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Main Menu Edit

Home Screen Edit

UIguide Main

Present Box Edit

UIguide PresentBox

Other Edit

UIguide Other

Stamp Card Edit

UIguide Stamp Card

Bonding Edit

UIguide Bonding


UIguide Fame

Missions Edit

UIguide Missions1 UIguide Missions2

Ingame Edit

Battle Screen Edit

UIguide Ingame1 UIguide Ingame2

Battle Menu Edit

UIguide Ingame3

Units Edit

Units Screen Edit

UIguide Units

Team Setup Edit

UIguide Teams UIguide Teams Copy

Batch Organisation Edit

UIguide Batch Organisation

Sorting and Filtering Options Edit

UIguide Sort & Filter

Class Change/Awakening Edit

UIguide CCMenu

Awakening Orbs Edit

UIguide AWOrbs

Unit Stats Edit

UIguide Stats

Spirit Storage Edit

UIguide Spirit Storage1 UIguide Spirit Storage2 UIguide Spirit Storage3 UIguide Spirit Storage4

Shrine Edit

UIguide Shrine1 UIguide Shrine2

Trading Post Edit

UIguide TP

Shop Edit

Shop Screen Edit

UIguide Shop

Goddess' Divine Protection Edit

UIguide Divine Protection

Error Messages Edit

  • If you get the errors 400, 200, 0, or -10, the common fix is to restart both your game device (tablet/phone/desktop) as well as your router/modem/hotspot device.
  • In addition, always ensure your time is synced to internet time after any error (time zone is irrelevant).
  • "One of these four errors (I think it's 0) occurs when you don't have the latency/bandwidth to play the game, for example caused by a device updating, or peer-to-peer file sharing." -ValkyrieWiki

Error Server Error Server2 Error Unexpected Error Maintenace Error Full Error Required

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