But I refuse to do those thing. I'm fine with I'll never have GW char

      Maybe another 2 year , oh look.. accidentally I got all the material >.>

      They are (GW Char) wonderfull , but I think it's not as wonderfull as Ferry-Korwa-Percival-Altair or any 5* or any 10* Tier

      Or maybe I'm wrong , well whatever~

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    • Here an example of the cheat engine.. what are the chances of getting something like this ? its 1 in 51 cards pretty much really low chance, and it happens with a stupid frequence...
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    • Please......

      Get on to My Level , You noob!!!! :V
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    • Yah Cheat Engine at its finest, there is only 2 instances that it doesn't make you lose.. when you get an Ace or Two -_-

      Well i got my second Levi SSR Dagger, now back to pendant farming once again T_T

      and FUCK THAT UnF box... 43 items left and guess whats on those 43 items.. yah the SSR weapon(i'm almost 100% sure if i pull 42 times, the weapon will be last(yep it happened... on the last 8 pulls -.-)...

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    • For the first two box , I almost wipe them all

      First Box - Only 50 or so item left

      Second Box - only 100 or so item left

      Third Box - Got in second 100 try , meaning I got in 200 pull

      Now I'm not sure whether to go to 4'th box or not. There seems still quite a long time

      And I still haven't get Supreme Merit , pebble and CP

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    • ^

      Yep it's normal, my last 2 UnF were like that too.

      that's why I'm mostly aiming for at least 2 copies

      This UnF tho'

      1st > 100 Pulls

      2nd > 500 pulls

      3rd > 100 Pulls

      4th > I'll probably emptying this one lol.


      3rd Day and I can already starts to slacking off lol~


      I suspect that the algorithm changes depends on How many "Low" and "High" players click on certain "Card" value.On which once we click "High" or "Low" the system already decided whether we "Won" or "Lose" on certain stage of the Double up's [based on the avarage win/lose of all player as base] and just "Slap" random Card just to justify the results.which explains why sometimes we can get multiple "DRAW".

      This is probably also why it's limited to 10 Stages esp' since the used card wont appear twice.

      btw the result's is 4 Spade  on my SS before . Congrats you won @Tamachii lol.



      btw Incase you didnt check the rotation quest Xeno Vohu Underway, you might want to farm those SSR gun to reduce them. Why no SSR staff on rotation dev's ಠ益ಠ? this is blasphemy

      Yeah GW character are niche, there's a couple better ones than them.

      Especially the Limited MagnaFes character.

      The water GW character are Rated quite Highly tho.and Tien's 100% BH are quite nice to have.

      I've been saving around 700 AP pot and by the next magnafest should have around 900's. Should be enough to finish up farming 4th Tier class and 80% of those GW character 4* materials.

      not sure about the 5* upgrade...

      8 Silver  centrum lol!!! not to mention the other sh*** items that only from HL.

      well they are in the End are END of Game  goals~, if anything they are felt like achievement Trophy.The different being you can use them lol instead of just using them to brag.

      Gonna focus farming Crystal for now, should have 55-60K by the time magnafest comes around and might be able to Spark "Korwa" or a genuine Fire DPS, unlike this fake SSR .

      100px-Heles iconA

      they should release her EMP this month, she might be usefull later..

      but meh not gonna put my hopes high (ノಠ益ಠ)

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    • pfftt yesterday I go crazy hit n run on UnF raid to get 4 copy and I always draw when I have 200 ticket

      1st copy around 300 draw

      2nd over than 500

      3rd over than 500

      4th over than 600

      after all that hit n run I continue to upgrade revenant wpn and now I stuck on 3rd upgrade with low orb material

      soul berry from 500 to around 250

      1/2 AP pot from 150 to around 120

      soul balm from 50 to 30

      if u talking about crazy farming

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    • @QonQOn

      It's easy to get 4 copy of it , I always got 4 copy since My first GW

      First was 9 Realm Harp

      Second was Four Sky Blade

      Currently , I chose Two Crown Bow

      I got 1 copy from Queen Bee Raid , therefor I already have MLB Two Crown Bow while still on 3'rd Box

      I will get supreme merit and any other item first , and then goes to 4'th Box

      Then I will use spare Two Crown Bow for emergency , like skill lv up Bahamut weapon / Weapon Lv skill for Lv 10 and above~

      You can always Host it and just hit request for back up anyway

      I can kill Xtreme+ , also Nightmare (Need 1 UnF Revival Pot)

      But , Nightmare MVP only give extra 18 Token. There for just host it is fine IMO and lot faster


      Got 3 Lumi Bolt in 15 hour

      First was 3 AM or so (Host) , Second at 19:30 PM (Host) , Third at 19:40 PM (Leech)



      DIS FEEL!!!!!!!! :V

      My first MLB Lumi Bolt Omega XD
      DAT Feel
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    • ^ WTH!!

      and here I'am stuck with no "Cane" for a week, just a bunch of Gun's and Katana's orz.


      and yup, getting 4 isnt that hard, it's just me being stingy with my resources lol.


      looks familiar? yup it's increasing even with Magnafest around last month lol.

      I'm preparing for "Summer Grind" and the upcoming Xeno Ifrit.It seems the Vajra wont drop only from Ninghtmare this time.

      The other Xeno's coming up too later.


      esp since this GW are a bad match ups for me, my Grid are consist of bunch of spears lol.

      and no Nuke character, only capable of getting 50K Honor from Nightmare and around 45-50% health on Extreme +.

      really inefficient for me.

      and the next UnF are "Dark", you'll probably enjoy it.

      Gonna wait for "Dirt" or another "Wind" UnF then I might try reaching those 80k Individual Rank lol.

      Talking about Individual Rank...

      Is it just me or the Lowest Honor ranker are way lower than previous UnF?

      last time the 1st Ranker reach 900M within first 3 days.

      Looks like so many people drain their Resources during the last "Magnafest" lol.

      Umu... I should consider this when going for 80k / 60k ranker.



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    • @QonQon

      Enjoy next GW?? Meh , You're too optimistic :V

      Dark and Light GW is shit!

      From what I heard , Boss have the special atk / ougi that make You can't heal

      Just look at Nightmare , It can inflick Strong Arm or something. And I can't heal....

      Extreme+ is good , but took 10+ minutes

      Nightmare I can put HP down to 40-30% , but when it cast Strong Arm + Burn status = MEH!!!

      Marquiares and Cagliostro Refresh cannot keep up with it. I need to spent 1 Revival Potion , good thing UnF Token Chest provide it

      But it really not efficient and take 20 minutes+

      Also , it only give extra 18 Token :V for all DAT trouble >.>

      Better host it and request for back up , I don't really need honor anyway. Also , Now I'm at the situation of boring raising Light.....

      I'm gonna start second team

      I have exactly basic grid for fire (5 Cane - Zhuque - 1 EX Bouquet
      MVP GW
      - 1 Baha Sword - Michael Sword

      As for Filler is Blushing Blossom Pin (Societe Fire Weapon)

      But I do not own impressive Fire Team

      While I have some good Water member , but not even a basic grid......

      Or.. or.... what about Earth??!

      Hmm , I guess I'm at the verge of Rainbow-ing :V

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    • Okie i got the weapon and fully maxed it, but the materials to unlock the character.. i want to cry... 50 white dragon scales and 50 champion merits ? =/

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    • ^

      Right!!? I 've just check myself, should've farm them during previous magnafest... orz.

      O'well at least I know my priority on the next Magnafest.



      but at least you got Light...

      any other element suffers -25% ATK agains Dark & Light which makes this and up coming GW hurts so much...


      as for Team

      - Fire :

      Sturm? you got both of the "Team Rocket" lol? She's a Good character, decent early got better with better Grid.

      Zeta , Uhh... Break assasin is Good if you can timing it up and strong enough to "break" the boss OD meter. otherwise she's avarage and you'll ned a strong weapon grid to fully utilize her.

      Aliza,Outdated character... need a strong weapon grid to utilize her.

      Socie, can I have her?wrap her up and send her here via Fed-Ex lol.

      - Water : All Good character, Nuke , support , DMG mitigation. Think this is the best 2nd Team to work on.

      Murgleis(Kat sword) is the Best water weapon, get 5 copies and MLB to 4* and you'll get an OP Varuna Grid. Dont ask how many $$ it'll take tho'


      - Earth

      USER RadiationNeon Radiation Symbol-1

      .... In 1 words (or pictures actually )>>

      They are all a Nuke Character lol. They have a different Gimmick tho' so you might want to experiment on them and see which character that can synergize and support them.

      e.g Nemone, She's similar to Sen but she didnt have the convinience that Sen have (Sen can generate CA bar using her ATT skills while Nemone are RNG dependent).

      - Use crew skill which increase 20%-30% CA bar

      - Use her 2nd skill before using her 1st skill.

      - Lyria is a good support on babysitting

      - Make sure she has 70% CA bar before using her 3rd skill.

      - Put her on 4th Spot.

      - Kept her alive until 9or10th turn( less if you have a good earth Grid, and 3 turn ussually enough to reach DMG cap).

      make sure all other CA meter are Full and ready for a Full Burst.

      and Enjoy 4-6M Total DMG depends on your Grid/Summon.

      as for UnF Honor, well as long as you get 120k Crew Honor Daily to get "Betting Card" is ussually enough.

      "Betting Card" is a good way to farm Crystals, and depends on how you use them you can easily get 150-500 Crystal per "Bet Card".

      & always remember that "Crew Honor" only counts if you/ your crew  host the Raid".

      leeching others dont generate Crew honor unfortunately.

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    • @QonQon-

      Eh...?? I just knew that other element get 25% penalty to Light and Dark >.>

      Hmm , is Kat weapon really great?

      Why it needs 5 same weapon? IMO just get 1 weapon , and use Damascus Ingot on it~ Final Uncap / MLB do not need same weapon. It only needs Material.

      I have 1 Choco bar and 2 Gold Brick. I don't plan to get any Eternals yet... for now , but I still hold back. If I do have Varuna , let say... until 2017 end. I might use them all to MLB Murgleis - if it's really worth it~

      But then , I have to paint it from scratch again and build Hoarfrost Weapon skill instead Ezili >.>

      Eh..... I do read Nemone somewhere she can break damage cap easily just like Marquiares. But from what I feel right now , she's weak..... Then again , she's only Lv 44 - LOL

      This is what I hate from Rainbow-ing. Need to get weapon grid - need to lv up Characters - and even then they aren't Perfect. My Marquiares (9790 ATK) (Total 10940 ATK) deal 2,5 Million Damage at best , but he only have 4 EMP Skill so far (C.A+10% / ATK+500 / +Dark ATK% / DA+3%)

      Compare it to Albert , he's weak allright..... only have 6100 ATK (Total 7380 ATK) But with these EMP's. He perform well , still can't do 1 Million C.A tho. Almost 1 Million damage on Impulse Slash (900K-950K) to Olivia / Bahamut Normal. And do Crits often~

      And the suck's thing is , there is only 1 Team You use at most.... While other Party won't get EXP :V
      Albert EMP
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    • ^

      Yea no Elemental DMG penalty just buff's penalty.I've mixed it up with Kamihime's mechanics lol but still it forced me to use a Dark debuffer & support with Fire Grid which is worst imo... I've lost 40% of my DPS.


      Xeno's on the other hand, are pretyy much like Seraphic where any element that's not it weakness had reduce DMG, not sure on the value but it's more than 20%.

      for e.g

      Look at my party comp lol.full of colour ( there's Water Katalina, but she's Dead ).

      I had to Half solo this 90's Nightmare >

      I need 40k more for the daily 120K honor, but ended up no one joining for 30 + minutes orz.It goes on and on until 90+ turn and the Boss already Resisting my "Gravity".

      [ Just a reminder that the more we cast Debuff's on Bosses they gain %resistance against it everytime.

      esp. Fear and Paralyze, HL / Nightmare bosses gain a Huge resistance against them that it's hard to land a 2nd / 3rd Fear / pralysis.]

      (Where's those "Power House" when you need them?)

      If this were a Wind, I'll probably able to Solo it easier till the end.

      a Nuke character like Nemone is very Good, they punch aboves their limit even with mediocre Grid.You just need to make a party centered around them.sure a DPS type character are more usefull for HL and MVP race, but it needs a Complete Grid.

      and 80% of our time we're stuck with half assed Grid of which "Nuke" character shines most lol.

      and Yep, the EMP makes it hard to decide which character we want to put on the Rear support slot to leech those XP.

      that being said... half of my character doesnt have EMP yet (#`皿´) the hell devs!!?.

      If they really does makes Co-Op doable Solo, lvling up character should be easier.

      or Rather!!!

      isnt there's just too many "Limited" non Ticketable SSR you've got there!?

      Why is life...



      so Unfair!!!

      Oh.. Kat weapons is great indeed, for Varuna grid that is.But it's not realistic unless you plan to

      whale it out lol. here's the reddit discussion on it

      how to put a Whale in a Water.

      The next upcoming Event on early June are Im@s collaboration , if it's like the ussual rerun new player should be able to get at least 7 new SR and lod's of Crystal & Summons.

      and a Fire Ex weapon, hmm.. should I still farm those Xeno axe or not?the xeno's are better stat wise tho.

      and also a new Event which featuring a Water Tank type character Charlotta, and a possible Water Ex weapon.

      Oh, speaking about Ex weapon.That Fire Bouquet isnt an Ex weapon, it is a bit misleading especially since the Wind ones are an Ex lol.

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    • So hard to raise my damage.. X_X should i raise the skill level of SR weapons ? cause filling the entire grid with SSR ones will take a long, long time.. currently i'm enroute to get my third SSR Dagger... 

      here my current one,...

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    • @QonQon

      Meh , now I understand. 5 Murgleis is use for Grid , I thought You said to MLB it :V

      Katalina is Limited pull right? So getting her is either Lucky Draw / Sparking

      Pffftttt , and it's only strong for On Element (Fire) PFFFTTTTTTTT!!!!

      For that worth of trouble , better jump to Dark instead :V

      Fair? Talk about Fair , I can't even win 500K Casino Chip in a hour~

      Meh.... so the Fire Bouquet is not EX?

      So I have 8/10 Basic Grid on Fire , excluding Societe Weapon and Bouquet

      Still better than other Element Grid , which is even worst~


      I know DAT feel~

      Until a month+ a go back on My first RotB My grid power is only 8000+

      Was only have 2 Luminiera Gun , while the filler is bouquet , flower etc etc

      Now that I have almost complete Light Grid I have twice than those amount , and 3K+ power since previous RotB

      The hardest is Cosmic Riffle , even in a day I could only saw 2-3 Grand Order Raid and not always drop Feather >.>

      To make thing even worst , need 150 Feather >.>

      As for Your SR , I think it's a waste.... if You wanna Lv them up. Max 3 Lv

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    • @Larcx try to host grand order raid if u lucky u can get Cosmic Riffle from share chest [if u LUCKY]

      I got glove BL last time I host grand order raid

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    • @Saefsan

      Hmm , I kinda lazy to host it

      Last time I host Bahamut , there is too many leecher


      It even goes down to 56 minutes left , good thing someone willing to use Elixir (probably)

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    • @Tamachii

      Yep, as Larcx said dont lvl them up more than 3 or 4 unless you dont mind using them as fodder later.Lvl fodder is easy to get tho' so I think going to lvl 4 is ok, since 5 is tricky to use as fodder.

      you should reach 10k-11k once you get 4 more dagger and lvl them to sLvl 5.

      there's a chance they going to release a water Ex weapon during next month event.

      and yeah, Farming those Omega weapon does took quite a bit of time.

      I've been stuck getting "Selfie's" for more than a week now.

      at this rate It's probably better to
      1. UnFollow Collosus and focused on other Omega's Raid



      is it worth it to Host those Neza,Twin Element,Apollo raid etc ? still need a couple more anima to be able to host GO.

      the mats to host those are expensive as f*** lol, and it seems the Gold anima isnt a 100% drop isnt it??

      and how hard is it to farm Silver Centrum?



      2-3 in a Day? Euhh... I havent met one since this past few Days, need 4 more feather to trade a Silver Centrum before the End of this month.

      and yep a Murgleis grid lol, and yes you cant "SupTick" Grand Katalina.~


      Have you try the Trial Battle? it's a good place to test your party sync

      & Lyria is the best buff stacker if used correctly,esp if you planned to use a Nuke setup.

      New chara

      I'm testing the new character, probably released tomorrow.

      a WIND support?Nuke?.

      She got an interesting kit, an Enmity Nuke and Wind ATK-Up also a Shield.

      -Her Nuke can reach the Cap Limit if used after her C.A.

      -Yuisis is a really Good character if it werent for her complicated setup orz.

      2.4 Mills DMG alone during C.A.

      -Only Lyria capable of stacking that much Buff's lol, if it were'nt for her "Romeo&Juliet" gimmick she's on par with most 9* SSR support out there.In general content at least, not sure about HL.

      -This test is done with 15K ATT , 10K Weakness , Slvl 1 avarage in other words below avarage Grid lol.

      and what's worse is I used Tiamat as the main summon with that S.lvl

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    • here some tips

      1. guys try using tweet deck to join raid u want, grand order/bahamut raid appear each 5 min but u must fast with your hand copy pasta room ID cuz baha n grand O raid will full within 5 sec [try this after copy pasta room dont choose summon/team but klik whatefer sumon/team who appear first then klik ok] I sure we only want the reward for join baha or grand o but first we need enter room raid if u using tweet deck 

      2. dont host bahamut/grand order raid during 1/2 AP/EP [too many ppl doing hit n run during this time including me lol]

      3. my opinion about 2nd tier raid only worth for anima to host grand O raid doing this during half AP/EP is best way, another thing is wpn but dont hope too much about this I only have 1 SSR water glove during last half ap/ep drop from macula marius when I doing so many many hit n run

      host grand order raid will give u 100% silver centrum and if u lucky u can get 1 more silver centrum from share chest, I quite lucky when my crew host grand order and I got silver centrum from share chest

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    • oh yeah if u need champion or supreme merit try to join bahamut raid, this is the best place to farm champion & supreme merit another one is during UnF raid

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    • Saefsan wrote:
      oh yeah if u need champion or supreme merit try to join bahamut raid, this is the best place to farm champion & supreme merit another one is during UnF raid

      Getting the merits will be easier than the white scales for the Bahamut/Revenant weapons, since the extreme trials are too much for my party, 


      What you use those extra SSR summons for ? fodder for leveling ?

      I'm wondering if i will be able to pull those 1milion numbers, the biggest i could pull was 620k with Tanya borrowing a 150 +99 Bahamut on the oponent break...

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    • @QonQon

      What is and where I can find Trial battle? >.>


      Yeah lol , the karma have been pile up too much

      In before , I always leech Bahamut - GO. But when I host it tho......

      I wish they didn't do it 눈_눈

      Pffffttt..... >.<

      Copy paste in 5 sec or they will be gone (¬_¬)

      Eh.... Thanks for advice , truly appreciate it. But I guess I'll pass for now , true I need Cosmic Riffle BAL. I will just have to wait for a painfull - slow way instead

      I still only have 100/768 Pistol Gun Stone. Despite already ran break cap (100-150). Hahaha LOL!!! It seems I will probably break 150 and still haven't unlock Tier 4~

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    • @QonQon

      Nvm , found the Trial Battle~

      Tested Sen Lv 47 with 11K Grid weak dmg to Wind

      And with Athena 80% Atk to the Wind foes , after 10 Turn charging

      Only deal 665K C.A Damage.....

      How can I increase it to atleast 1 Million or 2 Million? >.>

      Marquiares is def the easiest char to break dmg cap , deal 2 Million damage with 11K weak damage to Light

      Too bad his cap is 3 Million it seems~

        Loading editor
    • @Tamachii join luminiera omega raid klik summon then out, sometime u will get white scale from there

        Loading editor
    • Saefsan wrote:
      @Tamachii join luminiera omega raid klik summon then out, sometime u will get white scale from there

      Uh the droprate is awful though it is not a bad idea since it will help me get pendants faster since i already capped the R bonus(and i have SR dark characters around).

      Damnit i'm so tempted by the gatcha, Societe and Silva on it =( but i don't think i got enough to get at least one of them with sparks...

        Loading editor
    • @Tamachii

      -the Scam Gacha are worse than Aigis, since it can give you Blank SR weapon lol.Keep them only for Sparks and wait for Magnafest so you can pick any characters Silva and Socie or even limited character are included.

      depends on your activities but on avarage we get 10K+ crystal / month.and each Island gives 1000 - 1500 Crystal from Free quest.

      -well once you get to 101, the SSR summon can be break for material to 4* some weapons.Still a long way to go for me tho', and it's expensive to boot @10k per Reduce.

      -as for DPS , yep reaching millions with avarage Grid are depends on the character.Break assasin is also a kind of Nuke type character, but their setup are a bit complicated.And your team has to be Strong enough to Break the Boss Overdrive meter first so it's not a Good "Solo" content character.

      Your only option for now is to use DPS clasess such as SW & Hermit, and wait for the next summer Magnafest for another (probably) 10+ free Draw.


      100% Silver Centrum... Oooh~ that's nice indeed.

      and It seems people are too busy "Xeno' ing" that joining G.O raids are easier.

      1 SC~ 5 more to go.

      and now that you mention it...

      I didnt considering to copy paste since I used the "TweetDeck" on my phone orz.No wonder they are so friggin fast to fill...while I manually type them down



      SEN tips.

      1.Put all these summon on your team


      you can change the carbuncle with Fire carbuncle if you have it.

      Me? I dont have one lol, got Water, Light and Dark instead can also use Ifrit or any attack DMG up summon.

      2.Put Lyria on your team and put her 2nd position

      3.Put SEN on 4th position

      5.Use Crew skill that increase charge bar 20%

      on Battle >

      - on the 1st Turn use her 1st Skill , and then use skill 3 to Charge.

      - do whatever until turn 8th.

      - turn 8th use 2 Summon "Fire Cow" + "Scion" / Cagli, you can use Colossus anytime since it's effect are 180s.

      or you can also just check SEN 1st skill cooldown time, and make sure it's up in "2 turn"

      - 9th turn use another 2 summon "Fire carbuncle if you have one" + any Cagli/ Scion.

      - 10th now this where you use your borrowed summon Shiva/Kaguya dpends on your Grid, use Lyria 2nd Buffs, make sure you have misty mist up from MC / any character with similar debuffs.

      make sure all character C.A bar are full.

      Enjoy the "BOOM".

      You can use this Setup and basically do the same with all Element ( Water is no Good tho')


      you can change MC and Lyria element depends on the Enemies Weakness.

      Looks Weak? ( Heles is weak tho' fake SSR smf character lol ).

      well at least they can beat most Maniac Rotation ( Water aside orz... ) with my current Grid.No Elixir needed as long as you're carefull with OD meter.


      speaking of Maniac

      all those efforts (30+minutes)and only drops 2 Item.

      And I have to repeat this 20 times for True Xeno weapons!?

      Give me a break... Ughhh~

      no wonder it was called "Maniac"..., good thing it was limited 2 times a day

      wish they unlock Co-Op for Solo already... need pandemonium 2-4

        Loading editor
    • @QonQon

      Done , 1 Million indeed

      Altho , I don't encounter Shiva. So I used Athena MLB instead (80%)

      This strategy is rely on Lyria 2 time summon / turn

      What would it be without Lyria? I guess 1 Million still possible , but without Lyria it will cut too much potential

      I don't have Fire Carbuncle , so I used Lady katapilar 0* instead. While other 3 is exactly the same as You suggested~

      Things to note are , I used Auto Fire Select

      Total ATK 20140 - Estimated DMG 5693 - 8593 Weak Point

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    • While this one is with Basic Fire Grid (5 Colo Cane Lv 1 - Sword of Michael - Zhuque - Societe Weapon - Baha Sword - Bouquet)

      Total ATK 13774 - Estimated DMG 7173 - 9735 Weak Point

      Summon is like above

      I guess , I need to Lv 5 all the Colo cane...... lol >.<

        Loading editor
    • ^ Yup, Lyria + SEN is like the most "cost friendly" team for all general contents that's not "Water", since -50% DMG + they hit SEN like trucks!!

      You could actually change Lyria with other support, but the problem is how many Fire support that can add better buff stacks than Lyria? probably only Korwa and both can be put in "Any Element" Team.

      And If you have a character that provides a DMG CA CAP, she can hit Harder.I'm stuck @ 1.2 since I dont have that type of Character.

      actually... didnt you have Ferry? IIRC she has CA DMG Cap up, but not too sure tho'.

      talking about Ferry

      this is my alts team that' I've only used to do Co-Op

      Not fair


      "When your own alt's mock at your own fortune"!!

      This Xeno Event are a real resources suckers...

      around 350 EP seeds for 35 vajra, almost 1 vajra every 10 EP.

      not a bad drop rates considering I cant even get in top 10 every Raid let alone MVP, but at this rate I'm going to run out of EP seeds for a full MLB axe orz.

      and rabits.. there's lot's of rabbits this week


      @ Tamachii

      it's confirmed the next Event are Im@s colab, There's 2 decent Water DPS there

      480px-RinShibuya C

      5* Rin

      & Anna

      480px-Anastasia B

      and with the new Story character being a Tank.Should be a decent filler for until the Summer Magnafest kick in.

        Loading editor
    • Well at least i'm feeling i'm progressing on the game, managed to do extreme showdowns, wich was a sure wipe for me a month ago, though those extreme 1milion damage are impossible for now since i lack the SSR characters...

      lel farming the Xeno Weapon is hard, the vajra doesn't drop at all... already got 4  SSR spears and one summon and still didnt managed to get the weapon... oh well at least i'm getting champion merits...

        Loading editor
    • ^

      I ussually stop farming for a while when it's not dropping for like 2-3 runs.They ussually drop in a batch- stop dropping for a long time - another batch of drops - etc etc.

      The Fire Ex from next event are easier to farm tho' and more resources friendly, but meh I've already splurged might as well MLB this one, Ive reach the point of no return now.

      as for DPS , dont be deceived there's plenty of Fake SSR around.I've got few of them orz.some SR 's DPS are even better for General content than them.


      SEN is SEN tier after all, you might want to try to buy 10 SR weapon ticket next RoTB. The character weapon drop rates are decent, or at least I havent heard people get 0 Chara Weapon on 10 ticket.I've at least got 1 from 5 ticket, whether it's usefull or not? well thats another story...

      about Progressions

      Funny thing is most guide suggesting that we should prioritize getting , Gold Nugget & Damascus Crystal... on Events but when I asked most veterans about their Damascus Bar, most of them didnt even used them until a looooong long time.And It's ussually took 3-4 month for most casual to get 100% material for GW character.

      So yeah it's better to just adapt and go at our own pace~


      When you reach the 8th turn using SEN

      Nuke Incoming00:46

      Nuke Incoming


        Loading editor
    • @Tamachii

      Only becos You have Water and this current event is Fire

      Next event? You might feel shit again....


      I got lack Vajra , I could only buy 1 Xeno Axe ATM. And 15 seems too much >.>

      Raid is easy tho , always manage to top 5 or atleast top 10 (Strike Time)

      Get in , press Silva 3 Skill , Rain Arrow - Phalanx (So funny this give 14K honor - wait for 10+ Player seems more player = more honor) - Overdrive ATK - (Wait for Break) Press ATK. Got 50K honor - go out from Raid - lol :V (WANPAN!!!!!!!!)

      Makes You feel ankward when You score 50K and got top 5 or top 10..... Proving too many player WANPAN~

      Sometime when Silva critical for 1,5 Million (Best I could have so far with total of 13 Weapon Skill Lv) I got 65K Honor instead.

      If only I have more Leviathan Dagger or perhaps total of 50 skill Lv , Silva might do 2 Million Damage(?)

      Aim for Xeno "D"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Aim for the D
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    • pfft . . . please no more Celeste
      Bandicam 2017-05-27 20-12-01-289
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    • Yah this event is easy to amass honor, if people don't explode the boss and i can at least C.A once i can amass 50k, well i mean i managed to do Deidre, Corow and Diablo extreme as well with my... leftover weapons grid and characters, idk how some omega weapons end up on my inventory(guess i just tap quests too fast and don't check the drops after some omega raids)...

      Got the Xenoweapon but another copy will be a pain in the ass since the droprate is so shitty...

        Loading editor
    • Meh , I don't get any Xeno Weapon drop yet

      The only I got is 3 Ifrit selfie instead , now I only need another 1 for MLB

      Or I can just buy it since it's cheap , but eh... let's wait

      I abandoned Hero Return quest , only do Deirdre-Skadi Daily Mission for Crystal

      Didn't even want to buy Deirdre or the weapon nor Dama pcs

      This week is very hectic , I'm too lazy to do both event~

      I didn't even run Xeno that much..... I should get the 2'nd Xeno tho... to Complete Fire Grid

      Since the Bouquet is not an EX weapon. But like I said , I am just feeling lazy right now. I don't think I can even 3* Xeno weapon..........

        Loading editor
    • lel it will turn out that my Fire grid will end up getting stronger than the water one if i get the Eternal from the revenant weapon, since i got 4 SSR lances from Xeno Ifrit, what is the mystery weapon from the Hero return quest ?

        Loading editor
    • SSR Lance is trash tho... better reduce it or use it as fodder for Bahamut Weapon

      Axe OTOH , is an EX Weapon , EX give lot of ATK (Massive -> Big -> Medium -> Small)

      Better get Colosus Cane X5 than SSR Ifrit Lance

        Loading editor
    • Well its a free drop so no complains, since it boost atacks, better than using other elements i did before, or Colossus SR weapons that gave HP instead of damage, i can use them later for IF i manage to get more Xenoweapons, with the current 1 vajra for 20 raids i doubt i will get more than 2 XD

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    • Yeah , it's stupid that Vajra drop is rare

      And I need 15 for 2'nd copy , just how many for 3'rd 4'th?

      And if I plan to get 2 EX , just how much for 8'th copy?


        Loading editor
    • I just accepted that i won't get a level 100 xeno weapon so i'll farm for the most possible to fill the fire grid...

      at least if i could get the summon to the 100 it would be better...

        Loading editor
    • ^

      Next event there's another Ex Fire Axe from Im@s collab, easier to farm.

      as for Xeno weapon...,

      you can only exchange 5 times@

      1. 05 Vajra

      2. 15 Vajra

      3. 20 Vajra

      4. 35 Vajra

      5. 80 Vajra ( in other words worth all those above mats lol ).

      People that want to have 2 MLB xeno's need to either Host the Raid or be MVP.

      only "Red chest" that drop the Axe.

      I need 15 more Vajra's for my 4th and last Axe... and all those grind took 600+ EP berries already.

      and then I need to do Xeno Extreme 25x to farm mats, and each run cost me 20 minutes of my life...( that's practically a Full Season anime that I can watch ).

      or less If Nightmare pops out from time to time.It also cost me 1 Elixir If I'm not carefull

      and I can only beat the NM 70..., NM 100 is a Monster


      dont have Water DPS , dont have a Decent Water Grid...

      this 50% DMG reduction is total BS



      No Wonder Silva is High Tier Water DPS...

      9999% Critical Hit.

       This week Event are Hell for me since I need both the Axe, and the Staff's for staff stones.

      my SAN point are decreasing fast...,



      You need to Unfollow~
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    • damn it I lack final material, need to join rose queen raid for blu sky crystal
        Loading editor
    • @QonQOn

      I lv up some Hoarfrost weapon (Character Weapon) and got Total of 23 skill Lv

      The biggest is Bahamut Sword Lv 6 , rest are Lv 2 and 3

      I got easy 60K Honor just doing those simple thing (Need Strike Time)

      When I host Xeno Myself and score 175K Honor but only got 4'th place

      While I leech , scored 145K but 2'nd MVP , pfffttt.......

      WoW , 600 EP? lol......

      Damn it I lack motivation these days , I kinda bored at the Grindplay

      I only have 8 Vajra ATM and still didn't get 2'nd Axe


        Loading editor
    • @QonQon

      >.> 2 Colo Cane at the same time <.<
      Colosus Impossible

      Not usual Colo , but Colo Impossible~

      Lv 60/100 but only 1 Lv of skill
      Colosus Cane
        Loading editor
    • @Saefsan



      or not yet...


      The Weapons element is Fire !?



      Yeah I just realize a shocking truth, all this time I was thinking it was just a "simple" 50% DMG reduction when in actual fact it was 50% DMG CAP Reduction...

      No wonder all those Hades Lord suffers from the 1st Xeno Event, esp when Xeno Ifrit NM unleashed a Huge AoE DMG @25% health.


      and in this Rerun suddenly everyones...
      becomes WaterLord lol... it's like this on almost every Raid I've joined.

      Maybe I should also make a Water team... orz.

      my Water character sucks tho' most of them are support.


      I've tried to Host once...and forgot to change my Team ( it's a leech mode with rabbit's & RoTB staffs ) died within 6 turn and only got 40k Honor. it doesnt Drop Vajra let alone an Axe...(#`皿´)

      and the material needed to host those Raid's are needed to 4* the axe itself.

      I've gone better and can finish the Extreme by 15m, but 45 mins to be able Hosting a Raid with 30% Vajra and whoknowshowsmallthedroprates Axes.

      I wonder what the dev's are smoking there!!


      Anyway I'm Done with this Event,


      1 more day to farm staff's but that ones easy since it's wind and it didnt cost EP



      What the actuall ****

      Ah.. I get it, that's just optical Illusion isnt it!?

      I've almost thought there was two cane there...

      Tumblr inline nsc6as1NOU1sliovc 500
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    • if I lucky get drop 1 axe from boss maybe I can 3* this wpn, I focus on farming material for revenan wpn this week

      fire ele cuz the most material I have for upgrade revenant wpn and believe me if u want to rec char eternals angel helo will become your place to grid the most :p

        Loading editor
    • @QonQon

      lol....... So.. today I got 4 SSR Cane - 1 SSR Selfie

      1 from yesterday quota Colo Impo , 2 from today Colo Impo , 1 From Colo Omega

      At this rate , I will have a decent grid of Fire instead(?)

      Even tho I don't have many good Fire Char~

      Maybe I should also consider to get Percival???
      Colo Cane
        Loading editor
    • mwahaha finally after hellish farming all that material Seox join in my team

      I need to join grand order raid many times to get the last material [blue sky crystal]
      Bandicam 2017-05-29 22-29-13-514
        Loading editor
    • Stamp42

      And i'm here still farming for the White scales, need 44 -.- the merits will be easier than the scales

        Loading editor
    • @Saefsan

      WoW , now go get another Eternal - lol

      I really couldn't imagine how You sacrifice sleep or time to get DAT much material......

      Good thing Light Eternal aren't that good , so I can just ignore it~

        Loading editor
    • @Larcx

      And I got 2 full weeks with no Cane !!!

      I should start sacrificing some kittens...

      not, rather I need to start Hosting.

      I can MvP all tier 1 now, solo or not solo ( water still fails sometimes and need elixir ).

      as for Percival, it depends. His use are mostly for Fear nowadays and you've already got sturm for DPS and Sociecopter for Unlimited DA Works. You might want to get your Grid fully Upgrade before you decide to suptix him, unless you dont have any plan to suptix another character.

      and If you decide to keep on Magna Grid, Magisa is a solid Fire DPS and the only reason you want to add cosmo weapon in Fire Magna Grid which otherwise useless.

      more advance Grid ( enmity) ussually need Agni or just Get Athena/Shiva with Ecke Sachs to filled the Grid.

      and without Enmity Grid, we'll still need to rely on Nuke character.

      for Comparison>


      this Grid ( still halfway from completion ) are good enough to Solo all Omega Raid except Celeste and Lumi.

      and against Wind fully buffed with Lyria's summon all parties (MC included) almost hit the C.A DMG cap, If you used Siva that is( Lyria DMG Cap are around 1.6 and can go above 2M if you put the EMP point).

      and hit Tiamat Down with 1 single Burst.




      the True Hell is just Begun!!

      to 5* the Eternal, of which Seox started to shine


      Looks like next Event are "Earth" which means instead of water, Charrlota might be a wind?Tank. sounds good to me, another usefull tank after fire.

        Loading editor
    • @larcx I maybe I will rec Seofon but meh I wont do than now TOO many material to collect even for 1 eternals char

      @QonQon I even cant beat Seox on fate episode one on one pffft and there only few clas that can equip melee wpn this make more difficult to beat Seox

        Loading editor
    • The moment my fire grid looks better than my water one :/ though my fire characters aren't that good if i level my ifrit to level 100 it will easily surpass my water grid damage :/
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    • A Fandom user
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